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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

Right man, been looking forward to reading your first show so here goes!

As this is the start of a "New Era", it obviously suited well that you had someone come out and describe it as one and talk about it. Giving Christian this responsibility is really good because it gives the IC Title a lot of prestige right off of the bat, which is good. From this I can sense that you're really big on Christian, so I see big things in the future for him as IC Champion. Cody is back to Dashing now then? I always liked that gimmick, but felt it was really all to build into the Disfigured One, and then his feud with Rey and eventual push up the card... so this seems like a small step back for Rhodes. The match itself was really well written; you made Kane seem like an absolute beast. Christian's little quirks during the match made me laugh. Kane being Christian's challenger means that the IC Title gets another rub, but I expect Christian to retain when they do face off. However, I think it is more in the character of Kane to have attacked Christian to send a message after the match, but that's just me probably. Solid start to the show.

Jibbles! JBL is such a great guy to have in your BTB, and his announcement (I'll get to that later) but it is what I expected it would be.

I like the Orientalian Exchange! Very unique and clever name, and I like the general idea of these two teaming together just because they're both kinda aimless irl, so why not make an effort to bolster the Tag Team Division? A good Tag Team match with a lot of action between is good to see, especially in a 2012 BTB, as the current Tag Team division is nothing short of a joke to be honest. The Usos are extremely underrated, and I don't think I've ever seen anyone use them to proper use on this forum, so I hope this is the start of bigger things. I don't have a clue who this mystery man is, but he made one hell of an impact! I hope that we find out some more about this guy soon, because the whole "S" on the towel thing really intrigued me.

I liked what Lesnar was saying, because the whole "Who's he gonna kill?" angle is Goldberg-esque, but I think that if he had a specific Superstar in mind it would have been better, because all the suspense was built up for him to say that he is going out after anyone. So it seems Triple H is the man that wants to step forward and get killed Really strong words from Triple H, but I think in this short little segment, you could have tried to just add a little more character to what these two guys were saying... chuck in a couple of catchphrases, or just make some of your own up. The problem is nowadays is that most of the WWE roster are just too generic, so small things to differentiate each person from eachother would be really good, a little "But here's the thing" from Tripper would have been just a small detail that would have been cool to just add in for that bit extra authenticity. (I'm just being really picky, haha) Punk comes in and I liked the brave side to his character that he didn't care that he was just walking in and dissing the two baddest guys in the company; very realistic. JBL FOR GM!!! YES YES YES!! You have to please make JBL the ultimate heel Authority Figure, because you're clearly a talented booker so I'm sure you've got some great angles planned with GM JBL. Great way to kick off/continue the issues between HHH and Brock with that F-5, smart booking. A mixed bag for this segment but I think an Edge appearance too would have helped a little as well. It did it's purpose, which was to hype up the WWE Championship, so good job on that.

Ziggler versus Benjamin will be awesome!!! An actual Dream Match right there.

Good match, but I am left wondering where Cena, Sheamus and Big Show are going from here, because Ziggler has a program with Benjamin coming up, and Orton and Jericho are going to be involved with Del Rio and the WHC after the ending to that match. I'm confident that you have something planned for those other three guys, as they are three of your biggest guys on the roster, but a Cena/Big Show feud seems like it could happen, but we've seen it all before, too many times now, and I don't think anyone wants to see that again. What you do next with Orton will be interesting, because I can see him being placed into the Jericho/Del Rio match for it to be a Triple Threat, or possibly a Singles Match with Jericho for the contendership. Lots of different possible ways to go from the result and events of the match, so the unpredictability of it all is great.

Hmmm... not sure about this because Edge is retired and all, but I think I'll let it slide because it is Edge :P This is another dream match, and you made both guys look like total stars and either would have made a great champion to lead your show. I agree with Jam though, because it seems like we knew Punk was going to be the one that won as he got involved earlier, so having Edge coming into that segment would have made the Main Event seem a lot less predictable. Punk comes out of this looking really strong as champion, as he was 1) able to beat Edge, and 2) Able to do it cleanly even with Lesnar coming and making his presence felt. Great little touch to end the show on a really good note with Triple H getting his revenge; I cringed a little bit imagining being Pedigreed onto the stage! Great end to the show!

Overall, a very enjoyable read for the first show. The format is great, and I like that everyone has their own colour. A couple of bits were off, but they were only minor, minor things, so on the whole, you've made a fantastic start as expected! Good luck going forward, mate
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