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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Davion McCool View Post
Like I said, they both had more buzz behind them before they moved to WWE, and rightly so. But after them, the nearest in recent years has to be Jon Moxley, purely in terms of buzz. It's not often that you get a general consensus that all the WWE has to do is not fuck up and let an Indie guy be himself and you have a guaranteed star. I'd agree that Moxley was no-where near on Danielson or Punk's level when he made the move to WWE, but honestly, those two are as big as its gotten in the current era imo, though for every different reasons.

The difference between Mox and Punk/Danielson, is that while the former two worked for years on end in the indies, at one point both raising ROH to new levels off their back, Moxley's rise has been pretty meteoric. He could'n't have made the transition from nobody to the hottest prospect in WWE's developmental much faster. In many ways he is still an unknown quantity, which I think adds to the appeal. Punk and Bryan could have both retired on their pre-WWE careers and gone down as Indie legends. So far all Moxley/Ambrose has done is turn some heads. But holy fuck has he turned them heads. Can you remember this much hype about an indie guy coming through since we got Danielson and Punk both in the WWE?
I agree with everything you said. On this note, are you surprised how "small" of an impact Chris Hero has made in FCW. I mean man'o'man that guy was just as hyped as Punk and Bryan at one point on the indy scene. That guy along with Punk, Bryan, Aries, McGuiness, and Joe was one of the Kings of the indy scene.

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