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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Opening segment was very strong once again, and I like that you have created a web of different personal rivalries in between the 3 men that are involved in the Summerslam Main Event; none of them like each other and it has made the whole match at Summerslam so unpredictable because I'm not sure what role Michaels is going to play; does he help Bischoff to make his own life easier or does he help Batista to get one over on Bischoff? Great angle you have going here. The promo itself was very strong as usual from the Bischoff point of view and he was well in character also, I can imagine him threatening to kick everyone out of the arena Batista is not the best on the mic but you've done well these past few Raws to let him have more of a verbal role and expand his skills. Bischoff getting physically involved also adds even more fuel to the fire because we get to see Tista's reaction to it and great to see Kane make his mark also. Strong start to the show.

Not that sure on the Eight Man Tag for tonight because we're getting one at Summerslam and it is going to feature half of the people that are going to be in the one at Summerslam. But the Entity winning was the right move to show their collective strength and solidarity; for example irl, WWE made The Corre look like crap because they lost any time that they teamed together; so the faction has to beat the two tag teams just stuck together. The match itself was very well written and it was a good way to advance all of the rivalries that are in involved. Hassan only wanting in towards the end was good and typical chicken-shit heel champion move, and him getting the sneaky win over Benjamin likes that makes their Summerslam encounter even more mouth watering.

Rod Great interview with Jericho; you've added a new dimension to the feud that shows Edge not to be as big of a threat that he thinks he is, and gives Jericho the psychological edge (pardon the pun) going into the match at Summerslam. The promo flowed very well and you got the serious side to Jericho out with this, which is also a refreshing change. It seems that the jokes are over in this show because everyone knows that Summerslam is looming; a great air to the show.

Lita getting the victory was a given here, and a nice little match to throw in to bolster her claims to a title shot. Was good for her not to waste any time after she won the match to address Victoria. The back and forth between them was good, and the way they played off of each other shows that there was some good chemistry to what they were saying. Victoria challenging Lita to the Summerslam match doesn't seem right, just because she is a heel champion. But good to see that the ladies are going to get a showing at Summerslam; that card is packed by the way! Can't wait to see what you do with it

Now I understand why you didn't have Bischoff come out and make the Women's title match... Carrying on with the whole "it is serious now" theme for the show with these almost dark words from Michaels; but it was great reading. These two are the stars of your Raw, with Bischoff being the best character in your BTB by a long shot in my books. I'm not sure if it get physical at Summerslam between these two but it is bound to happen at some stage, and I think I know when it will be judging from our chat the other day.

Kennedy promo was great before his match and I hope that after Summerslam he gets his first proper storyline; as in his vignettes he wasn't scared of insulting half of the roster. Calling the referee a moron Kennedy is the only person not worrying about Summerslam because he doesn't have a match so I get that he feels he has time to muck around a little. Maven was never going to be any sort of competition for Kennedy and obviously the right move with him getting the win; I can't wait until next week!

The Hassan interview was good, and you did well to just make him look like a total arsehole; completely thinking opposite to what everyone else thought they achieved tonight. The points he made about Haas and Benjamin were interesting and I can't wait to see a response from WGTT as Haasan is certainly trying to stir it between them here.

I know that the Basham Brothers were never popular, but the guys are going to be in one of the biggest shows of the year, maybe writing that they don't even get a reaction could have been replaced by "They come out to a small buzz from the fans". It makes them seem a little inferior (I know they are ) if you say nothing of a reaction; that was something you told me in one of my shows when I started my thread I believe. Anyway, PTP getting the win was a must for this match, because it seems you're grooming them to becoming the next Tag Team Champions, and I think the heels are going to get the win at Summerslam.

First time tonight hearing from Christian or Flair, I feel it could have come a little sooner. The alliance between these two is good to see and I do like on Raw how all of the storylines do overlap and interweave with each other, as it helps you set up more for the future.

I know we talked about Show and Jindrak, and Bischoff seemed to say everything that I did about the whole situation. A No Holds Barred Match will be great for the card as a whole, and I don't think you'll add anything else from the Raw side onto the card after this. The teasing at the HBK/Big Show feud was good but I think if it does happen it will be an undeserved step up for Show; losing to Jindrak and then getting a feud with Shawn Michaels. I'm looking forward to the finale of the Big Show/Jindrak feud

WOW! Dude, epic ending to the show and this leaves all sorts of questions. First off, the match between Flair and Edge was great, Christian & Tomko's involvement was predictable, and I was a little disappointed that we didn't hear anything from Christian following what he has been doing the past few weeks to try and get one over on Flair. Edge gets a whole load of momentum with the win. Jericho making his presence felt was also predictable but a must,too. Now Batista comes in and this is where it all gets interesting! The brawling was great between everyone and you made Batista look like a total Don in this bit by decimating Tomko and Christian. BUT, the real talking point is what we saw to end the show... a very graphic scene you described, and I really think Kane took that SCM last week very personally. This has thrown a whole new spanner into the works and Summerslam is shaping up to be a HUGE event.

Another really good show and everything was advanced here. It seemed that Christian/Flair took a bit of a back seat tonight and the IC Title and Tag Title feuds were quite a large part of the show. Summerslam is packed on the Raw side of things, and all I hope is that Smackdown is going to be able to match up to it. Great stuff mate
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