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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Pfft, this was one of your worst shows ever Kev. Im really dissapointed. Oh wait.. this is BTB.. I was thinking it was the Tell A Lie thread. Oh man Im "friggin" hilarious. One of the best Raws I have ever read.. probably the best actually.

Opening promo was great. Didn't think Batista and Orton would be fighting so soon. It not being on PPV is kinda dissapointing tho.

To bad Marty not showing up, but Im sure you have plans.

Edge interview same as always, nothing special.

Chris Sabin on Raw?? Man that would own. Sabin/Benjamin would steal the show. Great choice.

Christian/JBL segment was nicely booked. Christian was really in character and I see this fued going somewhere.

Jericho losing was dissapointing but understandable. Jericho needs to get back on the game.

I think dumping the Womens title for a bit is a great move. Gives more room for middlecard people to get on the show.

Dudleys get the belts! Yay! Sick of La Resistance with the titles. Good booking move to get the dudleys with the belts.

I got to see this Masterlock Challenge early and man did I enjoy it. Cant wait to see what Grendrill thinks. Awesome brainpower Kevin.

Yay, Benoit wins . Could hurt Orton though.. unless, you are going to have Benoit weasle his way into the title match, making it a triple threat and then have Orton go one on one with Batista at Vengeance. Or am I reading to much into it?

Either way, fantastic show. 97/100. Coulda used one more little segment.

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