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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

Well, I guess it's my turn. The show is complete and should be posted either tomorrow or the day after, in the meantime - here's some news and the preview for the show.

WWE Smackdown News & Notes
Reported by Wrestling Observer/F4Online – April 9, 2009

WWE Smackdown will return for another season of wrestling tomorrow night and it is coming straight from Seattle, Washington. And with the fallout from WrestleMania XXV on the cards, it is sure to be a great show, and evidently the people of Seattle think so to as the event has been sold out for months.

Reports coming out from everywhere across the internet, current World Heavyweight Champion John Cena is expected to continue his feud with Edge, and the two are expected to have one more match together which will end the rivalry which some are saying is the most heated rivalry in WWE history.

Speaking of John Cena, the ratings of Friday Night SmackDown are expected to rise due to the World Champions arrival on the blue brand. It’s been four years since Cena has been on SmackDown and a lot of people backstage are excited about utilizing him on Friday Nights.

As we reported a couple of days ago, The Undertaker is taking a hiatus from wrestling after a gruelling match, which some are calling the greatest match in WrestleMania history with Shawn Michaels. Usually, The Undertaker will take the whole Summer off, coming back for a run towards WrestleMania or perhaps a match at Summerslam or Survivor Series, but this time he is only taking a month off and expected to come back after Backlash.

On the injury front, SmackDown is looking pretty good, only one Superstar is out injured and that man is Mr. Ken Kennedy. The injury prone Superstar has been in light training recently, and has apparently been working in FCW to get the ring rust off before he returns. The rest of the roster is injury free, and SmackDown creative is looking forward to using all of them to their best abilities.

We reported this earlier on, but it seems like WWE are looking to put more stock in their mid-card and tag team divisions. Carlito and Primo are being praised backstage for their recent work, and have been paired with The Bella Twins to add something to their characters. Carlito, not known for putting his head down and working hard, is said to have benefitted from working with his brother and has been impressing people backstage.

On the Superstars that have switched brands to SmackDown from ECW, these include Tommy Dreamer, Christian, Evan Bourne and Finlay. Christian returned to the WWE a few weeks ago, and was expected to have a feud with Jack Swagger over the ECW Championship, which would have ran throughout the Summer but with SyFy cancelling ECW they have had to switch up their ideas. According to a source backstage, Christian is going to be used to help younger guys get over due to his popularity before possibly moving into a program with a main eventer to test how the fans react to Christian in the main event. Finlay is expected to take a more reduced role, helping Superstars backstage with promos, matches and training them, including the Divas. Tommy Dreamer has been asked how he would feel in a tag team; apparently he has said he would be fine with it as long as he can choose his own tag team partner.

WWE Talent Scouts were at the last FCW tapings and were checking out some of the talent on show. Names that have impressed the Scouts are Low Ki, Brett DiBiase, Joe Hennig and Ryback. The four are being groomed for TV, but don’t expect any to debut anytime soon as the rosters are stacked already and due to the impending signings – which is in the next paragraph.

Former WWE Superstars Bobby Lashley and Stevie Richards were pictured entering WWE’s HQ in Stanford. Lashley’s recent venture in to MMA hasn’t worked out for him, as he has had trouble finding a promoter to give him time. If Lashley does sign back with WWE, he is going to be a potential main eventer from the beginning, due to his popularity when he was in WWE. Stevie Richards meanwhile, his TNA contract was terminted a month ago, after failing to impress Dixie Carter, and has been in talks with WWE to possibly rejoin them, possibly as Tommy Dreamers tag team partner.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown
Seattle, Washington; Key Arena

Just five days removed from the biggest WrestleMania in the history of the company, SmackDown returns with the action and drama you love. SmackDown rolls into New Hampshire for the evening where the Hampshire crowd will be treated to a plethora of action with the likes of Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Edge and The Big Show all on the blue side of the WWE.

At WrestleMania XXV, the World Heavyweight Championship at the time, Edge, took part in a triple threat match against his long time rival John Cena and the mammoth Big Show. And with Vickie Guerrero at ringside, you just knew it would be chaotic. In the end, John Cena won the World Heavyweight Championship from Edge, by pinning The Big Show, and thus becoming the World Champion for another time, of which the fans were delighted. In the weeks building up to WrestleMania, The Big Show and Vickie Guerrero were shown to be something more than just friends, distracting Edge from his main goal, defending the World Heavyweight Championship. And now with Vickie Guerrero removed as SmackDown General Manager, Edge won’t be guaranteed a chance to regain the championship. Meanwhile, tonight will be the first time that John Cena will be on SmackDown since being drafted to RAW all the way back in two thousand and five. What will happen between these three on another episode of SmackDown, and what will be of John Cena’s return to his home, Friday Nights?

Matt Hardy finally stepped out of his brother’s shadow at WrestleMania, when he defeated Jeff Hardy in an Extreme Rules match. Jeff, a former World Champion, was pinned by brother after finding out that he was the sole reason that he lost his championship and finding out that he was the person behind all of the things that happened to him, during his championship reign. Such things like being thrown down a flight of stairs, pyrotechnics going off at the wrong time and even a hit and run, which put his own life as well as his girlfriends life in danger. Matt however says he doesn’t care about anything he has done, and tonight we will hear from the hated Hardy, coming off a high because of his WrestleMania moment, he will no doubt be in a good mood tonight.

Another match that took place at WrestleMania was between SmackDown tag team, The Colons, a.k.a Carlito and Primo and the RAW tag team (ECW at the time) The Miz and John Morrison. Both teams are Tag Team Champions, WWE and World Tag Team Champions, respectively. But at WrestleMania, it was The Colons who would prove to be the superior tag team, defeating the cocky and brash team of The Miz and John Morrison. This proved to be a catalyst for what went down on Monday Night RAW between The Miz and Morrison, Carlito and Primo won’t care however because they have to be focused on their match-up for tonight. The Colons will defend their WWE Tag Team Championships against the team of Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. Former Tag Team Champions in their own right will no doubt prove stiff competition for Carlito and Primo.

One thing we know for definite is that the WWE Divas Championship will be on the line at Backlash, and who will face the current champion, Maryse? We will find out tonight, as Gail Kim faces the Canadian Natalya. Gail is a former WWE Women’s Champion, but has never been WWE Divas Champion; the Japanese Diva returned from a break from wrestling a few weeks back and now has the Divas Championship in her sights. But Natalya is a strong competitor, she has Hart blood in her, trained in the famous Hart Dungeon, she will no doubt want to win that title, not just for her but for her family.

Another championship match will be set up, but instead of Backlash, the fans of SmackDown will be treated to a championship match next week on the blue show. The current United States Champion, Montel Vontavious Porter will no doubt watch with interest, as a Fatal 4 Way will determine his opponent. New to SmackDown, Christian will be looking to get his first win on the brand as he faces off against former United States Champion Shelton Benjamin, R-Truth and The Mexican Warrior Chavo Guerrero. MVP defeated Benjamin to win the belt so Shelton will no doubt want revenge and this is the first step on that path. Chavo meanwhile has lost his way a little bit, but this is his chance to return to his former glory, a former WWE Tag Team Champion and WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Guerrero will try his hardest to get a shot at the United States gold. R-Truth is quite possibly one of the most popular Superstars on Smackdown, with his ‘What’s Up’ routine he has got the fans on his side, and they would love to see him face off against MVP for the WWE United States Championship

All this and more on Friday Night SmackDown; don’t miss it!


WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Colons © vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
Number One Contenders Match; U.S Championship: Chavo Guerrero vs. Christian vs. R-Truth vs. Shelton Benjamin
Number One Contenders Match; Divas Championship: Gail Kim vs. Natalya
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