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Nice read! On to the review!

RAW Review


- Right away I can see how good you are with mannerisms, Orton's stomping around and such is so like his character at this point. Trips and Vince making the match is good. So Kofi's the opponent? Nice.

- Kofi wins clean? I like it! Orton being pissed off was also well written.

- Divas match wasn't bad, nothing much to say really. Nice ending.

- Potential love triangle? 10x better than what Santino was doing at this point in real life. Heel Santino>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Face Santino.

- I was a bit in between on Austin in the backstage segment, but then I realized that he would still be there due to the Hall of Fame, so I'm ok with it.

- Great promo between Jericho and Flair. I particularly liked Jericho telling Flair how he just doesn't let go and pointing out how even after Flair's big send off Flair still came back. Favorite promo of the night.

- Nice promo and squash for Swagger. The "You're momma sucks line" was random, but I got a chuckle out of it.

- Dirt sheet was...... Strange at first, but I like Miz turning on Morrison. Morrison gives you another baby face and Miz is a great natural heel.

- Definitely, liking Jericho and Miz. Their tag team wasn't a good time for them in real life, but I see definite potential here. I could see Jericho molding Miz into the a Miz similar to the one we see today. Also, it makes sense for Jericho to want help with the WWE legends.

- Good match between Punk and Ziggler. Nice to see Ziggler get offense in considering he was pretty much a jobber at the time.

- Kane mystery? Intriguing. I like where this could go.

- JBL coming back? I like it. Maybe he'll be a manager cause that would be the best way to use him at this point.

- Regal-Rey will be a good feud. The promo about the country's histories was a bit wonky, but whatever. Should be some good matches.

- Main Event time: Not bad. I really like Cody hanging with Trips without interference. That's what didn't work with the real Legacy was guys like Cena and HHH burying them. Liked Cody's work of the knee and he didn't look weak against the WWE Champion.

- Orton's beatdown of Triple H was interesting considering he's not the number one contender. Interested to see Orton's actions next week.

Not many, remember these are not big just some constructive criticism to help you.

- When Kofi beat Orton, it was sold more as Orton's loss, which is fine, but none of the commentators talked how Kofi had just emphatically beat the man who had just main evented Wrestlemania the night before. At this point, the biggest thing Kofi had done was getting jumped by Edge before Elimination Chamber. A win like this should've been looked at as huge.

- Like I said, I loved the Jericho/Flair promo. That is until Hacksaw came out. Hacksaw? Really? Not Austin? Not Steamboat? Hacksaw? I don't know, man. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

- I was VERY lost on the whole coyote/prima-donna thing. It just seemed.... Awkward. Maybe it's a reference I don't get.

- Finally, I was disappointed with the Ziggler and Punk promo. I expected a lot more from these two, but it was just "Hey, I'm Dolph" "Ok let's fight".

Overall, great first show. I will continue reading.

Rating: B+
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