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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.



"Barrett & Gabriel Released, Major Angle Scrapped, Network Approves PG-13 Programming"

Reported On July 25, 2012
Author: Jason Case

What was originally reported as a rumor has now been confirmed, courtesy of WWE.Com; Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel have been released from their contracts with the sports entertainment franchise --- on good terms. Sources say that Barrett and Gabriel expressed concern with their future roles in the 'new era' of the RAW brand, and asked to be released from their contracts during a meeting with WWE officials earlier this morning. With approval from the higher-ups, and the creative team, the company obliged, freeing the two superstars without clause. That's right, there's no fines, no legal action, they were just released without consequence. There are several rumors as to why it was so easy for the two superstars to take the walk -- but we have it on good word that it was an effort to maintain payroll budget for the RAW roster, in light of a few new additions. Barrett and Gabriel have served a fair deal of time in the WWE, but it seems as if the new head of the creative team, Ronald Alden, had expressed interest in other superstars to be brought on board. In fact, it's said that Alden's lack of need for the two superstars contributed greatly to the success of the two superstars' peaceful release.

The newest addition to the creative and production team, Ronald Alden, who was immediately promoted to the Head of Creative when signing with the company has made it publicly known that he (along with Vince McMahon) is responsible for the claims of ushering in a new era, which puts all eyes on him in the coming future. The success or failure of this claim rests almost solely on his shoulders. In a tweet from Alden's personal twitter account (@RonWrites), he stated "The pressure is high, but that's when I work best. My passion will be OUR success." On the same subject, upon taking the job with WWE, Vince McMahon entrusted Alden to create his own personal "wish list" of things or people he needed to optimize his productions. As you may know, the young writer turned down an outrageous salary or fancy office for a handful of superstars to be re-signed and brought on to the RAW brand. This prompted WWE Officals to bring back aboard the likes of Gregory Helms, Shelton Benjamin, and Rikishi. After this information was posted on WWE.Com a few days ago, Alden tweeted "Three Down, Five To Go." However, earlier this morning, he tweeted "That's three more. It's down to the last two." We can only assume that this means WWE Officials have signed and given Alden control over three more superstars, but only time will tell. We will definitely be keeping an eye out on RAW for any familiar faces. (Or new ones, for that matter.)

Aside from meddling in contractual dealings, Alden seems to be doing a fair job in his own office as well. You know that annoying angle with the Anonymous RAW General Manager? Well sources say Ronald is scrapping it as if it never happened. Don't expect there to be anymore messages read off of computers (or paper, for that matter). It appears as if kayfabe control over the RAW Brand will be decided in another manner! But what does this mean for order of the brand in the mean time? Could this mean a few boring weeks of 'decency' to avoid the need for authority?

We would love to assume so, but that doesn't seem to be the case hitting my last bullet point of this report. Looks like Alden had another small tidbit to his wishlist -- permission to add the EDGE back to the RAW programming. Corporate reports and USA Network.Com both confirm that RAW is now listed under a PG-13 maturity rating, which means we are one step closer to getting back to the politically incorrect and edgy sports entertainment most of us fell in love with. There's no telling HOW or WHEN we'll see these changes take effect on RAW, but it's awfully promising, and I know they've caught my attention. Mr. Alden, if you read these kinds of things, I just want to applaud you on what you've done so far. Cheers to hoping you can keep it up.

That's all for now, boys and girls!

None of the websites or Twitter accounts listed in this article are real, to my knowledge. Everything included in this thread and the reports therein are all for the sole purpose of progressing this thread. Thanks for understanding.

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