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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Stanford View Post
You should probably read his post a couple more times.
Here we go
So what if Ambrose hasn't debuted yet? You realize not being on the main roster doesn't mean you're in a vacuum of inactivity, right? PoisonMouse (who is a total saint btw) just posted a list of stuff that is better than the majority of what we see on TV, yet we're not allowed to be excited about it because it's not on TV? Well, whatever. FUCK TV. If Ambrose never gets on TV and remains in FCW forever, I will be damn pleased about the greatness he produces there.
That means TankOfRate complains that some people think it's weird to post in the WWE section about a wrestler who hasn't debuted in WWE?
I agree with him that there are many things more exciting than some crap we see on WWE program.
But if you see something exciting in FCW post it in the FCW section. Aries is a better champ? Post it in the TNA section, Rock & Austin > current roster? Post it in the classic wrestling section.
Don't spam in the WWE section how somebody who hasn't achieved anything in WWE that he will save WWE when not even The Rock and Brock Lesnar were not able to save WWE and start a new wrestling boom. Don't spam in the WWE sections how the 1000th Raw episode sucked because Ambrose hasn't debuted yet because that sounds just stupid as WCW lost the Monday Night Wars because Impact had better ratings.
I have nothing against that he produces greatness in FCW, but as long as he stays in FCW I don't know why the praise belongs in the WWE section.
I know FCW ist the development territory of WWE but we have a section for that.

Basically, TankOfRate complains that some people won't let him be a wrestlingfan who enjoys wrestling and let him post in the wrong section how he enjoys his favourite wrestler and post it in the WWE section who isn't even on the WWE roster.
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