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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

I honestly think WWE and other fans are over-exaggerating the selling potential of a Rock/Cena feud for the WWE Championship....

Cena/Rock wasn't as big as people try to make it. The Raw ratings leading to Mania were the worst for a Mania build up in years. Cena/Rock had one year of build up, and only brought in 1.144 million buys(Vince has to lie and say 1.3 million, but official numbers say 1.144) which isn't the biggest Mania of all time(buyrates-wise) at all. Granted, it did over 1 million buys, but the biggest Mania was WM 23, which had hardly any starpower on it. Most people are tired of the Rock/Cena feud, and dont wanna see it AGAIN. WWE doesn't get that. Most people on this forum, on Twitter, hell even on WWE.com polls, dont want to see Rock/Cena again. WWE has to get that if you use The Rock, don't use him for re-matches. At all.

I'd like to see Rock/Punk for the title at Royal Rumble. I can see Rock winning the title, but losing it at Elimination Chamber due to some interference from Brock Lesnar and the title goes to someone else like a Bryan or a Jericho(Bryan could win the Rumble, Jericho could win the belt, Jericho vs Bryan for the title, with Rock vs Lesnar as a grudge match to send Lesnar off).

Rock doesn't need to wrestle for the title at Mania, and neither does Punk, Lesnar, Cena, Taker, or Austin. Give the rub to Bryan who can positioned as the next top guy by him going over Jericho at Mania for the title, then you can start up Punk/Bryan with Punk chasing the title after Punk/Austin at Mania.

I digress..... Rock can win the title at Rumble. Just dont, and I mean don't fuck it up by doing Rock/Cena again. When we get Cena fans and casuals calling into our radio show saying they dont want to see it again, that's saying something. When WWE has a DVD coming out on this ONE match? It's time to let it go and put it behind.

Rock/Punk-Royal Rumble
Rock loses title- Elimination Chamber
Rock/Lesnar- Wrestlemania 29

Rock/Taker- Wrestlemania 30

Rock retires.



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