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WWE News and Notes

- The Triple H era is running wild, on and off screen. Backstage, HHH has begun to take a more aggressive role in leading the company. This means more of his creative ideas will be apparent on TV. His biggest impact is already being felt. NXT has been cancelled with much of the talent heading back down to FCW. Also, every single gimmick match PPV has been either cancelled or renamed. Triple H feels the PPV gimmick match ideas really devalue the gimmick matches and causes them to feel more rushed.

PPV Schedule
Night Of Champions- 9/11/11 - Buffalo; NY
Vengeance- 10/9/11 - San Antonio; TX
Survivor Series- 11/13/11 - New York City; NY
Breaking Point- 12/11/11 - Baltimore; MD
RoyalRumble- 1/22/12 - St. Louis; MI
No Way Out- 2/19/12 - Milwaukee; WI
Wrestlemania XXVIII- 4/1/12 - Miami; FL

- Expect the brand split to be MUCH more reinforced now. HHH feels that a more disciplined brand split will make each brands titles and superstars more important. Due to this expect some "bulking up" of the brands from FCW due to the roster essentially being cut in half. The only WWE personnel who will be appearing on both shows are the WWE Tag Team Champions, authority figures like Triple H, and the divas. Yes, the divas are all now multi branded, this due to the weakness in the division. Also, Triple H is high on a lot of mid-card talent.

- However, Triple H isn't high on everyone. Smackdown's Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan isn't high on The Game's list due to his size. Hence the ending to his match Summerslam. Don't expect Bryan on many Smackdowns in the upcoming future.

- Finally, expect some face turns from some of the upper tier talent as WWE seems to have an influx of top talent that are heels, with the only faces being Cena, Punk, Orton, and Sheamus.

OOC: Yeah I know the PPV thing is really unrealistic, but I HATE gimmick PPVs and more than 1 PPV per month. Both of these things lead to feuds and story lines being rushed, and I REALLY don't want that. And please just trust me on the Daniel Bryan thing.



Tyler Reks d. JTG

Mason Ryan d. Primo

Kofi Kingston d. Drew McIntyre

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