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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

Okie doke, broskies. JDawg, this is the first show that I've read all the way through since coming back and I really like what you're doing with the brand... so I'm gonna drop some feedback and go along my way.



Solid promo to open the show. Me being such an Orton mark, I can't say that I enjoyed Randy coming off as so 'weak' during this promo. It seems as if you're not pushing him any further towards the main event or to be a main event player... and that's the only thing that makes this okay to me. If you DO plan on making him a main event player, he just seems to be cancelling himself out. Something about Orton's side of this promo just didn't seem to properly capture his character -- that is, until Triple H and Vince McMahon came out. Suddenly, I see the fire in Orton and the character fits very well on all three parts. Good work here, and leading into the first match of the contest was a good idea.

As far as Orton vs. Kingston goes, once again, Orton looked very weak because of the ending. He mounted offense all match long, and suddenly a forearm & TIP take him out? I suppose we can still credit this to his lack of focus, but I figure if Orton was working the knee all match, TIP would be much weaker and much less possible to take out someone who had been dominating the entire match. Reguardless, huge upset here and I agree with coolquip, I understand Orton was at the center of attention at this point of the show, but Kofi getting the win should have been highlighted a little more --- this is a huge push for Kofi, which I'm not opposed to. Good work nonetheless.

Mickie James, FTW. That's all I have to say. Huge fan of her and Melina going over in the diva's contest.

Tension between Beth and Santino... uh oh. Otherwise, the promo -- correction-- Ron Simmons seemed pretty useless in this one. I'm a HUGGGGGGE fan of the whole "Damn" one-liner, but it just seems to me that not enough happened to warrant one, you know? I haven't read back in your thread to know why Austin was in attendance... but I hope he sticks around, to be honest. Would love to see more from him.

EXCELLENT promo between Jericho & Flair here. No complaints whatsoever. You did a very good job here, and having things break down physically was a good touch as well. As for having Jim Duggan come out? Also a good touch. It may not be what everyone would want in a booking thread, but it was very realistic and it made sense for this articular time frame. Good work.

The HHH/Legacy promo was small but to the point, there was a little typo in the commentary that made me giggle: "It's going to be Triple H vs. 'The Game'." Haha.

Squash match for Swagger... good stuff, I see he's getting a push here which makes him look really good going into the future of this thread. On the negative side, I really, REALLY hate what you're doing with his character... hahaha but I suppose that's good, right? He's 10 time more annoying here than he ever was in real life --- I suppose you can just call that quality booking on your part. Good shit.

Live Dirt Sheet, eh? Good work, and the video package fit as a good distraction for Miz to strike. Looks like Miz and Jericho are forming some sort of alliance which could definitely be good for both men going into the future. I'm looking forward to seeing how they interact on future episodes.


This Ziggler & Punk promo, I could have done without. There was no base to it. For what it's worth, you could have just thrown the match in and nobody would have questioned it. Maybe this is just because I'm a total mark for Kane, but having him come out was BRILLIANT, and I see that he's getting revenge for Punk's actions in the MITB match. I smell a potentially hot rivalry coming up, and this was a very nice way to get it started.

Not a huge fan of Mysterio or Regal so it was hard to get into or WANT to get into but the breakdown afterwards made it worth it.

Main event time! I figured Triple H would go over on this one, but suspected there would be some interference from the other members of Legacy along the way. Very surprised that the match went relatively normal, and props to writing Rhodes some good offense as opposed to just being squashed. I did that. Lastly, the attack from Orton towards the end was a great way to cap the night... and suddenly he doesn't look so weak.

All in all, I would say this show was booked VERY well... the storyline to watch for me here is definitely the feud between Orton and Triple H. (Obviously) And I look forward to seeing where things advance from this point. I'm sure Orton will get an earful from VKM next week.

On a side note, Calum, Smackdown! is looking pretty good! Quick predictions: Hawkins & Ryder. Shelton Benjamin. Gail Kim.

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