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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

A Very Merry War Feedback

Nice little Christmas theme to the opening video. I was expecting more of a Tim Burton “Nightmare Before Christmas” style of intro from you, but this was fine.

I predicted you'd open with this, as the ladder match promises to be the most exciting match of the night in terms of unpredictability. I liked the way you had the challengers take out the champions and then turn on each other at the start, such a simple little thing but at the same time it puts over the threat of Benjamin and Haas while also emphasising the dog eat dog nature of the contest. I felt that maybe the ladder and steel chair were introduced as weapons a tad too early, I'd have liked to see some more tag team action before the heavy hitting started. Anyway, I wouldn't expect anything else other than some ridiculous spots, and we certainly got one with that splash through the ladder. Brutal stuff, although I'm sure Harry will be back. I predicted heartache (pardon the pun) for Smith and Kidd, and I think this is where it comes from. Another crazy spot with the superplex, and yet another one with the sunset flip powerbomb. That's usually Shelton's spot iirc, so interesting to see it used on him here. And here comes Harry. Gotta admit, it was all nicely set up for him to get the heroic win, but there's that heartache I predicted, so close yet so far. A really exciting opener, had all the chaos you'd expect, some very nice spots, and of course, some storyline progression in that now The Sons and the champs can enter a two on two program. Can't really fault much here.

Nice video for This is Exile. Should be another strong outing on PPV. REM for the theme tune, right?

I had this one down as an all-out brawl, but you certainly changed it up a bit with the more mat based stuff early, especially the duelling tie ups. The back and forth nature of the match was expected however, and liked the parity you went of in neither man gaining any real control until the torture rack spot. Little touches like reminding us the previous altercations to tie in with the elbow suicida was appreciated, and it just brings everything together so nicely. I'll say the same for the way you went for all those head and throat based submissions and then tied them all into the finish, some real nice psychology that told the story of the match. As for Lashley fading and not tapping, it's an interesting choice, one that's usually saved for protecting a face. I can't see any turns in Lashley's future, but I'm sure you'll have some good reason for ending the match this way. Again, all good stuff here, not what I was expecting, but it was certainly entertaining.

Not a whole lot to say on the interview, certainly showed an intense side of Punk. Video was real good though, told such an interesting story with the whole dragon and rat theme. Lol, what on earth was the throne all about? One little mistake I'll point out, it's “brass tacks” not “brass tax” as you had. I'm just in that kinda mood today.

As for the match, given the previous interview, it was no surprise to see Punk go on the attack so early. One thing I will say is that given the silent treatment for Romero, why did Punk have so much to say during the match, especially sarcasm? That just didn't fit with the silence of earlier for me. Much like what we've seen so far, nice work the damage to the back leading to Punk being unable to nail the GTS, and it almost comes back to haunt him in the camel clutch. Loved The Mercenaries involvement, so that's why punk's been hanging onto that money for so long, eh? It's all come full circle now I guess. And again, more hints to the previous storyline developments with the superkick. Gotta admit, I'm liking how much thought has gone into this and the previous match with regards to nods from earlier, I always appreciate the subtleness of things like that. As for the finish, it was always gonna take something emphatic to put Hassan away, but as I said in my predictions, everything has been geared towards a Punk win, and you certainly delivered. Another really good match, with another really good story told throughout it. Great stuff here.

Tyler Black should be a nice addition to the roster. Always wanted to see him used well in somebody's thread, sure you'll deliver.

Y'know what, this is such a small, almost petty thing to say, but during the Van Dam announcement, I'd have really preferred you to not identity his words with 'RVD'. I dunno why, it just really stood out as a contradiction to his words to see “RVD: I'm not RVD...” it just... just felt off, really. Wasn't much of a surprise the whole retirement thing, neither was Finlay's arrival. Although I can't imagine two guys who said so little in real life saying so much here. Anyway, I'm sure we'll see these two go at it at some point, although I hope Van Dam takes some time away from the action to really build the suspense. Perhaps even hold off til This is Exile?

Another strong addition in Kofi, and another very cool video.

Aw shit, I was gonna use that prayer for one of my Backlash videos. Back to the drawing board I guess.

As for the main event, it seemed almost a match of two halves either side of the commercial break. The first half certainly had some very nice action, a real back and forth technical affair that had it's share of hard hitting too. Again with the subtleness of the glares at the ref and the questions of Michaels' psyche, little points that matter in a match like this. After the break all hell seemed to break loose, starting with the walls on the announce table, although tbh I wouldn't have thought a ref would have issued the countout in that position, I'd have thought he'd have deemed the hold illegal due to the nature of it. Anyway, Ken Doane out, while surprising, shows just how much sway and pull the legion has right now, although I'm glad it didn't end there. Michaels' career certainly doesn't merit ending on the back of a Kenny run in. Danielson out to remove Kenny, makes sense again given the recent words between he and Michaels. Omg, drama, Torrie! Does my prediction of a Christian return tonight come true? Eh... I guess not. Jesus christ, nice use of that Heyman spot from a few years ago, a really dramatic way to end things. Jericho wins, which makes so much sense, although I'm wondering, somewhere down the line... does the fact that Heyman made the count be the technicality Michaels needs to resume his career? What an ending, really dramatic, and what a twist too. Loved it. I can't wait to hear from Heyman next time up for him to explain himself. The Worthy Legio are starting to look rather nWo-esque right now, and it's seems they've gotten to the core of the company in Heyman. Brilliant stuff.

Overall, I really enjoyed myself reading this. if there's one you do well buddy it's drama, and this show was full of it. It was the subtleness of it all, the psychology of the matches, the nods back to previous incidents that really made it all for me. Punk/Hassan stole the show imo, but the title scene is looking so interesting right now. AOW needs a savour, is Christian the man to do it? I can't wait to find out.
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