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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
The difference is that I can be a fan of Vader before, during and after his WWE run, but it's stupid for me to say that he has changed WWE during his run and that's what Ambrose marks do in this forum. The GOAT, the future, someone who will change the WWE and even this business.
The problem in this forum is not that someone is a Dean Ambrose fan, the problem is that bullshit people wrote where they guarantee that he will be the star of the company.

Who knows, maybe he will have a WWE career like CM Punk but maybe he will end like Low Ki.

Of course the guys like Vader, Race and Rhodes had still fans after their terrible WWE careers, my point was that they never accomplished things in WWE they accomplished in WCW and NWA and that there is no guarantee that you will make it in WWE because you made it somewhere else
1. No one's claiming he's "changed the WWE" during his run. Because he hasn't had a run. We're excited, not exempt from the linear passage of time.
2. Even if he doesn't make it in the WWE, it's not irrational to blame that on the visibly creatively vacuous megacorporation rather than Ambrose himself, or to content ourselves with whatever success he achieves.
3. Entertaining any notion of stifling your fandom because he'll only be misused before he's even debuted is so stupidly presumptive. Optimism might be misguided, but so is genuine human love, and that's still a nice thing generally.

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