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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

JAM's Review

Really likin' the overall format of your show man, it's clean, precise, and easy to read. I love me some Christian so it was cool to see him open the show. I definitely thought that RAW needed a big opening segment since it's “ushering in a new era” but Christian did a fine job in hyping that up along with getting some business done in finding out who his opponent would be. Pretty good match here man. You and me write matches the same in that we write the later half instead of the full match, and I can understand that. Hmm, so Cody is Dashing once again? Well his real life character now seems to be a mixture of everyone so I don't mind you bringing back Dashing since I thought it was pretty good. Liking that Kane got the win, he'll be sure to put on some good matches with Christian.

The Wrestling GAWD! Good appearance from him, always good to leave us with some cliffhangers. Wonder what his announcement would be. Another match? No commercial break? Seems like RAW is giving us more wrestling, which I like.

At first, I thought that this mystery person would either be Ryback/Sheffield or Samoa Joe because of the S but when Lawler said the dude was about seven feet, I totally got lost. I was likin' the match going on so I hope they go at it again. But still, you set up something to look forward to. Good job!

I knew this was coming! LOVED it. Having JBL as your GM is really good in my opinion. Having a heel GM is always much more fun reading about so I look forward to that. Was kind of hoping he'd come back in a wrestling capacity but this is just as good. That exchange between HHH and Brock was good to read as well, I could picture all those words being said by them. But having HHH comply by JBL's wishes? Don't think that would've happened and in the end Brock is on top, so I'm definitely looking forward to their match next week.

Ziggler vs. Benjamin? YES! YES! YES!

Was quite surprised to see Jericho wins this. Was thinkin' that either Cena or Orton would win so that they could help elevate Del Rio even higher. Del Rio needs all the help he can get cause I don't think he's at that level yet. However, with Jericho winning, it's heel vs. heel? But nonetheless, Jericho could even do a better job in elevating Del Rio than Orton and Cena. With this interference by Rodriguez, I can't help but think that Orton somehow gets into the match as well.

I love Edge is back but I don't know how realistic that is. Edge vs. Punk is a dream match so I thought maybe it could've been written out a little more. Earlier in the night when you had Punk interrupt HHH and Brock's confrontation, it kind of gave away the result in the main event, but that's fine. I just wonder what guys like Cena, Orton, Sheamus, Edge are gonna do now. The last segment was definitely the bomb with HHH getting revenge on Brock right away. On this night, I think you've done well to push the right guys and have chosen their challengers correctly.

Overall, the show started on a high in my opinion then kind of fizzed out in the middle and picked up again in the main event. There are some things that are confusing since you crowned your own champions right away and with there being no dates on the shows, it might have been a lot more confusing. But nonetheless, I did like the show and will be reading next week's show. Liking how you're booking Punk here. But again, wondering what else the other top guys like Cena, Orton, Sheamus, and Edge are gonna do. I'm sure you have something in mind. First show is out of the way, onto the next.

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