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Re: WWE: The Cult's Way

JAM's Review

Starting the show off with Kelly was definitely the right move here. However, I feel like he didn't really say much, he could've said more. I do like how you write the reception and reactions they give towards Kelly, building him up as a heel authority figure. The arrival of Stephanie definitely added something here as not only did she hype Triple H but she pointed out something to be seen tonight with Cena possibly on the offensive against the heel GM. It was an okay opening but it could've been more to be honest, not bad though.

An interesting development here as you form another group of guys. Can't say I don't like it as I like everyone that's involved. Stable wars is something hard to write for so I hope that you're prepared to do so. Always good to have the newer team have more of the momentum so they have a successful debut. BOOKER T! Love it, haha. And you must be real high on Bray Wyatt, hope he continues to deliver some awesome promos and some matches as well.

Your match writing has definitely improved but sometimes it felt like it didn't flow well but you're doing good as of right now. Your match writing will improve more over time, just keep writing matches like this, it's good to see. The tag team bout was a good one, I just love seeing Tyson Kidd mix it up with the upper-carders. Everything about this match, I loved even the ending with the heels out on top. Very big situation here with Barrett making Jericho tap, what a submission move.

Well that seemed like too much of a squash here. Jackson is a pretty big guy so I thought he could've gotten a little more offense in. I do like that you're taking advantage of Del Rio's money, maybe it becomes a trend where he hires some muscle to weaken Kane, could be a good way to debut Bray Wyatt in my opinion. A lot weapons coming into play here, not sure if this is really Del Rio's style since his moveset is pretty technical. Poor Ricardo here, lol.

Miz has been impressive so far beating Sheamus and Punk, but I don't think he'll be coming out with the gold. Good job in building him back up though. I like that Sheamus is heel once again since that definitely suits him better. The added interview with Christian only made Miz seem even more like a threat to take the WWE Title but it leaves Christian out for a bit. Hopefully Christian comes back feeling better than ever and goes for the WWE Title as well, book it!

Not much to say on the divas but the division is definitely going somewhere. I like the idea of the video as it builds Cara and Rey more as a team. Definitely looking forward to them chasing the tag team titles. Kind of a random thing to happen with a cage falling over, pretty sure that they would notice that. But your message was good here. I think there should've been more commercial breaks, seems like you had a lot going on, so I think you need to spread things out a little more.

Seems like having weapons in matches is the trend here tonight. HHH gets the win because of his trusty sledgehammer and I like it. Probably because I don't like Big Show that much. But anyway, Kelly adds yet another stipulation which is a big one. With that stipulation being announced, it leads me to believe that John Cena will win because you wouldn't want your newly appointed authority figure to be out of the position rather quick, so I'm guessing Cena wins and HHH is gone. Whoa, interesting aftermath here, definitely a message well sent to Kelly.

Overall, a lot of positives in this episode man, liked it a lot. Things could've been spread out more but that's just me being picky. I think the recaps have been better for you to write so I hope you stick with that. Definitely liking this Cena/HHH/Kelly situation along with Barrett/Jericho and Kidd/Ziggler. You got a lot of good stuff going. Keep writing matches at that length and you'll be doing fine. Can't wait for the next show!

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