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Default Re: Whats the most trouble you have got into at school?

I never really did anything horrible in high school, I was pretty bland. Never smoked, never did drugs, didn't drink, didn't go out on wild parties. I was a nerd, still am. My story is more of a horror story regarding my school. Any of you ever spent 3+ years in special ed? I have.

I got in a lot of fights in elementary school and was a bit of a bully (according to them, I don't remember being too bad, mostly I think I just stood up for myself, though there were a few kids I was a dick to I'll admit), and just a little shit in general. The counselor said I was "cold and calculating". My mom said he was a dick. They gave me a bunch of IQ tests because I never did my homework or paid attention in class, thinking (or probably hoping), I had a low IQ so they could put me in a class for slow kids and not have to deal with me. Unfortunately for them they found the opposite, but they eventually got their way despite my mother's protests and put me in a special ed class for "emotionally impaired" students in 3rd grade. There were about six of us in the class I think, most of them were dumb as shit but there was one guy who was quite intelligent that I became friends with. Unfortunately he was in 5th grade and was moved to the middle school by the time I got to 4th grade. I don't think he came from a very good home and I am pretty sure he dropped out of school and got in with a bad crowd, which is unfortunate. While in that class, they made me participate in the Special Olympics and attend all of the special ed things they had going on. Basically, our class got lumped in with the other special ed classes, so I spent a lot of time attending little ceremonies, events, assemblies and special get-togethers like making Christmas arts and crafts with the severely retarded kids. Also, because I didn't live close to the school I went to (which had the special ed program) I did, in fact, have to ride the short bus.

I finally managed to get out part-time in 6th grade and full-time in 7th grade. I guess they thought they "cured" me. I still got in some trouble for a while after that, probably because I wasn't acclimated to being sociable with teenagers since I'd been isolated from the rest of my age group for so long, but by the time I was 15 I was pretty well adjusted. I also think the fact that I shot up from 5'9 to 6'6" as a teenager helped convince most of my peers to leave me alone. I even started giving a crap about my grades and got a 3.5 GPA for my final year, and now in college I am (mostly) an A student.

Other than that, I guess the worst thing I ever did as a high-schooler would be graduation night, going out in a car with some friends and committing a bit of vandalism. This was the only time before or since that I did anything like that though.

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