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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

OMG!!! What a Raw!!!

Opening segment was a shocker. Didnt expect Batista vs Orton for the title to end up on Raw in two weeks, but the sooner the better I say. Normally, I dont like it when a title match is made for no reason, but this time, it helped get Batista over as a fighting champion, which is good. Should be a great start to a feud I'd expect to run through the summer.

Aw, Marty Jannetty no showed. Thats a dissapointment. Hopefully it leads somewhere tho, which I'm sure it will.

Edge interview. Not much going on, just Edge gloating. Decent interview which was required to get his goals across.

First part of the Intercontinetal Invitational. CHRIS SABIN!!!! OMFG!!! Would love to see Sabin and Shelton get it on in the ring. Bright start for what should be an excellent weekly feature on Raw. Only thing is though, with this invitational every week, it'll be hard to build a storyline for Benjamin for PPV's.

Coach as GM for a week?? I can dig that. Should be more fun that Bischoff in charge.

LMMFAO - Kev wins best promo for the third month straight already. Christians rap was so corny, yet brilliant, because its exactly how he would be. I wouldnt mind seeing a JBL - Christian feud developing at this rate.

Jericho vs JBL - I see this as a short feud for both men, after Y2J beat Morgan last week, then lost to JBL. Hopefully Jericho can get some momentum going soon, with some wins over big names.

Bye Bye Womens Championship. Liked Bischoff dumping it in the bin, just like WCW. Iono, but I can see this turning into an angle of some sort, as Trish needs to be doing something.

Didnt expect to see new Tag Champions. Hopefully you can get The Dudley Boyz into a meaningful feud with a decent heel team, whoever it is. Could be the Heart Throbs, or T&A, possibly led by Trish again, who wont be doing anything for a while, and maybe even MNM?? Should be interesting to see who it is.

Masterlock challenge was excellent. Very entertaining, with Masters giving some great put downs. LOVED the line about tickets to JD and Vengeance, Scott from Aussieland eh? Rings a bell...

<3 to you Kev with the Benoit win. Gotta love it when Benoit gets a big win. **Hopes for HUGE push** You know you want to do it. Totally unexpected win, as I thought Orton would win going into his title match in two weeks. Great finish to a wonderful show.

Yuh, I didnt rate each segment, because as soon as Benoit won, I give it 100/100. Perfect show. Comedy - Check, Big Feuds - Check, Shock Value - Check. Benoit victory - Priceless.

For everything else, theres Masterlock...whoops, I mean Masterlock...I mean...Mastercard.
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