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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

As for Rock at the February PPV or not, I say this is a good chance to scrap the entire Elimination Chamber concept as it's long in the tooth and has become kind of a pain in the ass in the booking on The Road to Wrestlemania. WWE's trying to establish new names near the top, so having the championships change hands five or six weeks before Wrestlemania doesn't make the sense that it could have/sort of did for a few years in there when there was a comparative army of heavyweight top names. Now they're attempting to establish different guys, and that's why the Chamber was so painfully superfluous this year with both champions having to retain to set up their Wrestlemania matches as WWE was working hard on CM Punk, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan. It's not like a few years back where Taker could drop it because he's going to have his Streak match anyway, so might as well fling it to Jericho for his Edge program or have Triple H win it so that his match with Orton at Wrestlemania makes complete sense (talk about ass-backward booking when you think about it, but it does kind of work if you don't dwell on it) and Edge to take the WHC so Cena can chase him and it. It's also completely poorly-timed as we all know since it de facto devalues The Royal Rumble match which comes only three or four weeks before it. Oh, you didn't win The Royal Rumble? Well, if you're a main-eventer or even a prominent upper midcarder, chances are you can get another shot in the Chamber. Not to mention, it's obvious that workers have run out of new ideas for the Chamber match, it's just kind of tedious now, and it creates injuries (Barrett's arm was definitely "softened up" for the injury that took him out for half a year the next night, it's a breeding ground for concussions and ridiculous gashes on workers, and what for, when there's rarely any heated feuds to speak of in the matches themselves, barring the occasional Punk/Orton deal a year and a half ago).

I would like to see Rock have to defend the championship at the February PPV. There is the 30-day clause. They can get around him not defending it between then and Wrestlemania (CM Punk didn't defend his championship on TV between those two PPVs this year, for instance, though he did work house shows continuously defending it), but it kind of says something bad about your product when the WWE Champion is "above" defending the championship at a pay-per-view.

Of course, one thing everyone's forgotten about is the rematch clause and you'd think that if Punk is still champion with one epic 14-month reign going into The Royal Rumble, he more than your average champion these days would have earned that rematch clause stipulation? Maybe throw Daniel Bryan in there for a triple threat, to make this past week's promo prophetic. It would be complete "filler" in many ways but it would be cool to see. If Punk's feuding with Austin going into Wrestlemania, Austin can "screw" him out of the match or if it's Triple H, same thing, whatever.

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