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Re: WWE: The Cult's Way

Monday, 7th May, 2012 | Greensboro Coliseum Complex, Greensboro, North Carolina

RAW kicks off with a video package highlighting the altercation between John Cena and Triple H last week, the shows Dylan Kelly and Triple H arguing for Cena bounded through the crowd to the ring. The video ends with Kelly announcing the match for Judgement Day, John Cena vs. Triple H…No Disqualification Match! After the video ends the usual RAW intro video airs and we enter the arena and see the pyro is exploding on the stage. The crowd are ecstatic and are looking forward to tonight’s event, some notable crowd signs are spotted by the camera such as ‘Barrett Tapped’ and ‘Kelly fears Cena’. Jerry Lawler has still not returned so we are greeted by Josh Matthews and Matt Striker, they speak about the huge announcement last week and inform us that Triple H wants to get back in shape for the big match and he will be in action later on tonight before the pair can continue Dylan Kelly comes waltzing out from the back and the crowd don’t like it, they jeer him ferociously. Kelly doesn’t seem to care as he enters the ring in his smart suit with his smile gleaming across his face.

Just as Kelly goes to speak the crowd begin to boo again, they’re not letting Kelly get a word in here tonight. Eventually Kelly begins to speak barely being heard due to the loudness of the crowd. Kelly says that it is a beautiful day; he says he feels happy and he knows the crowd can see it. Kelly says that in 3 weeks he gets what he wants either way, he says that if John Cena wins he gets to fire Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and he gets to show John up in a match just like he did to his Father. On the other hand if Triple H wins he gets to take John Cena to court and gain a whole lot of money. Kelly with the crowd on his back even more now sarcastically says that he understands the dilemma they have; he knows that they really hate him and they want John Cena to get his hands on him but the people love Triple H and want him to keep his job.


Some members of the crowd look onto the stage puzzled however that soon turns into loud cheering as Stephanie McMahon emerges from the back wearing a suave looking business suit. She doesn’t look happy as she eyeballs Kelly on her way down to the ring, Kelly on the other hand has a smug look on his face as he mockingly places one foot on the bottom rope and lifts up the middle rope to let Stephanie enter the ring, she isn’t impressed. After she enters the ring she takes a microphone of her own. Before she speaks Kelly interrupts and says what an honour it is to have her here and before he goes onto continue Stephanie slaps him across the face to the delight of the crowd. She is clearly unhappy about the predicament that she and her husband have been put in; she calls Kelly a horrible, sad little man who gets joy out of making people’s lives a misery. Kelly cuts her off abruptly and says that is exactly what her daddy Vince McMahon used to do so before she makes accusations at him she should get her facts right. Stephanie says that at least her father didn’t assault a senior citizen because he was too scared of their son. Stephanie says that she wants Cena to get his hands on Kelly so bad but she and her husband love this business too much, she knows Cena will give his all but her husband is The Game, The King Of Kings and The Cerebral Assassin and he will get the job done. Kelly says he likes her fighting spirit and that he will be paying close attention come Judgement Day but shouldn’t Stephanie be wary of what Cena is capable of doing to her beloved Triple H. He says he has no preference of winner but he knows Triple H needs to be ready, he tells her that her husband’s opponent tonight is Big Show. Stephanie isn’t worried but tells Kelly he should be as John Cena might be here tonight. Kelly’s face quickly turns into a sour scowl as Stephanie’s music hits and she exits the ring. Matthews and Striker begin to debate the idea that John Cena could be here tonight and they talk about how Big Show is an angry giant after Backlash. The screen fades to commercial with Kelly in the ring looking far from impressed.


We are back live on Monday Night RAW; the camera shows the outside of the arena as Matthews and Striker inform us where RAW is emanating from here tonight. They reiterate that tonight’s main event is Triple H taking on Big Show before they are interrupted by AW who is out on the stage alongside Mark Henry and Titus O’Neill. AW introduces one half of the soon to be Tag Team Champions and a man who tonight will show R-Truth how to get it done in the ring, that man is Darren Young!


Young comes bursting out onto the stage to a few boos from the crowd, he is given a warm welcome by his team mate Titus O’Neill and AW but Mark Henry doesn’t acknowledge him. The four men then walk down to the ring with Henry walking behind the three foreman of the group. Young then enters the ring and poses on the top turnbuckle before standing in the centre of the ring with his eyes fixated on the stage.


R-Truth then cautiously walks out onto the stage to the cheers of the crowd, Truth appears to be alone, well actually he’s with Little Jimmy with whom he does his handshake with before bouncing down to the ring. Truth holds the bottom rope open for Jimmy before Young attacks him from behind, clearly unimpressed with Truth’s shenanigans.

Match One
Darren Young vs. R-Truth

The referee calls for the match to start as Darren Young stomps on Truth who is down in the corner of the ring. Young rags Truth to his feet by his hair and begins talking trash before Truth nails him with a sweet right hand, he doesn’t stop there as he keeps them coming before eventually whipping Young into the corner. Truth charges towards him and nails a clothesline sending Young’s head snapping back onto the turnbuckle. Truth whips him to the ropes and then hits him with a backdrop as he rebounds towards him. He goes for a quick cover. 1…2…Young gets his shoulder up.

Truth quickly brings Young to his feet and whips him to the ropes, his clothesline attempt is proved futile as Young ducks under his swinging arm and locks his arms around Truth’s waist before charging into the turnbuckle sending Truth face first into it. Young then begins to crash his shoulder into Truth’s stomach; his yelps of pain can be heard by the camera just over AW shouting words of encouragement to Young. Darren then lifts Truth onto his shoulders before turning around and dropping him with a spine tingling powerslam. He makes a cover. 1…2…NO! Truth just stays alive.

Darren wastes little time and delivers a swift elbow drop to Truth before repeating the act once more. He then poses to the crowd before leaping from the ground and…NO Truth moves out of the way sending Young’s elbow crashing into the mat. Both men get to their feet and Truth clobbers him right in the jaw before hitting a clothesline. Young quickly gets back to his feet and eats another clothesline for his troubles. Again Young is up fast but Truth hits a dropkick showing off his athletic prowess. Young gets to his feet and Truth is waiting…What’s Up! Truth hits his finisher and makes a cover much to AW’s dismay.1…2…3!

Winner: R-Truth via Pinfall.

Truth is left with little time to celebrate his victory as Titus O’Neill enters the ring and blindsides him. O’Neill hammers away at Truth but is caught off guard…


The distraction of Kofi Kingston’s music gives Truth a lifeline and he scatters under the bottom rope before heading to the stage where Kofi emerges microphone in hand. AW and Mark Henry have now joined O’Neill and Young in the ring, Young has now got to his feet. Kofi begins to speak, he tells them that he and Truth are sick of AW, they’re sick of them having a numbers advantage on them so tonight they’re here to put that advantage to an end as Kofi says he has enlisted help.


The crowd are extremely pleased to see Evan Bourne, Kofi’s former tag team partner emerge onto the stage and stand alongside him and Truth. Kofi then seems to have a huge grin on his face as he tells AW that they also got themselves a ‘representative’ Kofi turns side on and points to the entrance.

Can You Dig It Suckaaaaaa?
*Rap Sheet*

The crowd can’t believe it and neither can AW and his entourage on the ring, Booker high fives Kofi before the four men charge down to the ring much to the crowds delight. AW quickly scatters out leaving Kofi and his men at a man advantage, they clobber away at the three men in the ring before Booker hits a superkick to Mark Henry’s jaw. He hits the mat and rolls out of the ring still nursing his jaw. Meanwhile Evan Bourne jumps high and hits a knee to Darren Young’s jaw but he quickly gets out of dodge rolling to the outside. Booker hits another kick to Titus and motions to the top rope for Evan Bourne. Bourne climbs the top and just as he goes to leap Henry pulls Titus under the bottom rope to safety. AW’s men all back up the ramp as Booker T’s theme plays in the background. Booker plays up to the crowd and motions for a 4 man spinaroonie! All four men then get on one knee and in unison each does a spinaroonie. Matt Striker is full of joy for the returning Booker at ringside and we see his face once more before we fade off screen.

As we fade off screen we come to another vignette hyping up Bray Wyatt, the clearly deranged man talks about his people, “My people, they make me what you see before yourselves here today man. The love we share is unrivalled and unmatched man.” Wyatt continues on his speech before the video ends with him placing his hat on his head. We then cut back to ringside.

Josh Matthews and Matt Striker then hype up tonight’s main event between Triple H and The Big Show, they say the stakes at Judgement Day are higher than they’ve ever been for The Game and he needs to be ready as John Cena will go through anything and anyone to get to Dylan Kelly. They inform us that John Cena isn’t here tonight as he is checking on his Father in hospital back in his hometown. The pair then recaps last week’s events where Wade Barrett attacked his foe Chris Jericho. A video shows on screen of Barrett placing Jericho in a deadly submission move known as the Dragon Clutch. Matt informs us that Barrett has named the move the Barrett Clutch. Wade is in tag team action right now.


Wade Barrett is ready; he walks out onto the stage to some intense heat from the crowd before flinging his jacket that was draped over his shoulders. Barrett is in the ring and he cockily taunts the crowd.


And here is his tag team partner, Dolph Ziggler. The show off flaunts about on the stage before he begins to walk down to the ring. Barrett doesn’t acknowledge his partner as he enters the ring. Maybe some tension?


Tyson Kidd comes bounding out onto the stage; he is riled up and wants to get his hands on Dolph Ziggler. He runs down to the ring before wisely stopping. He doesn’t fancy getting in the ring alone with these two superstars so he waits on the outside for his partner. The lights cut out!


Here he is the Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rolla, light up jacket in all. Chris Jericho isn’t happy. As he walks down the ramp Matt Striker tells us we’ll see this tag match when we come back.


Match Two
Wade Barrett & Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyson Kidd & Chris Jericho

We join this match a few minutes in and Dolph Ziggler has Chris Jericho in the corner, he is unloading on the Fozzy star with right hands. Ziggler takes Jericho into his team’s corner and he tags Wade Barrett. Ziggler then picks Jericho up and hits an Atomic Drop and Barrett then takes him out with a clothesline. Barrett makes a cover. 1…2…Jericho kicks out!

Barrett doesn’t look impressed with the resilience shown by Jericho. The bare knuckle boxer brings Jericho to his feet and begins his ruthless assault. BAM! What a punch from Barrett! After he hit a few jabs he caught Jericho with an uppercut that may have knocked him out. Jericho is motionless and Barrett proceeds to drag his dead weight into his corner of his team. Dolph then tags him on the back before vaulting over the top rope. Ziggler then leaps high into the air and drops an elbow right to Jericho’s heart. Before Ziggler attempts another he stops, fixes his hair and then proceeds to do a headstand, clearly taking advantage of the downed Jericho. Ziggler then wanders towards Tyson Kidd on the apron and flicks his hair right in Kidd’s face; angrily Kidd fires a punch and gets Ziggler right in the jaw. Ziggler turns’ away holding his face in pain and just ignores Tyson who is goading him to come back for more. Ziggler picks Jericho up to his feet and whips him to the ropes, clotheslin-NO! Jericho ducks and runs towards the ropes, Ziggler stops his momentum dead with a deadly dropkick, Dolph makes a cover. 1…2…Jericho still won’t accept defeat!

Dolph is furious; he clearly feels that was enough to put Jericho away. He stalks his prey like a Lion would a Gazelle. He wants to hit the Zig-Zag, Jericho is stirring and he’s up due to the help of the ring ropes. Zig-NO! Jericho holds onto the top rope which leaves Ziggler crashing into the mat. Jericho runs past Ziggler and jumps from the middle rope…Lionsault! Jericho hits a Lionsault. Ziggler is down in the centre of the ring, Jericho makes a cover draping his arm over Dolph’s chest. 1…2…Ziggler gets his shoulder up!

Jericho clearly felt the effects of his own move there, he is down clutching his gut and Tyson wants the tag, Jericho has begun the crawl but Ziggler is now waking up and can see Jericho going for the tag. He’s made-NO! Ziggler grabs Jericho’s leg and stands up with a disgusting smirk across his face; Jericho is up now on one leg. Enziguri, WAIT Ziggler ducked, Jericho is in no man’s land WOW! He uses his leg to come back across and he nails Ziggler right in the face much to the crowd’s delight. Both men are down in the centre of the ring, Jericho is slowly but surely making his way to his partner and eventually Ziggler begins to do the same. TAG! Barrett is in, TAG Kidd is in!

Tyson flies over the top rope and hits the oncoming Brit with a missile dropkick! Both men quickly get up and Kidd runs at the ropes, running back he ducks a right hand and then leaps up and drops Barrett with a Hurricanrana. Kidd exits the middle rope and stands on the apron and springboard elbow! Barrett is out, he makes a cover. 1…2…Barrett powers out!

Tyson wastes little time, he’s got Barrett’s legs and he’s going for a Sharpshooter, Barrett on the other hand has other ideas and tries to fight Kidd off. Barrett pushes Kidd away with the brute force of his legs and Jericho makes a blind tag, even Tyson doesn’t feel it. Barrett is up and Tyson goes for him, Winds Of Change! Tyson’s spine cracks on the floor and he rolls under the bottom rope to the outside. Barrett doesn’t realise Chris Jericho is the legal man! Jericho is waiting for Barrett to turn around, he does, Codebrea-NO! Barrett grabs a hold of Y2J! He switches Jericho’s position and gets him on his shoulders…Wasteland! Barrett has hit the Wasteland. He isn’t going for a pinfall? He flips Jericho over onto his stomach and sits on his back; he has got his arm wrapped around his neck. The Barrett Clutch is locked in and Jericho has no place to go! Tyson desperately tries to get into the ring but Dolph Ziggler grabs his legs. Jericho has no choice, the pain is unbearable, TAP TAP TAP!

Winners: Wade Barrett & Dolph Ziggler via Submission.

Matt Striker is going ballistic at ringside! Wade Barrett has just made Chris Jericho tap out. Meanwhile in the ring Wade has his hand raised by referee Jack Doan however he then sits back on Jericho and reapplies the Barrett Clutch. Tyson Kidd however has freed himself from Ziggler’s grasp on the outside and he charges into the ring and fights off Barrett. He hits him numerous punches and then clotheslines the Brit over the top and to the outside. Kidd stands on the top rope and invites Wade to come back into the ring, UH-OH Dolph Ziggler is in the ring behind Tyson who now climbs down from the top unaware of what is behind him…ZIG-ZAG! Dolph sends a message to Tyson Kidd, a message of pain as Kidd’s head bounces back off the mat with authority. Ziggler stands alone among the men in the ring as Wade Barrett is at the top of the ramp.

The commentary team discuss the problems between Dolph and Tyson before we cut backstage to Alberto Del Rio with his announcer Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio is wearing a clean cut white suit and has his Intercontinental Championship draped on his shoulder, Ezekiel Jackson then enters the frame and the microphone now picks up their conversation. Del Rio says that he wants Jackson to do him a favour tonight, to take out Kane. Jackson asks what is in it for him and Del Rio clicks his fingers which summons Ricardo to open up a briefcase filled with money. Jackson nods his head, clearly happy with the sum in the briefcase. He walks off screen as Del Rio looks at the camera smugly. Matt Striker tells us we now know Kane’s opponent, he faces Ezekiel Jackson next!



Here comes the man from Guyana, Jackson comes out to very little reaction from the crowd here tonight. He stands with a vigorous stare at the stage.


Here’s the Big Red Machine Kane, he trudges through the red smoke on the stage and he seemingly has a big brown bag in his hand. The bag looks heavy but Kane has it tightly gripped over his shoulder. He enters the ring and carefully places the bag in the corner…what could be in it!? He then summons his pyro which shoots from the 4 corners of the ring. Ezekiel Jackson stands with no expression on his face, these two beasts are going to go at it right now.

Match Three
Ezekiel Jackson vs. Kane

And here we go; these two beasts are going at it! Both men are throwing ferocious punches but Jackson ends up getting the better of Kane. Zeke then forces Kane into the corner before moving back and charging at the masked monster. He nails Kane with all of his body weight, forcing him to fall to the floor. Zeke makes a cover. 1… Kane kicks out with relative ease.

Zeke wants that money, he picks Kane up to his feet and using unbelievable strength Zeke hits a scoop slam on Kane who wriggles around in the ring. Zeke begins beating his chest and screaming for the end of the contest. He wanders towards the downed Kane and leans down towards hi- Kane grabs Zeke’s throat, he gets up to his feet and still has a tight grip on Zeke. He lifts him up, Chokeslam! Kane hooks the leg. 1…2…3!

Winner: Kane via pinfall.

Striker and Matthews talk about how even Alberto’s hired goon Ezekiel Jackson couldn’t take out the big red machine. The returning man beast couldn’t get the job done but maybe Del Rio can he runs down from the back quickly followed by Ricardo Rodriguez who has a steel pipe in hand. Del Rio enters the ring and attacks the unsuspecting Kane from behind clobbering him in the back. Del Rio begins to kick Kane in the arm, clearly trying to weaken him for a Cross Armbreaker. Del Rio tells Ricardo to grab Kane and pass him the pipe which his lackey does; Del Rio swings the pipe but-NO! Kane ducks and Del Rio smashes Ricardo across the face, Kane begins unloading his frustrations on Del Rio, punch after punch. Big boot! Del Rio rolls to the outside which leaves Kane to go over to his brown bag in the corner of the ring, what’s in it? Chains!? Kane pulls out a steel chain and begins to swing it around his head like cowboy would a rope, OH MY GOD! Kane smashes the chain across Rodriguez’s back and he falls to the outside screaming in agony. The lights fade to a dark, mysterious red colour as Kane’s music hits. We see a replay of what happened to Ricardo before we cut back to Kane staring at Del Rio who is helping his announcer up the ramp.

Matt Striker tells us that Kane used to carry chains around with him a few years ago to use them as a torture device but now he has them for protection from the Mexican aristocrat. We then cut to a graphic of Big Show and Triple H who will face off in tonight’s main event.


WOW, what an ovation for the WWE champion CM Punk, he comes out onto the stage with his massive title belt wrapped around his waist. Punk shouts out that ‘it’s clobberin time’ before he walks down to the ring. He enters the ring and picks up a microphone from the floor; he takes off his title belt and places it on the floor before he sits cross legged. Punk says that last week for once he was outsmarted. Sadly outsmarted by The Miz, Punk says that he heard in the back that Sheamus wants an apology for what happened last week. Punk tells Sheamus he’s sadly mistaken, Punk may have cost him the match but he doesn’t care because he doesn’t like Sheamus either. And he knows that Sheamus is probably going to come out here looking for a fight now but before he does he tells the world there’s going to be a fight at Judgement Day and one way or another he’ll come out WWE Champ-


Here comes a man who objects to that statement, another member of the Triple Threat Match at Judgement Day, The Miz. He comes out wearing his ring gear as he is scheduled to face Punk tonight. Miz with a microphone in hand runs down Punk for being stupid last week. He was outsmarted by Miz last week and will be again at Judgement Day. Miz will become WWE Champion because He’s AWESOME! Miz drops his microphone and enters the ring, a referee then runs down the ramp and into the ring. Punk throws his shirt into the crowd and both men are ready.

Match Four
CM Punk vs. The Miz

Both men walk to the centre of the ring and begin to trash talk each other, Miz fires the first shot catching Punk unaware, he quickly takes the Straight Edge champion into the corner and begins to drive his knee into his gut he does this several times before Punk falls into seated position. Miz forces his boot into Punk’s face forcing the referee to begin a count. Miz is wise enough to release Punk at a 4count before he brings him back to his feet; Miz is in complete control here clothesl-NO! Punk ducks out of the way and then strikes Miz with a backfist to the side of the face. He continues by hitting him with a kick to the leg and then a kick to the stomach that sends Miz onto his knees one more kick for good measure this time to the side of the head. Miz quickly rolls to the outside still holding his head. He uses the barricade as an aid to get to a standing position but here comes Punk! Suicide dive! Both men are out on the floor. We’ll see who can take advantage when we come back.


We’re back, live on RAW and Miz has complete control over CM Punk in the ring, we are quickly shown how Miz took the advantage. It appears after Punk rolled Miz into the ring he played possum and then hit the oncoming Punk with a boot to the face. We cut back to the action on-going and Miz has Punk in a sleeper hold, right in the centre of the ring. Miz is leaving Punk with nowhere to go here, the crowd are behind Punk and he feels the electricity from the fans. He wills himself to a standing position and begins driving his elbow right into Miz who is left gasping for air. Punk has escaped and he hits Miz with a combination of punches and kicks but the most impactful is the high kick which sends Miz falling flat out on the floor. Punk makes a cover. 1…2…Miz kicks out!

Great resilience shown by Miz right there, Punk wants this over with now though. He claps his hands together and symbolises that it’s time for Miz to go to sleep. Punk waits for the Cleveland native to get to his feet and he hoists him up onto his shoulders, GT-NO! Miz grabs onto the top rope and doesn’t plan on letting go. Punk quickly drops him, forcing him to land awkwardly on his leg. He’s down in the corner with the referee checking on him, this looks serious. Suddenly out of the crowd we see Sheamus! He jumps the barricade and is in the ring behind Punk, Punk hears the crowd’s cries and turns around into a Brogue Kick! Sheamus quickly exits the ring and stands by the announce table, Miz sure has recovered quick as he pushes the referee aside and crawls over to Punk making the cover. 1…2…3!

Winner: The Miz via pinfall.

Miz has pinned both of his Judgement Day opponents in two consecutive weeks! He quickly exits the ring as his theme music blares out through the speakers. Meanwhile in the ring Punk is out and Sheamus is now in the ring, standing over the fallen body of Punk. The camera picks up Sheamus speaking, “I’m not gonna’ apologize fella cause’ I just don’t like you” Sheamus then averts his attention to Miz who is standing at the top of the ramp. It’s clear he’s at an advantage because Punk and Sheamus are at loggerheads leaving him to pick up two straight victories against them both. Miz has an evident smile as we fade backstage.

Scott Stanford is there and his guest is Christian! He appears to a big pop from the crowd but he does have a back supporter on, this must mean he clearly is worse for wear. Stanford asks how he is holding up after Backlash, to which he replies not so good. Christian says things are not as bad as first thought but he won’t be able to compete for a couple of months. Before he continues The Miz walks on screen, he begins to laugh at Christian and says this is what he was resorted to by him. He says while he will be winning the WWE title Christian will be watching at home. Miz laughs in Christian’s face before walking off into the distance. We’re now back at ringside, it’s a divas tornado tag team match with the two winners earning the final 2 semi-final spots in the tournament to crown a new Women’s Champion. All four divas are in the ring, it is Layla and Kaitlyn vs. Maxine and Natalya.

Match Five
Layla & Kaitlyn vs. Maxine & Natalya

It seems from the off that Layla and Kaitlyn have a plan, Kaitlyn charges at Natalya and takes her down, the pair then roll to the outside leaving Maxine and Layla in the ring. Maxine runs at Layla and nails the British beauty with a clothesline. She pulls her to the corner of the ring and heads to the top rope; she is going for a big splash. She leaps from the top…NO! Layla moves out of the way. Layla quickly picks Maxine up and hits a neckbreaker. She hooks the leg. 1…2…3!

Winners: Layla & Kaitlyn.

Their strategy worked! With Kaitlyn taking out the experienced Natalya it left the rookie Maxine and the veteran Layla in the ring. Great strategy from the diva’s and our semi-finals are set. Beth Phoenix vs. Kaitlyn and Eve vs. Layla. Speaking of matches made, Josh Matthews says he has just learnt that Dolph Ziggler will have his chance to steal the show at Judgement Day as he will take on Tyson Kidd. We then cut to a video.

The video shows Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara working out inside what looks to be a very old gym. Mysterio talks about both men being huge superstars in Mexico and now here in the United States. Mysterio states they are training and working on more death defying moves, moves that will win them the Tag Team Championships at Judgement Day. Next week they will show Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks the real Luchadores. The video cuts off with Rey and Cara looking at each other with both of their masks a light blue and gold. We’re back at ringside and Matt Striker tells us that Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks have also been given the night off tonight as they will be in action next week.

The cameras then go backstage where Daniel Bryan and AJ are walking, the crowd boo them whole heartedly and Bryan notices something on the floor. He pushes AJ to the side before bending down and picking up the object it appears to be his own YES! t-shirt, he gets back to his feet and looks at the shirt confused, suddenly from high in the air a small variation of a Steel Cage drops down and Bryan is stuck inside it. AJ filled with fear notices a letter on the side of the structure she reads it aloud, “Nowhere to go Daniel, no help and no cheating just you locked inside with the Viper.” Bryan quickly panics and tries lifting the cage up with the help of AJ from the outside. The pair eventually does so before running away frantically. Clearly Randy Orton has upped the stakes here tonight. It’s time for our main event!


Here comes Big Show, he gets a mild pop from the crowd but he looks serious. He enters the ring and immediately turns to face the ramp.


It’s time to play the game! Triple H comes out onto the stage with his wife Stephanie on his arm; he launches his bottle of water into the crowd before he climbs onto the apron. He spits his water into the air perfectly in unison with his theme music before he enters the ring and climbs the top rope, stretching his arms out wide to the fans delight. He jumps off the rope before the referee calls for the bell.

Main Event
Big Show vs. Triple H

Both men start this contest by walking to the centre of the ring, gazing in each other’s the pair exchange words before Triple H nails Show in the gut with a firm punch. The Game is taking it to Show as he goes to work hitting punch after punch before he runs to the ropes and attempts a huge clothesline, his attempt sadly fails as Show stands still. He tries again but it seems he hasn’t got the strength to take the Giant down; he goes for one more but this time he is met by a bear like paw from Show smashing across his chest. Show takes advantage and pushes HHH into the corner before unleashing havoc with punches to the ribs. Stephanie looks concerned at ringside for her husband who is down flat on the floor, Show then puts all of his weight on Hunter by walking over his back, and his screams can be heard through the arena. Suddenly Dylan Kelly appears on stage with a microphone in hand, he states that if Triple H can win this match a new stipulation will be added for Judgement Day but if Show wins he will get a WWE title shot next week on RAW! Kelly then stays stood at the top of the ramp while Show quickly goes for a cover, realising the reward he will get for victory here. Sadly for him Triple H kicks out at the count of 2.

Show quickly drags Hunter to his feet and begins his assault again, he sends him into the corner before slapping his chest repeatedly, and on the last slap he shushes the crowd before unleashing the strike. Triple H’s chest has lit up into a pink colour and yet Show continues his attack. He then grabs Hunter’s head and smacks his own forehead into him as if he were cracking two coconuts together. He feels nothing but his opponent does, he falls to his knees and tries to bring himself up to his feet by using Show as a frame. A fight back on the cards!? Triple H desperately begins punching Show connecting with The Giant’s chin. Stephanie frantically cheers on her husband from ringside as he runs to the ropes and attempts that clothesline again, this time Show is forced to stumble a little bit but he’s still standing, HHH runs to the ropes again but Show ducks down for a back body drop, but The Game counters with a Facebreaker Knee smash that sends Show reeling, he then charges at Show attempting a Jumping knee drop but Show catches him. He has him held up by his knee and Show runs into the turnbuckle pressing all of his weight against Triple H’s knee, The Game drops to the floor and rolls around in agony while he has a firm clutch on his knee. Show drags HHH to one leg and picks him up before hitting a dangerous sidewalk slam. He quickly covers The Game, 1…2…HHH stays alive!

Show stalks Triple H, The Game uses the ropes to get up onto one leg and Show is ready to charge behind him. He does so but eats a knee from Triple H, as he jumped for a spear HHH used any power he had left to deliver a knee to Show’s face. Triple H hooks Show’s arms Pedigree! He hits the Pedigree, and drapes his arm over the Giant’s chest, 1…2…3! NO! Big Show kicks out; he isn’t going to let a WWE title shot go that easily. Stephanie can’t believe it and neither can Hunter who crawls towards the corner before looking at the fallen giant. Triple H doesn’t know what to do next, he contemplates his next move and does a crotch chop before wandering over to his downed opponent he tries to pick up Show but it proves to be a hard task as he is dead weight. Eventually HHH hooks his arms for another Pedigre-NO! Show picks him up high into the air and hits a back body drop, Show is up and unhooks the straps from his attire, and he wants to end this now. Show brings Triple H to his feet before grabbing him by the throat, he tries to escape but Show lifts him high into the air before smashing his back against the mat with authority, what a Chokeslam! Show makes a cover, 1..2…Triple H gets his foot on the bottom rope!

Dylan Kelly then begins to walk down the ramp from the top of the stage; he clearly wants a closer look at the action but that doesn’t bode well with Stephanie who gets in the chairman’s face ordering him to back away from the ring. Meanwhile inside the squared circle Big Show has his hand cocked and ready for the W.M.D, Triple H is up and he groggily turns around, WM-WAIT! Triple H ducks leaving Show to punch the turnbuckle, the referee has now been distracted by Stephanie and Kelly who are arguing on the outside. Big Boot from Show and Triple H falls to the outside just in front of our commentary team. Show quickly walks to the ropes and reaches over grabbing Triple H by the hair. SLEGEHAMMER! The Cerebral Assassin catches Show right in the jaw and he is sent reeling and is hunched over. The referee turns around to see Triple H roll back into the ring and he limps over to Show. Hooks his arms, Pedigree! He hits it and makes the cover. 1…2…3!

Winner: Triple H via pinfall.

What a win for The Game, the crowd are ecstatic and his wife Stephanie enters the ring to sit with him. She is quickly followed by Dylan Kelly who asks for a microphone, he crouches down so he can look Hunter in the eye before he speaks. He says that he is a man of his word and there is a new stipulation for Judgement Day and it is that IF Hunter can get the win against John Cena he will become the RAW general manager! The crowd pop huge for this decision as Triple H who is still sat in the corner lets out a brief smile to his wife. Kelly then heads towards the back and through the curtain where the camera has followed him, he walks past his security guard on the door before entering his office to see it has been trashed. His table has been thrown to the ground and his papers have been thrown all over the room. On his office chair, he sees that there is a note which he opens for the camera to see and it reads, ‘I’m not just coming for you Kelly, I’m coming for your whole company’. The note then has the WWE logo smeared in blood to which the commentators react to shocked, they say if things weren’t serious enough between Kelly and Cena they sure are now. Kelly throws the letter to the ground before noticing a green John Cena cap on the floor, he screams and kicks Cena’s cap across the room before he then begins to throw things around the room. RAW abruptly cuts off air with Kelly screaming furiously.

©The Cult


MAY 27, 2012


WWE Championship Match
Triple Threat Match

CM Punk © vs. The Miz vs. Sheamus

No Disqualification Match
John Cena vs. Triple H
If Cena wins he will get a match with WWE Chairman Dylan Kelly and Triple H along with his wife Stephanie McMahon will be fired. If Triple H wins they keep their jobs and he will become RAW general manager

Submissions Count Anywhere Match
Wade Barrett vs. Chris Jericho

Steel Cage Match
Daniel Bryan w/AJ vs. Randy Orton

Women's Championship Match
??? vs. ???

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks © vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

Singles Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyson Kidd
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