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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

JAM's Review

Well that was a bold move starting off the show with Matt. I was sure it was either gonna be Teddy Long or Cena having a huge first segment but I see why you did this. Matt's promo was a little repetitive but it picked up when Edge came out. Not sure about Vickie comin' out, thinking she's still the GM but Teddy Long gives us a pretty good match in the main event, I've had enough of Big Show though. Back to Cena, I would've thought that he'd cut a promo about being on Smackdown again from his early days, I think this would've worked out better if he started the show and then you had Matt and everyone else come out. But nonetheless, pretty good opening segment.

Good first match of the night starting with some tag team action. Interesting decision you made by not unifying the belts at Wrestlemania, not sure you guys have enough teams but I'm sure you guys have this all planned out. The match was pretty standard with the champs getting the win to continue their winning ways. The ending was pretty good and didn't think you'd pair these two guys up as a tag team since they were used primarily to elevate Brian Kendrick.

Looks like Kozlov is in for a push on Smackdown but the squash match ended a little late, should've been about a two minute match or a minute and a half match. You got Vlad workin' the mic? Wow, haha. As for the Cena interview, it was pretty standard stuff here and sometimes that's the way that things should go.

Hopefully you have better things planned for Edge now that he's without Vickie. And again, tired of Big Show, so I won't comment much on his thing with Vickie. Oh man, bummed that Christian didn't pull that off but the triple threat for next week should be a good one. I like that you're pushing different people instead of the ones that we usually think will be pushed. We see Kozlov again tonight and I think he'll get his competition soon enough but it won't be someone he wants to face. No matter what you wanna do with Kozlov though, whether that be midcard or main event, please don't go putting him in the tag team division.

I was pulling for Edge to win this one, glad that he did. It's just not Vickie's not tonight as her plans fail once again. The brothers continue their feud which I don't mind. It definitely needed to be longer, maybe it gets even more personal where you somehow involve their other family members, a Lita sighting? Anyway, question though, is Edge face now? That remains to be seen. Him vs. Cena will be another classic in my opinion and the right guy has won. But wait, no Batista on Smackdown? Just wondering cause I don't see him on the SD roster.

Overall, a few grammar mistakes a few wrong choice of words but that's fine. Like you said, you might have some rust from not producing a show in a while but I liked this episode of Smackdown, very enjoyable. You got a few things going here with Cena/Edge and The Hardy Boyz feud being the highlights of the show. Lookin' forward to the next show, will be reading

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