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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

Smackdown Feedback

Surprised to see Hardy kick off the show as I expected Cena what with his big trade and all that. What Matt had to say though was pretty much on the money, can totally imagine him bringing up everybody loving Jeff while heís in the background. Cena answering his challenge, glad you made a big deal of him returning to Friday nights and his character was pretty good also. Edge next out, certainly a lively opening and again, you had Edge captured well, was pleased to see you mention the whole girlfriend thing with Lita lol. Number one contenders match later was a nice announcement though Iím not sure why Show was thrown in to be honest.

Wow, very interesting exchange here between Edge and Vickie, face turn for the Rated R Superstar incoming perhaps?

Nice way to start off the in ring action, a tag title belt is always good use on TV and itís a strong win for the Colons while also giving Ryder and Hawkins a chance to shine, good job. Aftermath was nicely executed also, TBK and Big Zeke would be a solid addition to the tag ranks and Iíd love to see a feud between them and the Colons.

Haha Kozlov and the Double Double E. Served its purpose here, squash win and statement of intent, would be interested to see how you push him thatís for sure.

Cena I felt was a little off here compared to earlier. Particularly when he said Hardy needs a beating, sounded like a father to his child lol. Standard running down the competitors but a little short and a little flat for me here.

Hmmmm, that Edge face turn is looking more and more likely or tweenerish anyway. Arguing with Show, more trouble with Vickie, I like this approach with him. As for Show and Vickie? Ughhh but understandable lol.

Iím sure this wouldíve been a fun match here and the ending was certainly different. A unique approach and Iím sure weíll see some fallout to this. I wouldíve preferred Christian in this spot but thatís personal preference.

Nice announcement for next week, guess that cleared things up pretty quickly. Should be a good match between all the Ďbrothersí as Truth liked to point out.

Big win for Gail here, glad to see you utilising her better than the WWE themselves did. Match with Maryse will be interesting, as hot as Maryse is thereís no doubt Gail would be a better champ.

A little pointless I felt from Maryse here, didnít really serve much of a purpose.

I liked this on the other hand, enjoyed the fact you showed that Carly and Primo were hurting but were already looking to next week, makes things heated between the teams already.

Main event seemed a solid one and Iím glad we finally saw something from Jeff Hardy, after what happened earlier I was surprised there was no sign of him up til now. Glad to see that the Hardyz will keep feuding while Cena/Edge although it had been done to death by this point will be something exciting Iím sure, especially with Edgeís new attitude.

On the whole a very solid first show. The main event scene looks good and somewhat fresh with Cena and the Hardyz along with a new side to Edge. Midcard developed pretty well too here so Iím very much looking forward to next week and Iím sure the rust will continue to wear off. Good job.
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