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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

Raw Feedback

Interesting way to kick off the show. With all the talk of a new era and that youíd expect one of the top dogs to bring it up rather than the I.C champion but I guess it raises his and the titleís profile a tad. Match was decent though Iím not sure why Christian was referee. A Christian/Kane feud will be different and Iím all for seeing where you take it, decent start.

Glad to see JBL and can already tell what the announcement is, his character was a tad off however but Iím sure youíll get that sorted in coming shows.

Second contest of the night seemed as though it was a decent one but wow, hell of an ending. The masked man just tore things up, seemed like a savage and at first thought with the S and all that I believed it to be Samoa Joe but the whole 7 foot tall things has thrown me so I await to see who it was.

Wasnít a fan of this segment to be honest. Lesnar didnít seem too sure on the stick(though I guess he rarely does lol) and Trips just randomly appearing to no music was a bit odd. Trips was a little better on the mic here, the dropping the ball was probably the wrong phrase though, I think if youíd have said running away or called him a coward/quitter it wouldíve been better. Punk was pretty fired up here, I liked that, hot headed Punk is the way forward. JBL as GM, no surprise at all and the announcement was as expected. One thing I will say is you had it down as a WWE title number one contenders match but said the winner faces Del Rio, I thought he was World Champ?

A Ziggles/Benjamin feud would be great, well, the matches anyway.

Really big call in having Jericho win this thing. Jericho/Del Rio while no doubt a great match on paper doesnít scream a great feud, especially with it heel on heel. Iím sure thereíll be more twists to come however and I will echo the other guys thoughts about where the guys who lost go from here. Iím sure you have something in store for them.

Punk/Edge seemed a very good main event. Iím not a fan of you using Edge to be honest but I will try and get that out of my head or else itíll always leave me thinking negatively about it. Punk winning was the right call and expected after his earlier confrontation. Ending was certainly different and a nice way to build into next week, the way this is going it all points towards a triple threat in the end.

On the whole, a decent first show. I know youíve been gone a while so it may just be rust but there were a few issues I had with characterisation. Iím also not sure on why youíre having just one show, yet thereís still two World titles, that to me doesnít quite seem right. I know thereís a lot of main eventers but Iím sure you could figure out stuff for them to do outside of the title picture. The show was also a tad short, is it meant to be 3 hours as itís a supershow or 2? Some definite positives however with feuds already simmering and I look forward to seeing where you take this thing. Keep it going.
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