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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

the thing about "typical PWG match" is that, while they certainly have archetypes that they draw upon on a regular basis (big spotfest six or eight man tags, indy veteran vs. SoCal local, Young Bucks matches), there's a whole bunch of those archetypes and they all have different strengths (and weaknesses), so it's pointless to say "typical PWG match" because that could be a hard-hitting big man match with Brian Cage or Willie Mack or a nine-man tag where everyone does lots of flips and the crowd yells a lot or any number of things.

I don't think having archetypical matches is a bad thing, rather, it's probably a good thing for a wrestling company, as fans can come in expecting something they enjoy and have that carry on over and build some amount of hype. like, PWG is running a show with a six-man tag team ladder match. because I've seen PWG do tag team spotfests and crazy ladder matches before, I have an idea in my head of what that will be like, and if I like that idea, that's a good thing for the company. if someone says "typical 90s AJPW main event" or "typical CHIKARA trios match" or "typical Bryan Danielson match" those all mean good things in my brain.

so basically, just be more specific and don't substitute "match" for "spotfest" because that implies all PWG matches are spotfests.

Crabtree, your post was good and I'll probably respond to it when I have more time.

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