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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Pyro, it's strange that you are OK with Rock beating CM Punk at the Rumble for the title, but aren't OK with Austin beating him at Mania.
I thought I explained it pretty well in the Austin thread where you asked me the same thing...let me clarify one thing, though. I'm not ok with him BEATING Austin either. I don't support EITHER result because neither result helps Punk. The match shouldn't happen. If it comes down to, the match is happening, guaranteed, I have to choose win or lose, I'm taking win, obviously, but that doesn't mean the win matters. I don't want either. I've already outlined why this match is a mistake.

A ~ Austin is NOT relevant. The Rock is. If he faces Rock, stepping into the ring with Rock makes him look more important, win or lose. Stepping into the ring with Austin doesn't do that unless you have a time machine and can go back to 1998. Hell, The Rock's title match is going to be put over the Royal Rumble, he'll get the main event. At least logic would dictate that Rock winning the title is more important than some SmackDown midcarder winning a #1 contender's shot for Mania that he'll cash in and lose. CM Punk vs Austin at Mania will be THIRD on the card. That's fucking useless.

B ~ I don't support Rock beating Punk, I want Punk to kick his ass, but since it's never going to happen, I have a choice, accept him facing Rock, or be disappointed that he's not facing some fucking midcard loser who's beneath him in every way. I don't want to see him beat Bryan again. I'll choose the biggest star in wrestling in that scenario, thank you. His title reign has to end sometime, so it might as well be to Rock instead of to a joke. And as long as they don't do the moronic thing and give it to Cena (they probably will) somewhere along the line and force him to win it back by the Rumble, as long as he holds it continuously, by that point, I'll have gotten my wish for Punk's title reign, that it lasts at least a full year.

C ~ In addition to Rock still being a draw, unlike Austin, he's only 40 and in amazing shape. Austin is nearly 50, 48 by WrestleMania 29. And he has bad knees and a bad neck. The idea of Punk jobbing to a 48 year old with bad knees and a bad neck is absolutely ridiculous. It's a burial. And of course I don't want Punk to lose ANOTHER high profile match. The one at the Rumble is happening, whether I like it or not, so he NEEDS to go over at Mania. I'm not supporting his 2 highest profile losses of the year. Absolutely not.

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