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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

Raw Feedback

No surprise to see Orton starting off things after what went down at Mania. Iíll be totally honest with you and say that I didnít like this from the Viper. Ortonís character wasnít caught at all, if you were to read this back in Ortonís voice itíd sound so out of place, especially at this point in time when he was so sadistic. Orton wanting a rematch also was wrong, he said he was banged up, a heel generally will say I want a rematch but on my terms if they arenít a hundred percent. Vinceís character was better but wanted to hear a bit more from him, Trips like Orton was off although not too bad compared to Orton, not sure why Trips is all of a sudden the GM here lol, he may as well be, making matches, banning people from ringside.

Match itself seemed to be decent and this is a HUGE win for Kofi. Iíd love to see him get a push so hopefully this kickstarts that but where Orton goes now Iím not sure.

Again, read this back and youíll see Orton was completely off here. Bit of a pointless segment but I suppose it keeps up the theme of Orton being disgruntled.

Standard tag match here, not a whole lot to say but I hope you can make the divas somewhat relevant.

Better here with Santino and Beth, some tension in the ranks is always interesting. Stone Cold was pretty good here too, however why on earth youíd waste Stone Cold on a segment with Beth and Santino is beyond me.

Really liked this from Jericho. This was on point, his character was down to a tee, all you have to do now is get the others up with this. The fan saying Rourke knocking him out was gold. Flair was pretty good too here for what he got. The segment was very simple yet effective, I donít know why Hacksaw came out though, wouldíve been perfect to end it after the code breaker. Best segment of the night thus far.

Rhodes vs. Trips later? Nice.

Nice victory for Swagger here. His new character is certainly different lol. Iíll have to see how you take it but itís at least something for him to work with.

Wasnít sure where the hell this was going with Carlito the Coyote but the turn from Miz was well done and Iím glad to see these two go their separate ways and begin to push on themselves. Gives Miz some strong heat on his Raw debut whilst Morrison gets the sympathy vote, good stuff.

Really wasnít a fan of this. Miz just made a big statement, heís riding solo now, nooooo, he wants another partner, why? Heíd surely wanna break off on his own having got rid of the monkey on his back so to speak. As for Jericho, disappointed heíd be stuck in team but hopefully they produce the goods.

Hmmm, hit and miss regarding this Ziggler and Punk bit. Punk couldíve had a little bit more to say regarding his win, though the line where he said ĎHi Iím CM Punkí was funny. Match itself wouldíve been a good one and a Kane/Punk feud would certainly do the trick for a little while for Mr.MITB.

Pretty Rey Mysterio esque speech here for the most part. Regal coming out surprised me but in a good way, always liked him. He was captured pretty well although the Ďtwatí line might be a bit much. Also not sure WWE would let the two of them take hits on the countries like that. Solid segment though and a feud between these two should be enjoyable.

Solid main event here, allowed Cody to look decent as well as giving Trips a nice post Mania victory. Aftermath was to be expected and was some pretty brutal stuff from Orton, this is more how he should be utilized. Iím sure this will lead to a rematch at Backlash but Iím surprised you had him lose to Kofi earlier if that is the case.

On the whole a hit and miss start to things which Iíll put down to you being gone for quite a while. The characterisation being worked on is a must, particularly Orton if heís gonna be hanging around the top of the card. Jericho/Flair was the best thing tonight and the Regal/Rey feud should be nice also. Some positives to work on and Iím sure things will pick up in the coming shows.

P.S- Smackdown news and notes look good Calum
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