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Re: WWE 2011: Summer of Punk; Seasons Change

Raw Review

Just to start off here, never read any of your work before but this really exceeded my expectations.

Kicking off the show with Cena being the honorable man and getting a real heel vibe out of Triple H. Especially compared to what we got with the actual ending. Cena/Mysterio rematch sounds wonderful though.

Ziggler and Swagger breaking up is interesting. They were sort of just starting at that point but looking at the results of their team, this isn't a bad idea. But getting AW to manage Swagger is a great idea because he certainly needs a mouthpiece.

Bourne/McGillicutty was your basic one vs one match in a tag feud. Good to see Air Boom get the win.

Beth Phoenix promo was wonderfully done. Really makes you care for her more than the face divas which helps split the crowd down the middle. Getting rid of the butterfly title for the Woman's title is not only a good idea, but very symbolic.

Swagger/Morrison is a good match to give Swagger the incentive to talk to AW and it makes Morrison look pretty good. US title #1 contender tournament sounds good. That title could use some attention and we never really got a Ziggler/Morrison feud, at least long term.

Punk/Mysterio promo was brilliant and I felt you covered both guys' characters very well. Punk planting the seed about management overlooking Rey was great.

Dolph's promo was pretty funny and RYDER being his opponent is great. This feud was one of the best things on Raw at the time. Ryder getting the win via pinning combo is good since it gives potential for a big rematch.

Holy shit the Truth promo was hilarious. You got Truth's character down great here, especially fucking up the names.

Cena/Rey seemed to be a basic main event but the aftermath really caught me. Punk gets the beatdown in and then Miz comes out and tries to recruit him. I see this going big places and Miz being heel, really creates another layer of character in this storyline. The mics cutting off were a nice touch too!

Overall I really enjoyed your show. I would suggest maybe fooling around with the writing size though. And for some reason the show seemed kind of short. Not really sure why I felt that way though. Great work.

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