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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Since everyone is apperently coming out of nowhere to this forum and suddenly giving their opinions of Ambrose, I might as well join in. Here are my views on Ambrose:

In Ring Ability: Ambrose is, in my opinion, is a pretty good in ring worker. But when talking terms of just pure in ring ability, he's not great. But he makes up for that gap in-between by 1) great wrestling psychology and 2) his ability to sell moves. Ambrose is not a spot monkey. He's not the best technician but still pretty good. He's basically a brawler w/ a little bit technical make up to him as well. What makes some of Ambrose's matches so memorable is his storytelling (going back to psychology) and and his ability to make his opponents look better.

Promo Ability: Ambrose is the best mic worker in currently in WWE Developmental obviously. From what I've seen from his few dark match promos, he doesn't too bad in a WWE environment either. What I love about Ambrose's promos is he sounds confident and composed delivering them. His promos never sound forced. He knows how to get whatever point he is making across and he knows how to get the crowd engaged, whether he's drawing heat or just making sure that they pat attention.

Character: Ambrose has been compared from everyone to Piper, Pillman, Mankind, and even The Joker (Heath Ledger version). Actually, I wouldn't mind if he debuted w/ a Joker gimmick (which is essentially the same gimmick he plays right now, except the w/ the facepaint). He plays the psychotic character very well, but he plays it in a way that's still believeable in real life.

Hopes For His Debut: WWE was going to have him debut vs. a legend in Mick Foley, so there shouldn't be a question of whether or not WWE thinks highly of him. I don't agree w/ people saying that he should get involved w/ guys like Cena, Punk, Bryan, AJ. The guy is 26 years old. There is no need to push him to the top of the card. I hope Ambrose debuts in an impactful way w/o accomplishing too much too soon. Here are some of my ideas:

1. Have him debut as a local jobber from Cincinnati (his real home town) and beat Santino for the US title on his his first night. I mean Santino has held the title for about 4-5 months. He either beats jobbers or gets jobbed. So, giving the title to a guy who hasn't even debuted yet isn't exactly a downgrade. Plus, it would kind of be cruel irony since it's the same way Santino debuted. Also, it would give Ambrose a good spot on TV every week and in the mid card.

2. Feud w/ Kane. Matches wouldn't be classics but the storytelling would be great.

3. An idea when to debut Ambrose, not one how. Start airing vignettes next week on Raw and continue doing that until the Raw on Sept. 3 in Chicago. It would be cool to see him debut in Chicago b/c of the great (and smarky) crowd.


I'll be honest w/ everyone. I knew the name Dean Ambrose before I knew the name Jon Moxley. He won me over w/ his work in FCW. I've gone back and seen some of his work in the Indies, but most of what I've seen is from FCW. So don't call me an "Indy" mark. Fact is that Ambrose has all of the potential to be a big star. But potential will only get his foot in the door. Ambrose has to do the rest himself.
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