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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

JAM's Review

First of all, I'd like to say that I liked this time period for Orton especially because the breakup of Legacy could've been done much better so I hope to see that happen. Not only was 2009 a good year for Orton, but I believe it was the last good year that WWE had, then it turned PG, in my eyes, that is. Well anyway, onto the review.

The opening segment started a little slow for me to be honest. I don't buy this “fear” thing that Orton is explaining to us which is the reason he lost to HHH at Wrestlemania. I think it would've been better to see a more pissed off Orton here. He sounded a bit face in this promo by the way. When Vince and HHH came out though, I thought that it would pick up and it did, but not by a whole lot. I think you should've had Vince announce the match and stipulation instead of HHH here, Vince sounded a bit inferior. I just think the opening didn't flow well, but it definitely wasn't bad. As for the match, it seemed a bit quick and the ending was not really the best. The segment after that made Orton seem whiny though. However, I do like that you're pushing Kofi though. I gotta say that you did nail the mannerisms of Orton here, so that shows you pay attention to detail, good job on that.

Not much to say about the divas but this could be interesting now that you have Santino involved. But I don't think a romantic storyline would be the one to go for here, not really sure but I hope you planned well for the Divas. Did like the appearances of Austin and Ron Simmons there, classic!

I liked this promo from Jericho referencing Flair to be the one who doesn't let go. Kind of random to have Hacksaw come down though but it wasn't bad. Jericho's a pretty good talker and I think you nailed him with all the words you had him said. Definitely promo of the night here. Hoping that you don't continue the legends angle with Jericho though. Have him put over someone, a young talent.

Definitely hoping for a Swagger push here, kid is good in the ring. Did like Swagger emphasizing his accolades allowing Lillian to share it with the world here. But ha, Swagger saying another wrestler has no personality? Really? Lol. This promo was kind of cheesy, didn't really flow for me. The promos so far have been sub-par in my opinion. But the commentary has been great. If only Cole would have stayed this way, he's actually pretty good in calling matches.

Seems like a little bit too much praise here from Cole? Either I'm thinking too hard about this or maybe Cole could leave the announce team and manage Miz? But anyway, that video package was....meh. But hey, it's the Dirt Sheet. I loved it when these two would host the show, I think that they have good chemistry together. But here's hoping that you have plans for both of them in the future. So maybe a big push for Miz here with Jericho lookin' to be in cahoots with him, should be interesting.

The draft, always a good show. Can't wait for that one.

Not much to say on Ziggler as I think this was still the year he was getting introduced right? So that's fine. But I expected a longer promo from Punk maybe teasing when he'll cash-in. Kane's a good worker but I'm tired of seeing Punk/Kane since it's been done as of late, but we'll see if you got some things planned out for this one.

Ha, brilliant! I love William Regal so I'm excited that you're gonna give him a chance at the IC Title. Regal is well versed in the ring and Rey is no slouch either, this sure will be a great feud. Definitely lookin' forward to this one, love it!

Well the ending was pretty good. I think that this was the Randy Orton that should've been present the whole time instead of just at the end of the show. Next week, HHH will be sure to exact some revenge so I can't wait for that. I'm pretty glad that you continued this feud as I think it shouldn't have ended at Wrestlemania. Maybe give it atleast one or two more PPVs before you end it.

Overall, it was an alright show man. There were some promos that just didn't flow well for me and some things seemed to be rushed. But the first shows are always the hardest ones to get out of the way, so you'll probably be better the next time around. I did like you pushin' some new guys like Kofi, Regal, and Miz. Can't wait for that one. Will be reading the next show.

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