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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - Tales of a Jaded Old Man

JAM's Review

First things first, it's great to have you back in the section Szumi. I know the section could really use all the veteran guys to come back. Plus, I wasn't around when you were on top around here so it'd be cool to follow your thread. I'm really not familiar with ECW back in it's original days but I have watched some episodes from YouTube so if I'm faulty at some things, you know the reason. I'll only be commenting on the stuff that I know of so that it'll be a helpful review. Well, here we go!

This stuff with Heyman and the mystery financial backer is good stuff. I like that you're keeping us glued to your show and not just by the wrestling but with the overall story you're trying to tell her. I'm thinkin' maybe the star Heyman doesn't wanna sign is Jericho maybe? Could be realistic since I'm sure Jericho is a big star and may have that conflict with Heyman and ECW in the past. If not, then ohwell, it's still an interesting concept nonetheless.

Interesting stuff that you don't have Lynn compete here. Lynn's definitely main event worthy so he has a logical gripe here. But still, I think he should've competed since it gave him a chance at the titles. Especially since his rival, RVD, is in the match as well, I would've thought that Lynn would want to do anything possible to prevent RVD from winning any title. But anyway, you can definitely elevate Lynn in this way now that he's boycotting matches until he's in the main event. Will be lookin' forward to this one.

As for the match with RVD and Dreamer, I like how the weapons were brought out early on. RVD's deadly with a chair and he showed it here but Dreamer is as deadly with any weapon that he possesses. The work they did outside the ring was fun to read and was really descriptive so it was easy to imagine here. Two Spicolli Drivers!? I thought that would be enough to take RVD down but interference with CW Anderson happens and it leads to an RVD win. I think it kind of made RVD look a little weak after having all that success with the chair at his disposal. But still, a win is a win, and RVD advances, just like I thought he would. So Anderson/Dreamer continues huh? I know that they had an “I Quit” match, so maybe their next one has to be a step farther in stipulation, maybe a Loser Leaves ECW Match?

With the talent that you've showcased on this PPV, it's clear to me that you could have a decent Crusierweight Division. You got guys like Super Crazy, Psychosis, Little Guido, and others that you probably haven't showcased yet. I'm a big fan of the Crusierweight Division so I'm hoping that it comes to fruition a little later on, maybe on your next show.

Really good match for the main event. That Frog Splash on the tables spot was pretty sick and it would've gotten me fired up as well. I laughed at when you had Sandman “drunk.” I occasionally think if that does really happen since his entrance needs the beer to be complete. I really didn't expect a clean finish and that's exactly what we got. Rhino's reign as ECW Champion isn't over and that was the right move. However, I do feel that Jerry Lynn wasted his opportunity earlier in the night when he didn't fight. Seems like he's a lackey for Rhino, which I don't think would be right since he's pretty talented. He'll probably feud with RVD for the title for a while and then move on to bigger things.

Overall, it was a pretty good Pay-Per-View. Again, I said I would only comment on the matches and segments with the superstars that I know, so I hope this wasn't a total waste of time of a read. Will be seeing how all this continues. Keep at it man!

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