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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Live From Australlia

The Raw theme plays throughout the arena and the pyro goes off and several signs are shown throughout the arena.

Jim Ross: Welcome to Monday Night Raw!!! What a night we have in store for you including tonight’s main event match between Chris Benoit and Randy Orton

Jerry Lawler: A rematch from Backlash and what I think will be another win for young Orton over the Rabid Wolverine

Jim Ross: Also tonight in one on one action Chris Jericho will take on John Bradshaw Layfield who as always will have the Matt Morgan factor at ringside

Jerry Lawler: I think Morgan may be a huge factor in the way that one turns out JR

“Unleashed Rage” plays throughout the arena to a huge pop from the crowd as Batista makes his way to the ring wearing a black suit and holding the World Title Belt over his shoulder.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the Worlds Heavyweight Champion…Batista!!!!!!!

Batista gets in the ring and takes the microphone from Lillian Garcia. He then stands in the middle of the ring and is about to talk but stops and listens to the “Batista” chant first.

Batista: At Backlash when I defended the World Heavyweight Title against JBL…Randy Orton interfered but failed to cost me the title…

Batista nods his head

Batista: Last week on Raw, when I faced JBL in a rematch, Orton came out again and for the second night running tried to screw me out of the title, but again failed…

Batista laughs

Batista: This is the guy that’s supposed to be picking up were Triple H left off…yet he can’t screw someone out of a match…

Batista continues laughing them stops as the crowd restart their “Batista” chant.

Batista: Well now it’s time to stop getting involved in my matches with other people Randy…now it’s time to try and take this championship from me, right here, tonight in Australlia!!

The crowd erupts but that stops and then “Burn in My Light” plays throughout the arena to huge heat from the crowd as Randy Orton makes his way to the ramp.

Randy Orton: That’d be real good Batista but I’m wrestling Chris Benoit tonight in the main event and well quite frankly these Australians don’t deserve to see a live World Title match

The crowd gives that major heat

Randy Orton: But how about we save this match for another time, what about we have this match in two weeks time right here on Raw huh Batista what about that?

Batista: I’m here any time; if anybody wants me they know where to find me, so Orton, two weeks from now it will be me against you for this World Heavyweight Championship!!!

Randy Orton: That’s good I knew you’d agree to that, but make no mistake about it, if anyone actually thinks we are in the Batista era then they are sadly wrong, this is not the Batista era it is the Randy Orton era!!!!

The crowd give that major heat

Batista: You know why the crowd are booing you huh Randy? You’re going on there about the Randy Orton era; these people are booing you because it passed so quickly that they forgot about it, the people just thought of that as a transitional period between the Chris Benoit title reign and the Triple H title reign, Randy…you’re era flopped…

Batista laughs as the crowd cheer and Randy Orton looks annoyed.

Randy Orton: It was you that screwed me out of the World Title Dave it was you that interfered in my match at Unforgiven with Triple H, if it wasn’t for you I would’ve retained the title and my era would’ve continued, now I’m going to return the favour in two weeks when I beat you Dave…and let me remind you I’ve beaten you twice already this year and in two weeks I will do again

Batista: Is that so? Well why don’t you come down to the ring and try and beat me right now?

Orton waits for a moment then drops down the microphone and takes off his jacket and starts to walk towards the ring, he gets down the ramp then climbs up on the apron with Batista encouraging him to come in, Orton then changes his mind and jumps back down. Batista then lifts the World Heavyweight Championship Belt into the air was we cut to a commercial.


Special Challenge Match
Muhammad Hassan vs. Marty Jannetty

Hassan waits in the ring for Jannetty to come out. Marty Jannetty’s music then hits throughout the arena to a good pop from the crowd, the camera cuts to the top of the ramp and there is no sign of Marty Jannetty. His music stops then plays again after another 30 seconds of waiting, Lillian Garcia announces his name once again but he still doesn’t show. The referee runs over and talks to the ring announcer then the music cuts off. The referee then walks back into the middle of the ring and raises his hand for a forfeit win.
Winner: Muhammad Hassan via forfeit

Jerry Lawler: Where is Marty Jannetty JR?

Jim Ross: I have no idea; he was scheduled to be here, I hope he isn’t involved in some type of accident

Jerry Lawler: Maybe he just didn’t want to show up and face Hassan

Jim Ross: That’s not the Marty Jannetty I know, he would face Hassan he is not a coward…now it’s time to go backstage where Todd Grisham is standing by with Edge!!!

We cut backstage to see Todd Grisham standing next to a smiling Edge who has a black briefcase in his hands.

Todd Grisham: Edge, at Backlash you defeated Chris Jericho to win that Money in the Bank contract, when do you intend on using that contract to face Batista?

Edge: You really are dumb aren’t you Todd, why would I tell anyone when I’m facing Batista, especially you? I can face him at any time I see fit, when the time is right I will use this contract and win the World Heavyweight Championship a belt that is rightfully mine!!!

Edge shoves Todd Grisham out of the way and looks straight into the camera

Edge: Jericho, I told the World that I would beat you and at Backlash I did, I told the world that I would win this briefcase and I did, now Batista…listen up and take notice, don’t be concerned about JBL or Randy Orton, the only one you should be worried about is me!!!

Edge smiles

Edge: You see Batista I am hunting you, I am on you’re case, when the time is right I will spear you and cover you for the 1-2-3 and take MY World Heavyweight Championship…just like that...

Edge snaps his fingers

Edge: I can no longer be screwed by Eric Bischoff, by Vince McMahon, by anyone hear on Raw and most importantly by the fans because I have a guaranteed opportunity and trust me Batista, that is all that I will need to become the World…Heavyweight…Champion!!!!


“Ain’t No Stoppin Me!!” hits throughout the arena to a pop from the crowd as Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring for the following match.

Jim Ross: Now it is time for the first instalment of the Intercontinental Title Invitational and you have to wonder who the man is that will face Shelton Benjamin

Jerry Lawler: I’ve been waiting for this for ages I really want to see who Eric Bischoff comes up with for this

The crowd waits in anticipation as the unfamiliar sound of “Hail Sabin!!” is heard throughout the arena and Chris Sabin comes out to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

WWE Intercontinental Title Invitational Match
Shelton Benjamin © vs. Chris Sabin

A very fast paced match with neither gaining a real advantage, both men do high risk moves throughout the match much to the delight of the crowd.

Match Ending: Chris Sabin climbs quickly to the top rope and comes off with a hurricanrana with the cover 1-2-kickout at the last second by Benjamin. Sabin picks up Benjamin and delivers a few right hands before Irish Whipping him against the ropes. Sabin then delivers a spinning wheel kick on Benjamin, then taunts to the crowd. Sabin climbs the turnbuckle to the delight of the crowd but Benjamin gets up and in one jump he jumps onto the top rope and delivers a Super T-Bone Suplex to a huge pop from the crowd. Benjamin covers for the 1-2-3.
Winner: and still the Intercontinental Champion…Shelton Benjamin!!!

Jim Ross: What a match, Shelton Benjamin fortunate to retain his Intercontinental Title here

Jerry Lawler: Eric Bischoff is a genius JR, I loved this match and there’s more to come I’m sure

We cut backstage to see Eric Bischoff standing in his office, there is a knock at the door and in comes the Coach.

Eric Bischoff: Coach, what can I do for you?

Coach: I just wanted to say boss, the Coach watched the Intercontinental Invitational Match and man what an idea, the crowd loved it and so did the Coach!!

Eric Bischoff: Thank you Coach, that invitational is going to continue next week on Raw, but speaking of next week, I am away on a little break next week so I won’t be here

Coach looks confused

Coach: Who’s going to be running the show?

Eric Bischoff: I’ve been thinking about this and next week on Raw while I’m away, the interim General Manager will be…yourself Coach!!

Coach smiles

Coach: I love it, I promise you boss I will not let you down, and I guarantee it!!!

Coach leaves the office, which leaves a smiling Eric Bischoff but that smile quickly disappears as Muhammad Hassan enters the office, followed by Daivari.

Muhammad Hassan: Tonight Eric Bischoff I was scheduled to have a match with Marty Jannetty, but he didn’t show up, where the hell is he?

Eric Bischoff: I have had no idea I tried to contact him but he won’t return by calls

Muhammad Hassan: Are you telling me that he had the audacity to show up at Backlash and cost me my match with Shawn Michaels but he doesn’t have the guts to come and face me?

Eric Bischoff: Look Muhammad, I’ll try and get him for you next week on Raw, I’ll book the match but I can’t promise anything ok?

Hassan nods his head and walks out. Daivari then runs up to Bischoff and shouts Arab in his face leaving Bischoff looking pissed off.


Jim Ross: Eric Bischoff the General Manager appointing Coach as the Interim General Manager for next week King

Jerry Lawler: All hell is gonna break loose with that idiot in charge

Jim Ross: Now it’s time for The Big Show against Tyson Tomko who had a parting of the ways with Christian last week

A video recap plays of Christian/Tomko breaking up last week.

Singles Match
The Big Show vs. Tyson Tomko

Tomko makes a bright start to the match by delivering three hard big boots but he only manages to get Big Show to stagger with them, Show takes control then dominates.

Match Ending: Big Show delivers a hard side walk slam then covers 1-2-Show pulls Tomko’s shoulder up. Show then stands up and signals for the Chokeslam. He grabs Tomko by the throat then pulls him to his feet before lifting him up in the air and dropping him down with a hard thud, Show then covers for the 1-2-3.
Winner: The Big Show

Jim Ross: The Big Show continues his rampage here on Raw destroying Tyson Tomko

Jerry Lawler: I can’t think of anyone that can beat The Big Show at the moment he’s on such a huge role

Jim Ross: I’d agree with that


We cut backstage to see JBL walking down a corridor in his wrestling gear, he stops and looks down into someone’s eyes, the camera shoots around to see Christian standing in front of him.

Christian: JBL…how’s it going

Christian pats JBL on the back but doesn’t get an answer.

Christian: You know last week you said if I needed advice then to come to you, well I was watching Smackdown and they have that guy John Cena that does his little raps, well I came up with one of my own as my own special tribute to you, I thought you might want to hear it?

JBL smiles

JBL: Sure son I’ll listen to you’re rap

Christian: Ok…it goes like this, there once was a man named JBL, he likes hitting moves like the clothesline from hell, he said I could come to him for advice, which I thought was really nice…

JBL smiles

Christian: But the thing that everyone really wanted to know, was how does it feel to lose to Batista…two nights in a row

Christian smiles and JBL’s look quickly turns sour, he then pushes past a smiling Christian and storms off as we cut back to JR and King.

Jim Ross laughs

Jerry Lawler: What a rap by Captain Charisma, what do you think JR?

Jim Ross: Well…JBL didn’t take to it

“Break the Walls Down” plays throughout the arena to a huge pop as Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring.

Jim Ross: Up now Chris Jericho is in action as he takes on JBL!!!

Singles Match
Chris Jericho vs. John Bradshaw Layfield (w/Matt Morgan)

JBL tries to control the match but he can’t keep an extremely determined Chris Jericho under control.

Match Ending: JBL signals for the Clothesline from Hell but Jericho ducks and that sends JBL into the referee. JBL quickly turns back around but Jericho sweeps his legs away from under him then locks in the Walls of Jericho forcing JBL to tap out but there is no referee to acknowledge it. Matt Morgan enters the ring and runs at Jericho delivering a stiff big boot. He then picks up Jericho and hits his Stalling Suplex Slam finishing move then rolls out of the ring. JBL gets an arm over Jericho and the referee slowly comes around to count the 1-2-3.
Winner: JBL

Jim Ross: JBL steals the win thanks to that damn Matt Morgan

Jerry Lawler: That is Matt Morgan showing the world why he is JBL’s Secretary of Defence JR

Jim Ross: Well I’m sure we haven’t seen the end of this matter, we’ll be right back after this commercial break!!


We cut backstage to see a smiling Trish Stratus walking down the corridor, she approaches Eric Bischoff’s office and opens the door and sees Bischoff standing, Bischoff looks up and smiles at her.

Trish Stratus: You wanted to see me?

Eric Bischoff: That’s right Trish you see I’ve been looking over my Raw Roster at each particular division, trying to spice things up a little, so far I’ve came up with an idea for the Intercontinental and the Tag Team but I must say I have nothing for the Women’s Division…

Trish Stratus: Why not?

Eric Bischoff: Well with Lita injured, Christy injured and most recently Victoria picking up an injury, there is only yourself in that division…

Trish smiles

Eric Bischoff: So I am hereby stripping you of the Women’s Championship!!

Trish’s smile quickly dispels as she hears the announcement

Trish Stratus: You can’t do that!!

Eric Bischoff: I can and I am, you have two choice Trish, you can give me that belt right now OR you can get the hell out of my arena and never come back!!

Trish looks at the title then hands it to Bischoff

Trish Stratus: What are you going to do with it?

Eric Bischoff: This title is now suspended, and it will not be brought back till I see fit, but meanwhile I’m going to do something that I have done previously…

Bischoff picks up a bin as Trish looks on and dumps the Women’s Championship Belt in it, right in front of her, she turns around and storms out of the office as we cut back to JR and King.

Jim Ross: Eric Bischoff has binned the Women’s Championship after stripping the champion Trish Stratus…

Jerry Lawler: I can’t believe it…no more puppies!!

Jim Ross: Well coming up next is another rematch from Backlash as La Resistance defend the Tag Team Titles against the Dudley Boyz in a Table Match!!!

World Tag Team Titles – Table Match
La Resistance © vs. The Dudley Boyz

This was an all out brawl here with each member of each team narrowly avoiding going through a table.

Match Ending: La Resistance knock D’Von out of the ring then place a table perfectly and get ready to put Bubba through it but Bubba stops them and delivers a right hand on Conway then one on Grenier, He opens up on both of them until the numbers game catches up on him, D’Von re-enters the ring and goes after Grenier and knocks him through the ropes and out of the ring. D’Von then attacks Conway allowing Bubba to regain composure and walk around to the other side of the table. Conway and D’Von exchange right hands but D’Von eventually ducks one and picks up Conway allowing the Dudleyz to hit a 3-D on Conway through the table to win the titles.
Winners: and NEW World Tag Team Champions…The Dudley Boyz

Jim Ross: The Dudley Boyz have done it, they are at the top of the tag team mountain once again!!

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but who will they face next week?

Jim Ross: That’s a good question as next week on Raw under Eric Bischoff’s order it will be the Dudley Boyz defending against a team of Coach’s choice

Jerry Lawler: Eric Bischoff sent Coach on a mission to find new tag teams and let’s see if he comes up with anything next week

Jim Ross: Also confirmed for two weeks time it is official Randy Orton will take on the World Heavyweight Champion Batista!!!

Jerry Lawler: And I understand that will be a special event JR?

Jim Ross: Eric Bischoff has confirmed that in two weeks time Raw will air for three hours for one night only!!

Jerry Lawler: A three-hour supershow, I can’t wait for that!!

Jim Ross: We’ll be right back after this commercial break!


Chris Masters’s music hits throughout the arena to huge heat from the crowd as Masters makes his way to the ring, posing at the beginning of the ramp before walking down with a cocky look on his face. He climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone and moves a steel chair, which was previously sitting in the corner into the middle of the ring.

Masters: Welcome everyone to the debut of the Master Lock challenge, in a few moments I am going to select a member of this audience who thinks they are up to the challenge of breaking out of my Master Lock, but by the looks of you Australians…

Masters laughs

Masters: This could be my hardest challenge yet…

Jim Ross: What’s he talking about it’s only starting this week!

Masters: The rules to this are very simple, you will come up here, sit in this chair, I will lock in my Master Lock and if you can break it, you get two tickets to the upcoming Smackdown Pay Per View, Judgement Day…

Masters laughs

Masters: Nah…those tickets are for the loser, the winner gets two tickets to the next Raw Pay Per View, Vengeance!!

Masters hands the tickets to the referee.

Masters: Now let’s see who I can get up from the crowd…

Masters looks around and the camera shows a fat guy in the third row with his hands up.

Masters: Where is the hot dog guy?

The camera shows a guy serving hot dogs in the crowd before cutting back to the fat man in the third row.

Masters: That guy in the third row over there has his hands up for a hot dog, by the looks of him he’ll buy all your stock get over there quickly

Masters laughs and continues to look around

Masters: You over there…spotty guy with the Chris Jericho t-shirt on…

A skinny guy sitting in the fifth row is shown on the camera.

Masters: You look like you can break the Master Lock, come on in.

The fan runs down and gets some help from the security to climb the barricade then walks up the steps looking nervous and he gets in to the ring.

Masters: All right, what’s your name?

Fan: My Name is Scott…

Masters: Where are you from?

Scott: Right here in Australia!!

The fan looks around for a reaction from the crowd but gets nothing.

Masters: Alright Scott, sit down on the chair, you know the rules?

Scott nods his head then sits down on the chair, Masters hands the microphone to the referee who gives it back to the ring announcer. Masters walks over gets ready to lock in the Master Lock, the referee rings the bell and Masters immediately picks Scott up and throws him around like a rag doll. The referee rings the bell signalling that it’s over but Masters keeps the hold locked on before eventually letting go. He takes back the Vengeance tickets and leaves the Judgement Day tickets on top of Scott who is unconscious. Masters poses for the crowd.

Jerry Lawler: Well Masters was right he was the toughest challenge yet; I really thought he could do it

Jim Ross: Give me a break; we’ll be right back folks after this commercial break!


Jim Ross: Up next now is our main event, Chris Benoit taking on Randy Orton!!!

Jerry Lawler: I’ve been waiting for this one all night JR, Can Chris Benoit break his duck over Orton? I don’t think he can I think Orton will get yet another win over Benoit…

Jim Ross: Well that’s why we’re having the match!

Main Event
Chris Benoit (w/Batista) vs. Randy Orton (w/Ric Flair)

Match of the night with these two men showing great chemistry in the ring, Benoit managing to avoid two attempts of the RKO by Orton.

Match Ending: Ric Flair tries to assist Randy Orton but Batista runs around and begins to brawl with Flair, they brawl up the ramp and in the ring Benoit nails an overhead German Suplex on Orton. Benoit then watches up at the ramp as Batista continues to beat up Flair, the rest of Evolution come down to try and assist the Nature Boy but Batista manages to keep them at bay for a while until the four on one advantage favours Evolution. Benoit tries to go and help Batista but the referee tries to prevent him from doing so, Orton manages to regain composure and is waiting for Chris Benoit to turn around signalling RKO. Benoit turns around and Orton goes for the RKO but Benoit counters and locks in the Crippler Crossface. The Evolution group look to the ring to see what’s happening which gives Batista a moment to manage to fight back, he clotheslines Jindrak then grabs Masters and sends him into the steel steps then throws Hardy into the barricade, Batista then spinebuster’s Flair on the concrete floor. Batista then turns around and watches Orton in the crossface smiling. Orton almost gets to the ropes but Benoit rolls back into the middle of the ring and does his best to increase the pressure forcing Orton to tap out to the delight of the crowd.
Winner: Chris Benoit

Batista then rolls into the ring and congratulates Benoit, Evolution is all back to there feet on the outside and they try to run in but they eventually back off and help a tired Randy Orton up the ramp. The show goes off the air with the camera on a shocked Randy Orton with a smiling Batista on the titontron in the background.

End of Show


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