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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by King_Of_This_World View Post
He may be very talented, but the cock-riding of him on these boards and the constant whines of 'why hasn't he debuted yet' is really pissing me off.

Nobody knows who he is outside this forum and the internet, why on earth are some of you expecting him to be put into a main feud? Its crazy!
Buddy, not EVERYONE thinks he should debut in a main feud vs. guys like Cena, Punk, Bryan, AJ. I mean I'm a supporter of the guy and hopes he does well. But if he debuts against w/ a huge star, he will fizzle out quickly.

Hell, my #1 idea for his debut is to debut as a local jobber against Santino for the US title and win the title on his first night. People say to me "Ambrose shouldn't win a title his first night." It's happened before w/ guys like Santino and Carlito, so it could happen if WWE feels strongly enough about him. Plus, whenever Santino is on TV in a match he's either beating some jobber or he is being used as a jobber against an upper mid card/main eventer. Even if Ambrose hasn't even debuted yet, it wouldn't exactly be a downgrade from Santino to Ambrose.

And WWE was trying to set up Ambrose vs. Foley for a main feud. That shows WWE was at that time trying to bring Ambrose in as a big star. For whatever reason (probably Foley's limits in the ring) the angle was dropped. But still, WWE had big plans for his debut and now are trying to come up w/ another idea for his debut.

It's not about that no one outside the internet knows him. It's about debuting him in a way that will get himself recognized to all of the casual fans. If that is accomplished, Ambrose just has take it from there w/ his talent.
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