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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

Hey JDawg, good to see RAW has been posted. I'm looking forward to the read.

Well first things first, I like the format it's easy to read so that's good, but Cena has gone to Smackdown! I thought a bigger deal would have been made over Cena switching brands but it's not that much of a gripe. We now kick things off with Randy Orton, he wants his title rematch as expected I wonder if the feud between Orton and Triple H will continue. Here's Vinnie Mac and basic stuff from here telling Orton he deserves nothing. Triple H is out next and he gives Orton a chance of earning a title match, against Kofi Kingston!

Decent opener here mate and Kofi gets the win! I hope to see a big push for Kofi on RAW as I think given the chance he could be big. Next we get the diva's match, not much to say here but it was given decent time instead of a 1 minute match like we see on RAW irl. Hahahaha, I can just imagine Austin faking a hit on Santino forcing him to panic, nice little cameo for Ron Simmons.

Now Chris Jericho, I hope this legends angle ends soon as he could have been used much better at Wrestlemania 25, it looks as though it's continuing but I loved Jericho asking the crowd members the favourite moments from last night, I think the Flair/Jericho altercation flowed nicely. Hacksaw Jim Duggan out for the save.

Rhodes vs. Triple H should be a good match later tonight, I'm looking forward to it. Hahaha I couldn't imagine Swagger saying that last line to the crowd but it made me chuckle , it seems some big things might be on the horizon for Swagger which I'm all for as he cleary has the in-ring talent.

I used to love the dirt sheet back in the day and I really enjoyed the video of Carlito and Primo , that's not the main talking point though as Miz turns on Morrison! I'm looking forward to which way you will go with this as I like the both of them. Hmmmmmm Jericho and Miz having a talk? could mean a lot of things.

Kane and Punk look like their going to go at it after Kane's attack, again Kane is my all time fave and he could give Punk a big rub here while he is still Mr Money In The Bank. WOW a Tombstone as well, some big punishment for Punk there. William Regal is brilliant and he's going for the Intercontinental Championship, should be a good program between these two veterans.

Good main event here with HHH getting the win however the main talking point is after the match after Orton's devastating attack, not sure which way you'll go but I think Orton is going to get his title match at Backlash.

Overall a good start here mate, you've set up a few feuds and continued others. I'm looking forward to where you and Callum go with this and I'll be reading. Good job mate.
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