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Re: WWE 2011: Summer of Punk; Seasons Change

August 15, 2011

San Diego; California - Valley View Casino Center

The opening hits and is followed by a recap of Summerslam's main event.

Cole: John Cena vs. CM Punk in the main event of Summerslam; the winner is the Undisputed WWE Champion, with the special guest referee Triple H.

Flashes of clips to epic music are shown of these guys throwing everything at each other.

Punk nailing a roundhouse

Cena hitting a diving shoulder block

Punk locking in the Vice

Cena locking in the STF

JR: Both of these men refuse to quit!

Cena connecting with his leg drop to the back of head

Punk hitting the Savage Elbow

Punk gets Cena on his shoulders for the GTS, but Cena elbows out of it and gets Punk on his shoulders, and hits the Attitude Adjustment! Cena covers!



Punk kicks out!!



The recap now takes a darker tone. As Triple H immediately leaves he ring and walks up the ramp without glancing back at the ring. John Laurenitis comes out on the ramp and accompanies Triple H out of the arena. Punk meanwhile is in the ring with a stone cold scowl staring at the departing COO. Cena is given the WWE Title looking at HHH as well, but his face shows one of confusion.
"Burn it to the Ground" opens up the show

Cole: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Monday Night Raw!!

JR: What a show we have for you tonight! In our main event, new WWE Champion John Cena defends against Rey Mysterio in a rematch of their classic from just a few weeks ago.

The theme music dies down for a second before...


A VERY mixed reaction comes down from the Staples Center. The reaction is more negative then usual due to the events of the preceding night. John Cena comes out holding of course the WWE Championship. His face is tad grimmer then normal, but Cena still has a bit of a smirk on his face. Cena then turns toward the camera and says, "They love me here in SD!" Cena then runs into the ring and holds up the WWE Championship. Cena grabs a mic. Cena waits for the crowd buzz to die down.

Cena: This is normally the part where I come down here and yell: "The Champ is here!"

Another mixed reaction

Cena:However, I don't feel that's fitting for this one. As many of you saw last night I defeated CM Punk...

Cena pauses due to another mixed reaction

Cena:I defeated CM Punk, albeit due to controversy. My problem with this is two fold. Number one, I preach the code of Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect and for me to accept a victory like that goes against everything I represent.

Yet another loud mixed reaction, with some of the crowd cheering Cena's morals and others booing Cena's cheesiness

Cena: The second reason is because this was CM Punk's and my chance to find out who the better man was, and for some reason "The Game" decided to play God and cost CM Punk the WWE Championship.

More cheers, but still boos can be heard

Cena: So… I find it only fitting that I ask to include CM Punk in the WWE Championship match tonight!

The crowd all cheers now, at both Punk and the prospect of getting an awesome triple threat match

Cena: So Trips, or whoever can make this happen, come on down!

The crowd waits in anticipation for The Game but he doesn't come. Instead boos come raining down as John Laurenitis comes out on the ramp.

Laurenitis:Hello, my name is John Laurenitis and I am the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations.

The boos come down as Cena looks frustrated at seeing Big Johnny instead of the COO


Cena: Listen, Funk man. Before you bore these people out of the arena, why don't you go to the back and find someone who can give me what I want?

The crowd cheers as Laurenitis' bland face remains unmoved if not a bit sour.

Laurenitis: Mr. Cena if you let me finish I can answer all of your questions.

More heat as Cena gestures for Johnny to continue

Laurenitis: Mr. Helmsley is not here and has sent me to represent him.

Again, Laurenitis cannot immediately continue due to the heat from the Staples Center

Laurenitis: As per order of the COO, CM Punk will not be receiving any WWE Championship matches in the immediate future.

BIG Heat

Laurenitis: Tonight's WWE Championship match will be Rey Mysterio challenging John Cena. Thank you and enjoy the show.

The crowd is not pleased and neither is John Cena

Cena: Well Mr. Laurenitis if I didn't know any better, I'd say you and Mr. Helmsley do not care much for CM Punk.

Some members of the audience laugh at the understatement

Cena:Well can you tell me something I'm a little lost on?

Laurenitis:Certainly, our WWE Superstars' happiness is of the utmost important to us.

The crowd boos at the obvious BS

Cena: Why did Triple H screw over CM Punk?

The crowd pauses in anticipation for Laurenitis' answer

Laurenitis: That is a private business matter. However, we can ensure you that anything that Mr. Helmsley has done is in the best interest for the WWE.

The crowd really gives Ace shit now as Cena just smirks, fully expecting the political bullshit.

Laurenitis: Now, if you'll excuse me I have other business to attend to. As for you, Mr. Cena you have a WWE Championship to get prepared for... good luck!!

The crowd boos as Johnny heads toward the back


Jack Swagger is shown backstage outside a closed locker room with a sign reading "DOLPH ZIGGLER". Swagger has a distraught look on his face. He takes a deep breath in and prepares to knock on the door, but suddenly the door swings open and out walks Dolph Ziggler (United States Championship around his waist) with Vickie Guerrero. Swagger begins to talk but is immediately interrupted by Ziggler.

Ziggler: What the Hell are you doing here?

Swagger: I just wanted to apologize-

Vickie buts in now

Vickie: There is NOTHING you can say! You hurt Dolph and ME last night, as far as I'm concerned as your manager, we are THROUGH!

Swagger looks upset, as Ziggler looks a bit puzzled as if Vickie's last statement had a bit of a double-meaning.

Ziggler (Putting his arm around Vickie):You best watch yourself Swagger! Cause' now, you're on your own!

Ziggler and Vickie walk away with Swagger still looking upset.

???(Off-screen): Mr. Swagger?

Swagger turns and the camera reveals Abraham Washington, who garners a reaction from the small portion of the audience that watched ECW during its dying days.

Washington: Mr. Swagger my name is Abraham Washington and Mr. Swagger you deserve better than this.

Swagger looks a bit intrigued.

Washington: You are a former world champion and yet people give you no respect.

Swagger gives a slight nod

Washington: You should rule this company!

Swagger smirks

Washington: You should be THE number one man!

Swagger looks really enthusiastic

Washington: And I can make you just that, Mr. Swagger!

Swagger has an intrigued look on his face. Washington pulls out a card and hands it to Swagger.

Washington: Give me a call when you can.

Washington walks away, while Swagger stares at the card, thinking…



The crowd gets excited as the WWE Tag Team Champions enter the arena. Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston smack hands with the fans before Bourne enters the ring.


The crowd gives heat, but not a lot, for the former champs. Michael McGuillicutty enters the ring accompanied by David Otunga.

Michael McGuillicutty w/ David Otunga vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Evan Bourne w/ Kofi Kingston


A quick back and forth match between the two midcarders. McGuillicutty is dominating with his power, and Evan using his speed to avoid the bigger man. McGuillicutty has Bourne on the ropes, literally as Bourne's neck is on the second rope and McGuillicutty is choking him, with his knee on the back of his opponent’s neck. The ref pulls Michael off of Bourne. McGuillicutty then goes right up to Bourne, pulls him up, whips him off the ropes, and catches him, looking for a Pendulum Backbreaker. Suddenly, Bourne rotates his body up to hit a MODIFIED REVERSE DDT. The crowd pops as does Kofi at ringside. Both men are down as the ref starts to count. Kofi and the crowd motivate Bourne to get to his feet, as Otunga yells at Michael McGuillicutty to stand up. Both men stagger to their feet at around the same time. Evan kicks McGuillicutty hard in the shin, and again, and again. Michael begins to stumble as Evan hits the ropes. Bourne runs back in and McGuillicutty tries a clothesline.... Bourne ducks..... But McGuillicutty hits him with a CLOTHESLINE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD. Bourne goes down hard, cover:



No! Bourne barely pops the shoulder up!

McGuillicutty looks frustrated toward Otunga as the crowd begins to come to life for one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. McGuillicutty then picks Bourne back up to his feet, puts him on his shoulders, and hits an Oklahoma Slam! McGuillicutty hooks the leg!



Bourne still kicks out! McGuillicutty gets up rather annoyed, when he sees Bourne slowly rising to his feet. McGuillicutty runs off the ropes for the McGUILLICUTTER....... but Bourne knees him in the face! McGuillicutty staggers back holding his nose. Mike's really mad now and runs at Bourne only to get caught with a Hurricanrana!



McGuillicutty shifts it into a SUNSET FILP POSTION!



No! Bourne rolls back to his feet, as does McGuillicutty. Bourne runs at McGuillicutty, who launches Bourne in the air...... only to be caught with the DOUBLE KNEES of Bourne falling on McGuillicutty! With McGuillicutty down, Bourne goes to the top..........

And hits AIR BOURNE!! Cover!




Winner:Evan Bourne

Bourne holds his back as Kofi comes into the ring to celebrate with his partner.

JR: Well the misfortunes continue for the former Tag Team Champions.

Bourne goes up the ramp with Kofi, as in the ring we see Otunga glaring at McGuillicutty obviously very frustrated.

Cole: Still to come tonight, ladies and gentlemen: John Cena defends the WWE Championship against Rey Mysterio!


We come back from the break and see Justin Roberts in the center of the ring, microphone in hand.

Roberts:Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the NEW WWE Divas Champion: "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix!


Heat immediately follows this announcement as Beth Phoenix comes toward the ring with her newly won championship over her shoulder. Natalya is not far behind, carrying a bag, its contents a mystery.

JR: The new Divas Champion Beth Phoenix had perhaps her most impressive performance last night at Summerslam.

Cole: No doubt about that, JR! Beth completely dominated Kelly Kelly, it was not only impressive but also rather disturbing.

King: I hate to agree with you Cole, but you're right. Kelly couldn't even get an offensive series together Beth would just shut her down! Not only did Beth beat Kelly, she made her tap to an absolutely brutal submission hold.

JR: Perhaps the most disturbing part of it all was how much Beth enjoyed it!

Beth is now center ring with the microphone.

Beth: For the first time in our WWE careers, I can honestly say, that myself and Natalya Neidhart, stand here before you, as ourselves.

Beth pauses before continuing

Beth:We stand here not as "divas" but as women. Women who love professional wrestling. Unlike these other "divas", I came from a poor family. Unlike these other "divas" I grew up a fan of this business. Unlike these other "divas", I had to work every second of my life to get to where I am today.

A few cheers come from the audience as they realize the truth in the Divas Champion's words.

Beth:Unlike these other "divas" we didn't get where we are today by smiling on a runway. We didn't get where we are by wearing 3 coats of makeup. We didn't get where we are by sleeping with the guys in charge.

A lot of "ooohs" from the last statement

Beth:We both got here from hard work. I had to wrestle men twice my size just too even get a chance to be where I am today! Meanwhile, I see women who don't know the difference between a wrist lock and a wrist watch get opportunities I can only dream of!

Boos from some, cheers from others

Beth:There was one person in this company who gave me chance. She too had to scratch and claw for everything she got and still never truly got what she deserved. Her name was Molly Holly.

The crowd actually gives a pretty good pop for the former champion.

Beth:Molly was, and is, another woman who never truly got her just due. At the time I was working double duty as both a wrestler and a waitress. I was just about ready to quit, when Molly Holly and the WWE came to town. I gave her a video tape of a match between Gail Kim and myself, and unlike John Laurenitis and Tommy Dreamer who refused to give me a chance, Molly did. She looked at my tape and brought me down to WWE's developmental system. She also paid for over half of my fee just to go there on nothing but a hunch. For that, I am forever honored.

Another good pop for the inspirational story

Beth:I made it to the WWE and then......

Beth actually pauses as she is getting a bit emotional

Beth:I proceeded to flush her money down the drain.

The crowd turns on Beth now

Beth:This was not intentional, but I flushed her money down the drain. I was no longer the woman who worked two jobs for her dream career. I was no longer the woman who wrestled men just for a chance to live her dream. I had become......

Beth pauses again.

Beth:A diva.

The crowd boos again as Beth says the last line with a great deal of hatred in her voice.

Beth:A diva, who had to look at a crowd who couldn't care less about me. A diva who had to force a smile whenever I heard a man catcall at me. A diva who had to degrade herself in front of her friends, her family, and the entire world, in "lingerie pillow fights" and "Halloween costume contests".

The crowd has really turned on Beth now.

Beth: A diva, who was associated with filth the likes of Kelly Kelly and Eve.

BIG heat

Beth:This tore me apart inside, but I dare not say anything because I had worked so hard to get where I was, I couldn't afford to lose it. Then I met Natalya, and I found out I was not the only woman who felt this way. So now we are on a mission to rid this business of each and every diva.

Crowd boos

Beth:Lately, there has been talk of words like "wrestling" and "pro wrestler" being taboo, but I have another word to add to that category, and that word is "woman". See in WWE there is no such thing as a woman; we are all "divas", which to me is the equivalent to the scum of the earth.

The crowd continues to disapprove of Beth's opinion.

Beth:You see Natalya and myself are not "divas", we are women!

Beth now looks grabs the Divas Championship

Beth(Referring to the title):And now that leaves you.

Beth drops the championship, leaves the ring, reaches behind the ring announcers,finds a garbage basket, and brings it to the ring. Beth hands the basket to Natalya (who has to set the bag down to hold the basket.)

Beth:So, seeing how I am no longer a Diva, I'm no longer eligible to this piece of garbage.

Beth then DROPS THE DIVAS TITLE IN THE GARBAGE BASKET!! The crowd boos the hell out the apparently former Divas Champion. Natalya drops the garbage basket and picks up the bag.

Beth:And so I hereby resign as your "Divas" Champion....

Natalya pulls out the bags contents to reveal the WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP!

Beth:And begin my reign as the WWE Women's Champion!!

Beth holds the newly rechristened Women's Championship above here head, her music hits, and Natalya applauds.

JR:Beth Phoenix dropping a huge bombshell on RAW tonight!

King:You're not kidding JR, the Women's Championship is back!


A car pulls up outside the arena; the door swings open, and out comes.... CM Punk to probably the biggest reaction of the night. Punk does not look happy at all and heads toward the locker room area.

JR:Perhaps the most controversial figure in all of the WWE has arrived!

Cole:What is CM Punk going to do tonight?!


A shot of every championship is shown as the recognizable voices of many WWE Superstars are heard.

Cena: I will never forget it....

Orton: I will never forget......

Christian: I will never forget.....

Triple H: I will never forget.......

Sheamus: I will neva' forget.......

Now shots of each man winning their first World title is shown accompanied by their voice

Orton: It was in Toronto; Canada

Sheamus: San Antonio; Texas

Christian: Tampa; Florida

Triple H: Ames; Iowa

Mysterio: Chicago; Illinois

Miz: Orlando; Florida

Swagger: Las Vegas; Nevada

Cena: Los Angeles; California

Orton: I became the youngest World Champion in history.

Sheamus: I shocked tha' world.

Mysterio: I proved dreams do come true.

Miz: I proved I wasn't just a reality star.

Triple H: I became The Game!

Cena: I ended a historic title reign.

Now a close up of every superstar is shown

Triple: It was the night I became....

Miz: The night I became....

Mysterio: The night I became....

Sheamus: Tha' night I became....

Swagger: I became.....

Orton: I became.......

Cena:.... A champion.


A pretty good pop accompanies the entrance music of one John Morrison. Morrison goes into slow-mo and taunts.

JR:Welcome back to Monday Night RAW, ladies and gentlemen! We are welcomed by the Shaman of Sexy!


A not so nice reaction (Though probably not as much heat as he'd like) for the All-American American, Jack Swagger.

Cole: Last night, Jack Swagger surprised everyone including yours truly, by turning on both Dolph Ziggler and Vickie!

King: But it was after Ziggler provoked Swagger!

Stills are shown of Ziggler pie-facing Swagger and Swagger punching Ziggler in the face in retaliation.

Cole: Either way, where was Swagger before Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero got involved with his career?!

JR: Well where was he afterwards? Doesn't seem like they got him very far, if you ask me.

Swagger enters the ring but his mind is clearly in another place.

Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison


This match is actually pretty short. Morrison is flustering Swagger with his swift offense. Swagger hasn't gotten much offense in. Swagger finally catches the foot of Morrison on a kick and grins. However, Morrison pulls his foot down and hits a kick to Swagger's head with his left foot! Swagger gets staggered and angered as he blindly runs toward Morrison for a heavy clothesline, but Morrison ducks, Swagger turns around..... RIGHT INTO A PELE FROM MORRISON! Swagger goes down and Morrison goes toward the side of the ring. Swagger rises to his feet..... MORRISON GOES FOR THE FLASH KICK...... AND SWAGGER CATCHES HIM WITH AN ANKLE LOCK!!!! WHAT A COUNTER!

Morrison is screaming in pain as Swagger has it locked in! Morrison suddenly rolls through into a CRADLE PIN!



No! Swagger rolls out of it!

Swagger gets to his feet, and immediately makes a beeline toward Morrison, and gets a GUTWRENCH! Swagger lifts Morrison up for the POWERBOMB! Morrison desperately struggles toward the ropes. Swagger staggers back and Morrison jumps off of Swagger's shoulders AND LANDS ON THE SECOND ROPE. Swagger turns around..... AND MORRISON SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPE WITH THE FLASH KICK!! Swagger goes down. Morrison then heads to the corner, jumps, and HITS STARSHIP PAIN!!!




Winner:John Morrison

Replays are shown of the contest.

JR:Despite Swagger's best efforts John Morrison wins tonight.

Cole:Don't sugarcoat it, JR! Swagger was dominated tonight by Morrison! I guess Vickie helped more than he thought!

Morrison celebrates in the ring as Swagger is shown heading up the ramp with his head down. Suddenly the face of John Laurenitis appears on the titantron, and of course, the crowd boos.

Laurenitis:Congratulations, Mr. Morrison with your victory over Jack Swagger.

The crowd continues to boo as John Morrison appears skeptical.

Laurenitis:I have a major announcement from the office of the Chief Operating Officer, Hunter Hearst Helmsley. With WWE Night of Champions quickly approaching, a number one contender's mini tournament for the WWE United States Championship will start next week.

The crowd actually cheers for the announcement, a first for John Laurenitis.

Laurenitis:And Mr. Morrison, you will be one of those participants.

The crowd cheers as Morrison smiles and does his pose mid-ring.

King:What an announcement! Next week a four man mini tournament to determine the number one contender for the WWE United States Championship!

Cole:And still to come tonight! John Cena will defend his newly christened WWE Undisputed Championship against Rey Mysterio!


We come back to see Jack Swagger in the locker room, exhausted and disappointed. Swagger heads toward his bag and pulls out the card that Abraham Washington gave him earlier. Swagger stares at it for a moment, before pulling out his cell phone. Swagger dials the number and holds the phone to his ear.


Cut to Rey Mysterio walking backstage (The crowd cheers for their hometown hero) he is clearly looking for someone. He looks off camera and finds the man he was looking for. Rey taps on the guy's back and the camera pans out to reveal CM Punk turning around, the crowd again giving Punk a great ovation.


Rey:Listen Punk, you and I haven't always seen eye to eye, and I don't know why Triple H did what he did at Summerslam, but I need to know that you won't interfere in my match tonight.

Punk:Well Rey, you are right about one thing, we haven't always seen eye to eye. However Rey, we are both very similar. Both of us don't have the quote-unquote superstar look that many of the higher-ups here would like us to have, yet we stand here with a degree of success under our belts, despite the powers that be attempting to hold us back.

Rey:Listen Punk, you might think there's a conspiracy against you, but I don't get mad when things don't go my way and I definitely don't think that there's a conspiracy against me.

Punk:Well Rey, you are entitled for your opinion, but first, I don't get mad, I get even. Second, you might not think that something fishy is going on here, but think back a few weeks ago. In fact, it was the week I returned, you won your first WWE Championship in a hard fought battle with The Miz. For some strange reason, your match was the first on the show, strange considering we were guaranteed a new WWE Champion, pretty big match to curtain jerk with.

Punk's speech looks to have intrigued Rey.

Punk:Now after you come to the back, Triple H comes up to you and puts you, Rey Mysterio, the not even 3 minute old WWE Champion, in a title match with, who else, John Cena, the Golden Boy. Later that night Rey, you guys put on a classic match, and you Rey, despite being in a match earlier in the night, you gave John Cena one hell of a match. But, in the end, John Cena and The Miz were too much for you Rey, as it would be for any man. After the match, Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect celebrated, the commentators acted as if he'd, once more "defied the odds", and you Rey were down on the ground, no one was pointing out that you had been through two matches, your WWE Title reign ended within two hours and the only people that cared were the real wrestling fans. Now I don't know about you Rey, but that seems a little fishy.

Now Punk's speech looks to have really gotten to Rey.

Punk:So, no Rey I won't be interfering in your match tonight. Because I know what it’s like to get screwed out of the WWE Championship. But know this, whoever has that WWE Championship, has a huge target on there back, and trust me when I say this Rey....

Punk puts his hand on Rey's shoulder

Punk:I don't miss.

The crowd cheers at Punk's ominous message, as Rey stands, arms crossed, perhaps getting more questions than he got answers.



Dolph Ziggler's new theme song hits as he enters to heat with the always voluptuous Vickie Guerrero. Ziggler enters the ring with United States Championship around his waist. Vickie grabs a microphone.


The crowd, of course, gives Vickie major heat for her annoying catchphrase.

Vickie:You people need to show respect for your WWE United States Champion- I SAID EXCUSE ME!

More big time heat

Vickie:Your United States Champion, the one, the only, DOLPH ZIGGLER!!

Vickie hands Dolph the mic as the crowd shits all over the US Champ. Dolph has the US Title around his waist and smirk on his face.

Dolph:You are not only looking at THE United States Champion, but also, the single most important champion in ALL of the WWE!


Dolph:Don't believe me? Let me show you the facts. The WWE Championship can't even seem to say in this company. The World Heavyweight Championship is held by a man that won it by disqualification!

Vickie shakes her head, laughing.

Dolph:The Intercontinental Championship is held by a Rip Hamilton wannabe, the Divas Championshi[ isn't even the Divas Championship any more. And do I even have to mention the Tag Team Champions? Air Boom? That sounds like a fart, which judging by the smell of this arena is something you people know very well.

Dolph gags overdramatically as Vickie fans away the air by her nose. The crowd of course, gives in to the cheap heat.

Dolph:Meanwhile, I stand here easily the longest reigning champion in the WWE. I consistently put on the best matches each and every night, and by the way WIN each and every night. So you guys can have your little tournament, because everybody in the tournament, I've already beat.

Some boo, while others start a "We Want Ryder!" chant.

Dolph:John Morrison?


Dolph:Alex Riley?


Dolph (snickering): Jack Swagger?


Dolph:Think about it...... who haven't I beaten?

The crowd really gets a big "WE WANT RYDER" chant going now. Ziggler simply smirks.

Dolph:Exactly, that's what I thought. I can beat everyone and no one, and I mean NO one can beat Dolph-



The crowd gives a reaction that rivals CM Punk and Rey Mysterio as "Long Island Iced Z" Zack Ryder is in the house. Ryder leads a fist pump at the top of the ramp as the crowd goes "WOO WOO WOO" with Ryder. Ziggler and Vickie look unimpressed. Ryder heads to the ring, grabs a mic, and stands across from Vickie and Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler speaks first.

Ziggler:Who in the hell are you?!

Ryder:Who am I? Who am I?! I am the first broski. I am the host of "Z! Long Island Story"! I am the first and only WWE Internet Champion! I am the Long Island Iced Z! I am Zack Ryder! Woo Woo Woo!

Ryder holds up the mic as the crowd says in unison: "You know it!"

Ziggler (snickers a bit to himself): You know what I don't know? I don't know what the hell you're doing here on RAW during the United States Champion's time, instead of on YouTube where you belong, whether it be your stupid show or Superstars.

Ziggler gets booed big time.

Ryder:Well, I came out here to correct you on something. See you said you were the longest reigning champion here in the WWE. But, you see Dolph, I've held the Internet Championship since February!

The crowd pops big for Zack's statement.

Ryder:So if you want to see the best champion in the WWE, look no further, bro!

The crowd continues their support for Ryder.

Ziggler:First off, I'm not your bro. Secondly, you are no champion. You are a lot of things. A joke. An idiot. A loser. But you are certainly not a champion.

The crowd boos again at Ziggler.

Ziggler:A champion is someone who defends his title on a regular basis. A champion is someone who demands the respect of his peers. A champion is someone who can make a RAW or a Smackdown. Zack Ryder you are not a champion. You are… a joke.

The crowd really gives Ziggler big heat as Vickie nods in approval.

Ryder:Well Dolph, if I'm such a joke, then you won't have much trouble beating me in a match!

The crowd really cheers as Ziggler looks around cockily.

Ziggler:You want a match with me? *Ziggler snickers* Fine, right here, right now, I will end your fifteen minutes of fame!

The crowd pops as Ryder smiles.

Ziggler:However, this match will be non-title!

The crowd boos as Ryder shakes his head.


Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero


Ryder has been giving Ziggler a tough match, much to the surprise of the announcers. Ryder has Ziggler down in the corner. Ryder measures Ziggler, runs in, AND NAILS THE BROSKI BOOT! Ziggler's in trouble! Ryder pumps his fist as the crowd chants "WOO! WOO! WOO!" the United States Champion slowly rises to his feet as Vickie screams at ringside. Ryder JUMPS FOR THE ROUGH RYDER................ BUT ZIGGLER COUNTERS WITH A FLAPJACK AND RYDER LANDS THROAT FIRST ON THE TOP ROPE!

Ziggler measures Ryder from behind and JUMPS FOR THE ZIG ZAG......BUT RYDER HOLDS ON TO THE TOP ROPE AND ZIGGLER HITS THE MAT HARD! The crowd rises to its feet again, realizing that Zack Ryder is still in this. Ryder sees that Ziggler is down and heads toward the very top rope.. Ryder waits for Ziggler to turn around and LAUNCHES OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A MISSLE DROPKICK..... AND NAILS IT, ZIGGLER GOES DOWN! Ryder quickly covers!




The crowd lets out a collective "aww" as Ryder was so close to upsetting the United States Champion. Ryder shows a look of disbelief on his face, but realizes he must capitalize on the opportunity. Ryder rises to his feet and hold up the L and the I on his hands and waits for Ziggler to rise to his feet. VICKIE GETS ON THE RING APRON! Ryder turns around and advances toward Vickie, who quickly flees off the apron. The distraction is enough for Ziggler to come from behind to LOCK IN THE SLEEPER!! Ryder is in big trouble! Ziggler falls back..... But Ryder rolls through into a PINNING COMBINATION!




Winner:Zack Ryder

The crowd goes crazy as Ziggler sits up and starts thrashing around.

Cole:NO WAY!!!

JR:Zack Ryder has pinned the United States Champion!!

Perhaps no one is celebrating more than Ryder who is jumping all around the ring in celebration. Replays are shown of the end of the match, including Vickie screaming "NOOOOOOO!" at the end of the match. Back in the ring, Ryder has his digital camera for his YouTube show, and is leading the crowd in a "WOO! WOO! WOO!" chant. Ziggler is heading up the ramp screaming at Ryder, "You are not better than me!!!"


We come back from break, and find John Laurenitis in his office. Laurenitis is on the phone.

Laurenitis:Yes sir...... Of course...... I've taken great precautions to make sure he will be dealt with should he get involved. Goodbye.

Laurenitis hangs up and a knock on the door is heard.

Laurenitis:Come in.

The knock on the door continues.

Laurenitis:I said it's open.

The knock still doesn't cease. Laurenitis gets frustrated and opens the door himself. He finds R-Truth in the doorway and he continues to knock on the opened door.

Laurenitis:Mr. Truth!

Truth turns, surprised.


Laurenitis:Come in.

Truth walks in the office and immediately begins looking under a coffee mug, under Laurenitis' laptop, and under the desk.

Laurenitis:Can I ask what you're doing?

Truth looks up a little startled again.

Truth:I'm looking for the coo!

Laurenitis looks a bit puzzled (well, more so than usual), then realizes what Truth is talking about.

Laurenitis:Mr. Helmsley is not here tonight, but I assure you, whatever you need, I can help you with.

Truth:Aight! I want in- Shut up! I'll ask 'im!

Truth seems to be talking to an imaginary friend.

Laurenitis:May I ask who you are talking to?

Truth looks upset toward Laurenitis.

Truth:Don't worry about it Johnny! (Truth turns) I said Johnny not Jimmy!

Truth looks back toward Johnny.

Truth:Sorry, I want in on the-

??? (off-screen):WOO! WOO! WOO!

The crowd pops again as Zack Ryder enters the office

Ryder:Hey Mr. JL, wus' happenin'?

Ryder holds out a fist for a bump, Laurenitis just stands there, awkward as ever.

Ryder(slowly putting his arms to his side):O.... Kay. Anyway, idk if you were watching that match out there, but your US champ just lost to Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder.


Ryder:Soooooooooooo, how about you put me in that US Title tourney, next week?

The crowd cheers at this suggestion.

Truth:Wait! Wait! Wait a sec! That's what I wanted! Why's Tommy gettin' in?!

Ryder:It's Zack.

Truth:My bad, Chuck!

Laurenitis:Alright now stop it. You guys will both be in the tournament and face off with each other next week, now if you'd kindly leave my office.

The crowd cheers and Ryder nods and he goes to leave, when Truth stops him.

Truth:We' see you next week, Billy!

Truth then point two fingers at his eyes and then at Ryder's eyes, then at his invisible friend's eyes, and then back at Ryder's eyes. Truth then leaves leaving Ryder puzzled.


**Bell Rings**

Roberts:The following contest is scheduled for one-fall and is for the WWE Championship!

**BOOYAKA 619**

A BIG time pop for the hometown hero, as Rey Mysterio enters. He sets off his pyro and gives a younger fan at ringside his mask.

JR:Here comes Rey Mysterio, and what a story it would be if he could defeat John Cena and win the WWE Championship here in his hometown!

King:I know that Rey is the Ultimate Underdog, but I don't know if he can overcome John Cena! I mean he's been on such a roll and he beat CM Punk last night!

Rey taunts at the corner of the ring.


Again the reaction is mixed and considering that Rey is his opponent tonight and CM Punk was screwed out of the title last night. John Cena runs down to the ring and holds up the WWE Championship over his head.

King:Well JR, the CHAMP is HERE!!!

JR: Indeed he is after a controversial win over CM Punk last night, John Cena stands before you the WWE Champion!

Cole:I don't see what's so controversial about it! The fact is CM Punk had his oppritunity he lost go cry about it somewhere else!

King:I'd hate to agree with Cole, but it's not like Punk could've beaten John Cena last night, JR!

JR:I think he had a damn good shot at it King!

King:My point is Triple H wouldn't have done it unless he had a good reason for it.

Cena looks acroos the ring from Rey who looks incredibly focused.

WWE Championship

John Cena(c) vs. Rey Mysterio


Back and forth match with the crowd really into it. You can see why these guys are competing for the prize they're competing for. Rey has Cena in a side headlock, Cena lifts Rey up and THROWS HIM OFF........ but Rey lands on his feet. Cena runs toward Rey..... Rey dropkicks Cena low in the leg...... AND CENA FALLS BETWEEN THE 2ND AND 3RD ROPE!! Rey sees this and hits the opposite ropes LOOKING FOR THE 619...............................................

BUT CENA MEETS HIM ON THE REBOUND WITH A BIG CLOTHESLINE!! Rey goes head over heels!! Cena Covers!



Rey pops the shoulder up!

Cena can't believe it! Cena rises to his feet and stalks Rey. Rey gets to his feet, and gets scooped up as Cena is GOING FOR THE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT...... but Rey wriggles on Cena's shoulders. Cena stumbles with Rey on his shoulders toward the ropes. Rey grabs the ropes, AND CENA TOSSES REY OVER THE TOP ROPE.......... But Rey holds on and brings himself up to the ring apron! Cena stumbles foward not realizing that Rey is climbing to the top rope! Cena turns around.........................................








Rey rolls out and tries for his kick to the head... BUT CENA CATCHES REY'S FOOT, TRIPS HIM UP, AND BEAUTIFULLY TRANSITIONS INTO A STF!!!!!Rey is in big trouble! Cena is pulling back and Rey is struggling! You can see the intensity in Cena's face as he pulls back in the hold! Rey reaches his arm out...






Rey is trying to maneuver his way to the ropes, no easy task with the heavier Cena on his back. Rey is moving ever so slowly toward the side of the ring. Rey is almost there, BUT CENA WRENCHES BACK THE HOLD!!!





Cena spins off the hold and grabs Rey's leg and attempts to pull him back...... But Rey counters back with a drop toe hold....... THAT LANDS CENA BETWEEN THE ROPES!!!! Rey quickly goes off the ropes..........AND NAILS THE 619!!! CENA GOES FLYING TOWARD THE CENTER OF THE RING!

Rey is on the apron, however, extremely exhausted. Rey is trying to get his wits about him, but the match has really taken a toll on him. Cena is beginning to get to his feet and Rey waits on the ring apron. Cena turns.......







Winner and STILL WWE Champion:John Cena

Cena lays on top of Rey for a second, breathing very heavily before beginning to stir and celebrate. The commentators are talk over the replay of the match highlights.

Cole:What a match!

King:Rey came very close to defeating Cena, but in the end the Champ is still here!!

JR:And unlike last night, tonight there is no denying who won!

Cena is still celebrating, as Rey is down in the corner hurt. Rey gets up holding his ribs. Cena walks toward Rey and holds his hand out to shake. Rey stalls a bit, obviously remembering what CM Punk said to him earlier. Rey looks for a bit as the crowd pops and Cena has a very serious look on his face. Rey finally smiles a bit and shakes Cena's hand to the approval of the crowd. Rey heads to the back obviously a bit disappointed. Cena continues to celebrate in the ring.

CM PUNK NAILS CENA FROM BEHIND! CM Punk came through the crowd to attack Cena and the crowd is going crazy. Punk has a VERY pissed off look on his face as Cena begins to rise to his feet. Punk gets Cena on his shoulders and nails the Go To Sleep! The crowd goes wild as Punk exits the ring and retrieves a mic. Punk re-enters the ring as Cena has rolled out.

Punk:Hunter or Laurenitis, or which ever pencil-pushing yes man who's in charge tonight! I don't care why you screwed me, hell I know why, what I want is someone to get their ass out here right now and give me a WWE Championship rematch!

The crowd cheers at Punk's request.

Punk:I don't care if it's at Night of Champions, next week on RAW, or in an alley around the back! I want a rematch!

Punk waits for some kind of answer..... but no one comes out.

Punk:Fine have it your way, you thought a few weeks ago in Vegas was a pipe bomb, get ready, because I am sick and tired of this crap!

???:You're not the only one.

The crowd and Punk direct their attention toward the ramp and see The Miz walking out with a microphone in hand. Miz walks toward the ring.

Miz:I'm tired of this too. But the thing is Punk, the conspiracy isn't against us. Oh no, the conspiracy is for John Cena. You see I was rooting for you at Summerslam, because I knew you could beat the fraud that is John Cena. Just like you did at Money in the Bank. And you should've won too. But all the higher-ups are in love with John Cena. He's the cash cow. He's the movie star. However, he is not the best. But WWE is too afraid to admit it, that's why he gets title shot after title shot. That's why the commentators talk him up like he is the best. That's why his opponents get screwed out of title matches.

By now, Miz is in the ring and face to face with Punk.

Miz:Sure we've never seen eye-to-eye, but we both know there is something going on here. WWE realized I knew it, that's why I was barely able to get a match at Summerslam, because WWE wants to shut me up. However, there are people they can't shut up. These people.

The crowd actually cheers.

Miz:These people boo Cena each and every week, and WWE tries so hard to get these people to like him. But they're smarter than they think, and they see through the crap. My point CM Punk is we need strength in numbers. So, are you with me?

Punk pauses for a second.

Punk:Miz, you're right about one-

CM Punk's mic cuts off! Miz tries to talk in his but his is cut off too! Up on the ramp at least TWO DOZEN security guards led by John Laurenitis coming to the ring. Laurenitis orders the guards to get in the ring. The guards surround Punk and Miz. One of the guards makes advancement toward Punk, and PUNK PUNCHES HIM IN THE FACE! Punk yells, "Don't touch me!" As soon as the guard goes down at least ten guards get on top of Punk! Miz pulls one of the guards off! This leads to the remaining guards taking down Miz! The guards begin to handcuff both Miz and Punk. Cena, now recovered on the outside, gets in the crowded ring, but Laurenitis hold him back and yells, "We've got this John!" Cena looks angrily at Laurenitis.

Meanwhile, the guards have successfully handcuffed Punk and Miz and are taking them out of the ring up the ramp. Punk begins to scream, "THIS IS BULLSHIT!! THIS IS BULLSHIT!!". The sound for RAW cuts out to censor Punk's profanity leaving us with an ironically silent scene and a visual of pure chaos as RAW goes




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