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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Kotre View Post
That would be because he doesn't. A lot of people think he does, including himself. A lot of people are completely fucking stupid, including himself. When somebody with skill and seniority works with him, they can take him by the ear and drag him from spot to spot, telling him exactly what to do and when to do it he can be carried to a good match. When he's in there with someone who can be persuaded that spots over psychology and hitting multiple finishers is the way to go then the match goes down the crapper. For all his faults, Drew meets the criteria of being able to tell Seth "do exactly what I say" and expect him to do that.
You realy can't blame Rollins, it's just that style that he was used to working. What I blame is those stupid independent promotions with their brainless fanbase who actually try to sell me that style of wrestling. Yeah, I'm supposed to just watch a guy go head first into a table and then kick out after 1 like nothing happened. The just get up perfectly fine and somehow muster up the strength to pick his opponent up. Then there's the stupid spots like dual-boots and the dual-super kicks. Yeah, the super kick which ends matches is just traded like regular punches. It's borrowed from the puro style of wrestling (which I also despise and fucking kill me for it I'm not a fan of any Misawa/Kenta matches because nobody fucking sells anything and a super duper corkscrew motherfuckin suplex apparently deals the same damage as a fucking right hand)

I was a fan of Tyler Black during his ROH because I saw some ability in him. That and he has the look. A lot of people often ask,'Why would you put someone like Rollins in FCW?" Well it's because they need to teach them how to actually wrestle and tell a story because they've been brainwashed over the years thinking that the more spots and the more suplex variations you can do, makes you a better wrestler'. I don't give a rat's ass about that submission move you learned in Mexico that you execute so cleanly. If it's gonna be awkwardly placed and applied to a body part you won't even working, then it has no place in the match and you shoulnd't be using it. Oh and is 5-10 submission moves per match really neccessary? I think the first thing they tell you in wrestling school is "Get it through your thick skull that less is more and your stupid flips add no meaning to the match whatsoever" There's a documentary on the Hart Dungeon and this matter was seriously addressed. Even one of the Hart brothers admitted to doing 'some pretty fucked up things" in his day. Less is more.

So yeah, you really can't blame Rollins. It's the only style he knows. He probably watched a lot of independent and puro shit. Not to mention the brainless ROH fans slapping the barricade chanting "This is awesome" every time somebody kicks out of a pin after being dropped on their head could get the momentum going and making you think you're putting on a good match, when you're not. And I don't think this matter should be up for debate. A lot of guys in the business have spoken out against this sort of wrestling. It's not wrestling. It's just move for move, spot for spot.

It's okay though. There's a reason he's on NXT. Right now they're trying to tone him down. And people take that term the wrong way. Toning down doesn't mean limiting your moveset. It means restricting it so that you can use the vast amount of moves in your arsenal effectively. The WWE has been known to tone these guys down really good and give them the ability to wrestle that style that tells a story and focuses more psychology rather than moves and spots. Look at CM Punk. He has changed a lot since his ROH days. Again, kill me I don't care, his match with Airies was fucking abysmal. Now look at his match with Cena. Has Punk ever did the Koji Clutch before in WWE? No. And that's why it meant so much that night. Less is more. And it was applied at perfect timing.

Rollins will get there. Right now the guy that I want WWE pick up is Adam Cole. He has basic understanding of ring psychology. I saw a documentary that featured. He knows his shit. He has ring psychology 101 downpact. But it's that stupid ROH that's fucking him up.

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