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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by King_Of_This_World View Post
He may be very talented, but the cock-riding of him on these boards and the constant whines of 'why hasn't he debuted yet' is really pissing me off.

Nobody knows who he is outside this forum and the internet, why on earth are some of you expecting him to be put into a main feud? Its crazy!

i fully agree with you, but dude the fact this hole thing is actually pissing you off seems a little sad to me if im being honest with you, i mean out of all the things in the world to get pissed off about you choose a bunch of posts about a guy you dont give a shit about getting hyped up cuz people like what they see and cant wait to see more? to quote the miz,,,,,,,,REALLY? no seriously dude,,,,REALLY, i think its time to go outside for a while dude, see the world, not a bad place, beautiful in some parts, alot better than a wrestling forum, live your life, cuz from what i gather from your last 2 posts about actually getting pissed off cuz of a forums hype of a guy, i dont think you actually have a life, cuz dude that is totally sad, just being honest with you, i no your gunna reply to this and rip on me and bitch at me, and call me things i dont even no the meaning of, but im just telling the truth, get out more dude.
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