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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by TankOfRate View Post
Hm. So it's good to know I am not allowed to get invested in wrestlers, care about the on-goings of wrestling, be genuinely excited and interested in wrestling (BCOZ WWE WILL RUIN IT ALL DUH), or just, I don't know, be a wrestling fan in general. You know what? Fuck all the bullshit and negativity and UGHHHH of wrestling fans (which is what you all are, supposedly). Who CARES if someone's an ~indy guy~? Who cares if someone's supposedly not big enough? Or they're matches are too spotty? Or their promos aren't good enough? Or they don't look good enough or they're not talented to go far in WWE so we shouldn't care or they're TOO talented to go far in WWE so we REALLY shouldn't care because then we're just setting ourselves up for disappointment because god forbid a wrestling fan just wants to fucking enjoy pro wrestling without giving a fuck about how far this guy can go or whether they'll be wasted or WHATEVER.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: stop taking it all so damn seriously. Crying about what potentially might or might not happen to the point where it's preventing you from enjoying what's happening right now is the most unfathomable, laughable bullshit. So what if Ambrose hasn't debuted yet? You realize not being on the main roster doesn't mean you're in a vacuum of inactivity, right? PoisonMouse (who is a total saint btw) just posted a list of stuff that is better than the majority of what we see on TV, yet we're not allowed to be excited about it because it's not on TV? Well, whatever. FUCK TV. If Ambrose never gets on TV and remains in FCW forever, I will be damn pleased about the greatness he produces there. Because that is pro wrestling and I am -gasssssppppp- a pro wrestling fan.

So yeah, I'm going to hype about Dean Ambrose. And I will continue to hype until he appears on TV. And then I will hype even harder. Whether he's doing the same shit up there, or if he turns up as Doink the Clown or Santino's trusty sidekick, because I just want to be fuckin' entertained. And yeah, whatever, I will "overrate" him, just as I will "overrate" all of my favourite wrestlers, because god forbid a wrestling fan has favourite wrestlers. The word "overrated" is overrated. Stop being so pretentious and too kewl for school and whatever. Just let wrestling fans be wrestling fans for fuck's sake. (unless they're Jinder Mahal fans; then you have every right to cuss 'em out.) UGH

*takes drag of cigarette*
Great post. So much truth.
Especially the part that delusional Ambrose marks will continue to call him the greatest thing in WWE, even if he ends as the sidekick of Santino.
That's like being excited and entertained by the Eugene character in 2004 because Nick Dinsmore is so great, or thinking that Spirit Squad was the greatest stable in the world because Dolph Ziggler was a member or saying that Mr. America was one of the greatest gimmicks of all time because Hogan was under the mask. Do you realize how stupid that sounds?
That means if he acts like Orlando Jordan did in TNA you would still think it's great because it's Dean Freakin Ambrose. I even believe that you marks would still think it's great
But at least you admit that he can end up with a shitty gimmick, I even think you are the only Ambrose mark who thinks that there might be a possibility that he could end with a shitty gimmick.
All other Ambrose marks think there is no way in hell that somebody like the great Dean Ambrose would not be the future of this business.
Look at all the names in the past who made a name for themselves before they came to WWE. Vader, Harley Race, DDP, Dusty Rhodes, Tazz, Sandman, Jerry Lawler, Raven, Lex Luger, Ron Simmons, Terry Funk and when they came to WWE they achieved nothing compared to what they achieved somewhere else.
Just for the record. This company misused greats like Vader, Rhodes and Race and you are sure that there is no way in hell that WWE will not push Ambrose who is a nobody compared to the legends I listed?
Yeah right
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