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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

Originally Posted by cp954 View Post
I’m also not sure on why you’re having just one show, yet there’s still two World titles, that to me doesn’t quite seem right.
Thanks you for the feedback, brother. Gonna clear this up for you and everyone else who has asked or is wondering.

Smackdown still exists, but this thread isn't just about the wrestling programs... it's also following the progress of the new Lead Creative writer I've created, Ronald Alden. At the moment, he's in charge of overseeing the RAW brand... that's the reason RAW is the main focus here. This is one of the questions that could've been answered in the backstory -- along with reading through some of the news posts. I don't expect anyone to go back and read through everything in the thread all the time, but those who follow faithfully will obviously more in-the-loop than one time visitors. (As with any other thread, quite frankly.)

Good catch on the Del Rio thing during the Lesnar/HHH promo, by the way. That was just a typo. The promo was originally meant to be some of the World Title contenders until I changed things around at the last minute. That line was one of the things that managed to slip through.

Glad everyone approves of JBL as GM. He will be playing a very major role in the RAW broadcasts over the next few weeks, so keep and eye out for that. Also, as for the main eventers... while I do have things planned for SOME of them, all of them won't be appearing on RAW very often. It's Alden's decision to try and keep things relatively fresh. Having Cena & Sheamus on TV every week isn't doing that -- and having a large selection of main eventers and mid carders to choose from will help me have more diversity in matches and rivalries in the future.

Thank you all for your reviews, feedback, and comments. The preview for Edition #2 of RAW will be up very soon!

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