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The Art of the Album

I've decided to make this thread because I had so much fun putting together my favorite album list in visual format. So some thanks are in order to Rockhead for launching that thread.

There's one scene in 'School of Rock' where Jack Black's character has drawn a diagram on the chalk-board listing bands and their connections. This is something similar but listing entire albums from particular genres that I find inspiring.

The art of making entire records which function as listening experiences is something that holds great weight with me. It's a wonderful way of gauging the ability of a musician/group's greater vision as oppose to a group of compiled songs, some of which may/may not make money.

One final thing before I get started, I will be organizing by genre (light use of this term as I don't sub-genre too heavily) as sort of a journey of musical discovery, sticking to eight albums per group with no repeated artists to cover a greater variety. Again, this is my list, strictly for fun and those who don't like it can eat a dick.

In The Beginning
There was hard-rock/metal. The very basics but my favs tend to stray from the norm a little. I gravitated to the dark side from an early age, sneaking listens to my uncles' records.

My father played guitar so the house was always filled with music. Predominately classic rock/blues/country etc..

Aggression 101
70's glam led into the birth of punk music. That bastard step-child and voice for the truly angry and disenfranchised....until those pussies Greenday came along and fucked it all up anyways. Metal borrowed a lot of what punk had to offer.

I'll lean towards this group next because it stems from the roots of rock/metal/glam/punk. Yeah, a lot of queer dress-up stuff and a lot of the music was utter garbage...but some of it was great. Oh, and I wanted to be Nikki Sixx when I grew up (not the best choice in retrospect).

Shit Gets Heavy
From the 80s -> 90s, the trend of heavier is better continued and while I dabble in it all, I prefer something that's still palatable. Note a tendency for thrashy and dirty on my part.

Weird World
The early 90s saw musicians trying their damnedest to move away from the MTV mainstream bullshit, whatever it took to be different. Alt/punk/metal hybrids evolved into what became popularly known as 'grunge'. Shitty label, good tunes though.

The Alternative
Only slightly to the side were a slew of artist a little more radio friendly, as it were. I always found it laughable that 'alternative' music was essentially the mainstream for people of my age at the that time.

Beats and Lyrics
Huge fan of hip-hop/rap music from the very beginning. It's rhythm oriented, intellectually stimulating and ultra-aggressive. No wonder metal/rap have melded together time and again.

Stoner Rock/Metal gets it's own gig here cuz a) I like it so much, b) it's what I probably play the most and c) I smoke a shitload of weed.

New Metal?
Another one of the labels I dislike, nu-metal, but whatever works. A new generation incorporating new sounds and ideas.

The Next Millennium
Ok, fine, I admit that I fell out of the loop as far as following music goes. Drug and alcohol abuse will do that to a man. I still managed to find some dandies with staying power.

All these are albums I'd swear by, but that's my personal flavour.

In the meanwhile, life is good, things are going great and I've been able to listen to plenty of both new and old music lately. I'm always on the lookout for new artists to try out and this forum is a great resource for me in that regard. Thanks for reading if you've made it this far. Cheers.

I love professional-wrestling.
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