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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Great opening promo, surprised the title match is so soon, hopefully the fued will carry on longer though. 10/10

Jannetty doesn't show, this builds up the rivalry further, but I'm not sure where its going now. 9.5/10

Typcial Edge interview, good and in character. 10/10

Sabin in the IC Invitational!! Awesome!! Wish I ncould've seen that one, but for now ill give it a big fat 10/10. look forward to next weeks!

Coach as GM! That will be cool. And should be great to see the power go straight to his head, he'll prlly fire JR and make himself commentator. 10/10

Christian's rap was awesome, and incharacter/realistic as well. This should eb agreat fued with both having Charisma in the buckets full, and both being the great characters they are. I see a Christian/Jericho vs JBL/Morgan in two weeks though, cos of all the interfering and rivaling. 10/10

Jericho should be getting pushed more, but like I mentioned before this could be leading to one good tag match in build up to Christian/JBL at Vengeance. 10/10

No more women! Aww, good promo though, just like WCW, and this must be leading somewhere, maybe to new women from Japan or Molly/Gail/Jazz/Ivory/Nidia/Lita/Victoria returning to boost it again. 9.5/10

Dudleys as new champs! Cool! Didn't expect a title change, but its good, hopefully we will see both Heart Throbs and MNM over the next few weeks, hopefully with MNM winning the titles and rivalling with Dudleys til Vengeance. 10/10

LMAO, Scott in Masterlock challenge. JD and Vengeance ticket line was good, and a typical MAsters line as well. 10/10 Can't wait for Grendrill's reply.

Orton lost?! Not that bad, but doesn't look good for him going into title match. Especially with all of Evolution with him as well. 10/10

98/100. Perfect show, but Jannetty confused me and the Womens Title gone was strange. I think this will be show of the month for July, already. You got mine and aparently WB's vote ATM.

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