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Re: WWE: The Cult's Way

JAM's Review

First of all, congratulations on getting to your first pay-per-view. I haven't accomplished that goal yet so congrats again. Anyway, I like the concept of you adding a pre-show to the PPVs. They just recently started doing this in WWE, and I think it's a good way for people to take notice of some of the lower card talent. The matches you had seemed to all have meaning especially with the All World talents reigning supreme. You seem to have big plans for them so hopefully we see it come to its fruition. Definitely will be an interesting Pay-Per-View since it's the first of the Dylan Kelly Era. This was a pretty good video package too, not bad from what I can see.

Definitely the right way to go here with the Heat Seekers being the champions. I like the fact that you played on the fact that Sin Cara and Rey are a new team and it seems they're just starting to wet their feet. Not sure about their name being The Luchadores though, that could be anyone. But anyway, I like that they lost because they'll definitely be back for more later on. What a freak way of ending the match though, jumping into each other, that's gotta hurt. Would've liked to see the Elbow from Hawkins here though.

Not much to say about Show vs. Cody here other than the right man won. Not a fan of Big Show at all, so I'm glad you made Cody look good here. That Beautiful Disaster kick is a thing of beauty and I think should be used as a finisher for him but the Cross Rhodes is good as well. Just get rid of Show and advance Cody even more and you'll be fine.

Holy hell, AJ PULLED Orton out of the ring? Haha, didn't know she'd be that strong. Might wanna try and realize if that's possible first man, but anyway, I hope you don't really continue this thing with AJ as I've grown tired of what they're doing in the real WWE to be quite honest. But anytime Daniel Bryan and Orton lock up, it's sure to be a great match man.

With the way things are going, I think I'll have a perfect score for your predictions. Anyway, the right man once again won in this situation. Not only do you drag out this feud, but you have the chance to really make Barrett shine here and Jericho is a good stepping stone for that. I'm definitely a fan of Wade Barrett, so you better push him to the moon, lol.

These two matches again had the correct winners, looks like I'm pretty good in prediciting huh. Not much to comment on really.

But whoa, a little too over the top here don't you think? Seems like you'll be doing those kinds of feuds where whatever feud Cena is in, it'll main event the Pay-Per-View instead of the WWE Title. Now it's not necessarily a bad thing but this has been the trend in the WWE as of late. Also, this is a major shift in attitude from Dylan Kelly. We knew he was heel but this just seems way too over the top for me, but I'll see where it goes man. Reminds me a little of ECW back there.

Bray Wyatt, love the dude!

Well, I definitely went perfect in your predictions man. It was to be expected that Punk would be winning the title in his home state of Illinois. There really isn't much to say about the match but I was surprised to see the Pepsi Plunge brought back, it's a great move man.

Anyway, congrats on getting to your first Pay-Per-View again, but to be honest with you, I wasn't that impressed with what you produced out there. The show didn't feel like it was 3 hours or anything and the matches seemed kind of short. ALL the matches seemed kind of short. The promos were a bit short as well but I wouldn't critique too much on that since I don't write full shows. There could've been a lot more detail in your segments man. You did have some good moments with that Sheamus promo, it was pretty decent. But I think that you still need to work at a lot of things here man. Not to be too harsh here, just stating what I think could help you. Everything was laid out great, so that's a plus for you. But I just think everything was too short. The matches were predictable but I'm sure you'll do better on your next shows. We got the arrival of Bray Wyatt to look forward to as well as Cena's reaction to Kelly's assault on his father. And well, the Womens Title will be decided soon. So yeah, a little more work and you'll be fine man.

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