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Monday Night RAW April 30th 2012

Monday April 30th, 2012 | Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio

A recap video plays to start RAW; it shows highlights from last night’s Backlash event with CM Punk’s WWE Championsip win the main focal point of the video. Dylan Kelly committed a ruthless attack on John Cena’s father last night and with rumours circulating that Cena is in Dayton tonight Kelly must be on guard. Last night new Tag Team champions were crowned as Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks upset the odds and defeated the newly formed Luchadores. With these questions and many more left to be answered it should surely be a massive Monday Night RAW on the road to Judgement Day.

RAW kicked off with the usual pyro and an arena full of excited WWE fans. Surprisingly Jerry Lawler is not on commentary tonight and he has been replaced by Josh Matthews for tonight’s show. Suddenly The Celtic Warrior Sheamus came down to the ring, he seemed in surprisingly good spirit despite his defeat to C.M Punk last night. He congratulated Punk on his victory last night but he set the reminder that he is entitled to a rematch due to his contract. Sheamus wanted an answer and called for Punk to come down to the ring. He got his wish as C.M Punk came through the curtain to a thunderous ovation from the crowd, with his WWE Championship draped over his shoulder. Punk began talking to Sheamus about last night’s match however Punk knew he would walk out champion, Punk says if Sheamus wants a rematch they should do it in 4 weeks at Judgement Day. Sheamus disagrees and thinks the pair should go at it tonight, Punk tells Sheamus that as much as he would love to tear it up again tonight they should do it on PPV. Sheamus ponders the thought and as he is about to respond The Miz interrupts the pair. The crowd don’t seem to be happy as Miz emerges from the back with a microphone in hand, he runs down Sheamus claiming he doesn’t deserve a rematch because he LOST last night but on the other hand Miz won. Sheamus doesn’t like Miz’ tone and says if he thinks he deserves the title match he should fight him tonight. Miz carefully thinks about his response before Punk butts in and states he is the champion and could beat both men, he doesn’t care who he faces. On the other hand this lady does, Eve comes out onto the stage with direct orders from Dylan Kelly who is locked away in his office guarded by security. Eve says that Sheamus is entitled to his rematch however she also states that Miz won last night and Sheamus didn’t. Tonight’s main event is set it will be The Miz vs. Sheamus with the stipulation that IF Miz wins it will be a triple threat match for the WWE Championship at Judgement Day. Punk, Miz and Sheamus all stare each other down as RAW fades to commercial.

TAG TEAM MATCH: The Usos vs. The Heat Seekers
In the first contest of the evening it was the NEW tag team champions Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks facing off against The Usos who are intent on capturing tag team gold in the future. It was a fairly contested match with the young Samoan brothers providing stern opposition for the champions, however it wasn’t enough as Curt Hawkins would hit the Heat Seeking Elbow for the victory. WINNERS: Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks. After the match the crowd popped huge as Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara appeared, Mysterio with a microphone in hand gave The Heat Seekers some props for their victory. Mysterio claims that he has always been the underdog but last night he was expected to win, he didn’t like that feeling. Mysterio says that they’re the champions now and all the expectation is on them from here on out. The Luchadores want another shot at the titles, and they want it at Judgement Day. Hawkins who is still exhausted talks about how times have changed, a few weeks ago they were the underdogs but now they are the best tag team in the WWE. Hawkins claims that Mysterio and Cara don’t have enough experience as a team to take the titles. He is so sure of it that he and T-Reks accept their challenge for Judgement Day.

Matthews and Striker discuss the reports that John Cena is in Dayton, Ohio tonight and confirm that Dylan Kelly will give his reasoning behind the ruthless attack on John Cena’s father. The pair also says that Jerry Lawler was called to a meeting in Stanford, Connecticut after last night’s PPV. They hype tonight’s main event before another vignette for Bray Wyatt airs. Again he talks about leadership and love and claims he has been to hell and back. The video ends the same as all of his other vignettes have with him placing his hat on his head.

We return to ringside and Wade Barrett is here, he endured a gruelling contest last night with his former NXT pro and came up just short. He enters the ring and ‘You Tapped Out’ chants begin circulating throughout the arena. Barrett begins speaking about how he had the match won last night and how he was robbed of victory. Barrett knows Jericho got lucky last night but it will never happen again, he begins to become irate with the fans chanting and claims he could just as easily make the so called rock star Chris Jericho tap out. He says he isn’t just out here to speak his mind but to also scout out Jericho in his match. Barrett makes his way to ringside as Cody Rhodes comes out to some heat from the crowd; Rhodes got a big victory last night and wants to carry his momentum on here tonight. Chris Jericho is out next to a massive pop.

SINGLES MATCH: Cody Rhodes vs. Chris Jericho
It was a great match filled with technical ability and high flying moves put into fruition. The finish however left fans with a sour taste in their mouths as Chris Jericho had Rhodes in the Walls Of Jericho Barrett entered the fray and attacked Jericho. Winner: Chris Jericho via DQ. Wade showed no remorse and threw him to the outside, hitting him with any object he could find. Barrett then locked Jericho in a Dragon Clutch! He sat on his back and wrenched the Canadian’s neck, forcing him to tap away at the mat. Barrett with his suit ruffled continued the hold until security came out and got him off and away from Jericho who is out cold. We then faded to commercial with Jericho a wreck on the outside.

We come back on the air to an interview segment conducted by Scott Stanford; he is with the Prime Time Players, Mark Henry and AW. Stanford asks AW why he has set his sights on the high flying Kofi Kingston to join his agency. AW claims that everyone can see Kingston is good but he is being held back by his partner R-Truth. He claims everyone will see later tonight that when Darren Young and Titus O’Neill beat the pair that Truth will be the weak link. Kingston is good but with AW at his side he could be great. All four men walk off screen and head for the ring their match is next.

Tag Team Match: Prime Time Players w/AW & Mark Henry vs. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth
Filled with numerous incidents of outside interference the match came to an end through a mistake by R-Truth. He let AW and Mark Henry get under his skin, as his partner crawled for a tag he was distracted leading to O’Neill taking advantage and dragging Kingston back to his corner. He tagged in Darren Young and the Ghetto Blaster for the victory. Winners: Prime Time Players. After the match there was a hint tension between Kofi and Truth but after Truth apologized repeatedly the pair shook hands and left the ring together much to the anger of AW.

Striker and Matthews then begin to talk about Christian; he was really hurt last night. They say his injury isn’t too serious and that he will return next week on Monday Night RAW. They then begin to talk about Daniel Bryan and AJ. The pair screwed Randy Orton last night which showed AJ isn’t as innocent as she seems. Bryan will be in action a little later tonight but up next Diva’s action! Beth Phoenix will team with Eve to take on Tamina and Kelly Kelly. The winning team will each gain a spot in the semi-finals of the Women’s Championship tournament. The match is right after the commercial.

TAG TEAM MATCH: Beth Phoenix & Eve vs. Tamina & Kelly Kelly
The tag team contest was quite short with the finish coming from a GlamSlam sending Tamina crashing into the mat. Winners: Beth Phoenix & Eve. However Eve’s celebrations were short-lived as Beth attacked her and laid her out with a GlamSlam. Phoenix has left massive destruction and is surely the favourite to win this tournament.

After the match it is confirmed that Alberto Del Riowill defend his Intercontinental Championship…TONIGHT! He will defend it against a young man who has impressed WWE as of late, Tyson Kidd. Kidd has been on a roll and recently picked up a big win against Dolph Ziggler. This match is coming up next.

In a fast paced match the Mexican aristocrat Alberto Del Rio would retain his championship, despite the fact that Dolph Ziggler got himself involve and attacked Kidd. Del Rio would make Tyson submit with a ruthless Cross Armbreaker. Winner and still Intercontinental Champion: Alberto Del Rio. As Del Rio was celebrating his victory on the top turnbuckle pyro would shoot out from all four corners in the ring. This sent Del Rio jumping away from the top and into the centre of the ring. The lights in the arena turned Red and smoke began to take over the ring whilst the demonic laugh of Kane blared out through the speakers as we go to commercial.

When we come back, Daniel Bryan and AJ come out to the ring. The crowd with a clear dislike to the pair begin chanting ‘Slut’ at AJ however she seems unaffected as the couple enter the ring with Bryan taking the microphone. Bryan begins to ask questions to the crowd such as; ‘we had you all fooled didn’t we?’ he would then pass the microphone to AJ who shouted YES! Bryan claims that they are the new power couple here in the WWE. He states that no one will stop them in their goals of becoming champions, he talks about Randy Orton who thinks he has everybody scared of him. Randy Orton would then come out to the ring to a huge ovation. Orton says that if it wasn’t for AJ he would have kicked Bryan in the skull last night, but not to worry because he will get him and when he does he will punt him in the skull. Bryan responds by saying Orton is all action but no brains, he may be psychotic but at the end of the day he was outsmarted. Orton says he has spoken to Eve and Bryan won’t be able to use AJ to an advantage in 4 weeks at Judgement Day because he and Bryan will face off again this time…in a STEEL CAGE! Bryan begins to panic and screams for Orton to get out of his ring as he has a match to win. Zack Ryder comes out and he faces Bryan right now, with Orton watching on from ringside.

SINGLES MATCH: Daniel Bryan w/AJ vs. Zack Ryder
In an easy squash match Bryan would pick up the win after he dodged a Rough Ryder and locked in a YES! Lock, wrenching on Ryder’s neck he was forced to tap out. Winner: Daniel Bryan. Bryan would quickly turn his attentions to Orton as AJ joins him in the ring. Orton however didn’t attack Bryan and instead applauded him from the outside of the ring. RAW goes to commercial with Orton and Bryan in a stare down.

We come back with Scott Stanford backstage, his guest is The Miz. Stanford asks about how confident Miz is for the main event, Miz replies that he will become WWE Champion at Judgement Day, he says Sheamus is just a bump in the road for him. Stanford asks why he is so sure, Miz replies with ‘Because I’m The Miz and I’m Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’ he walks of screen to a chorus of boos as our main event is next.

What a great TV contest. WWE Champion C.M Punk is on commentary for this one, and he is heavily involved in the finish. On the outside Miz would proceed to throw Sheamus into Punk who didn’t see what happened as he dropped his microphone from his head. Several moments later as the referee attended to Miz an angry Punk ran into the ring and hit the tired Sheamus with a Go To Sleep! He quickly exited the ring as Miz made the cover and got the win. Winner: The Miz. It’s official our Judgement Day main event will be a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship it will be, C.M Punk © vs. The Miz vs. Sheamus. After the match Punk entered the ring and stood face to face with The Miz while Sheamus was down. Punk raised his title high into the air and surprisingly Miz offered his hand to Punk, he was clearly thankful for Punk’s assist. When Punk sees the replay he will see the error of his ways. Punk declines the handshake and walks past Miz, his mistake of turning his back on Miz is there for all to see as Miz clobbers him in the back before hitting a Skull Crushing Finale! A chorus of boos fill the arena as Miz is the last man standing, he picks up Punk’s title and holds it high into the air as we cut backstage to Dylan Kelly’s office.

Kelly appears fixing his tie in the mirror as the crowd give him big heat. He seemingly enters his office desk and pops 3 pills and swallows them before sighing. He is out to explain his actions after the break.

We’re back and the crowd begin to boo as Dylan Kelly comes out to the ring surrounded by security, he orders them to stand around the ring as he enters and grabs a microphone. Kelly says nothing and points to the tron which shows his villainous attack on John Cena’s father last night. As the video ends Kelly begins to laugh down the microphone, he confirms to the crowd the Judgement Day main event and also says that Wade Barrett will face Chris Jericho in a Submission’s count anywhere match. Kelly says Thank You and proceeds to leave the ring before Triple H comes out to the biggest pop of the evening. Kelly re-enters the ring and looks angry with Hunter. Triple H grabs a microphone of his own and tells Kelly that the fans deserve an explanation for what he did last night. He asks if Kelly attacked an old man to try and prove dominance because all he proved was that he is a little bitch! Kelly quickly interrupts and he is livid. Kelly asks Hunter who he thinks he is he tells him he is lucky to still have a job here after he made NXT a joke, he says that he should maybe fire Hunter and his wife Stephanie as they are McMahon’s and this is his company now. Kelly says that Cena needed to be taught a lesson about respect for your boss. He says that he is going to take Cena to court and sue his ass but suddenly He’s here, John Cena bounds through the crowd in street clothes to a thunderous ovation. He jumps the barricade and begins fighting off security; he wants to get his hands on Kelly. Cena eventually fights off security and gets in the ring but Kelly escapes. As Cena goes to chase him down Triple H restrains him telling him he is going to make things worse for himself, Cena is irate and clobbers the COO in the face and the pair begin to brawl! Cena doesn’t care who he has to go through to get his hands on Kelly. The pair fight all over the ring with both men taking heavy shots, suddenly the security Cena took out begin to enter the ring and split up the pair, the crowd desperately chant let them fight but Dylan Kelly has a microphone on stage. Kelly says he just thought of a perfect idea, he knows that Cena wants to get his hands on him so offers a proposition. Kelly says that at Judgement Day it will be John Cena vs. Triple H in a No Disqualification Match and if Triple H wins he and his wife Stephanie McMahon will keep their jobs and John Cena will be sued by WWE. However if Cena wins he will get a match with Kelly himself and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will both be fired! RAW goes off the air with the commentators screaming out in shock and with Kelly laughing at the top of the stage.



MAY 27, 2012


WWE Championship Match
Triple Threat Match

C.M Punk (c) vs. The Miz vs. Sheamus

No Disqualification Match
John Cena vs. Triple H
If Cena wins he will get a match with WWE Chairman Dylan Kelly and Triple H along with his wife Stephanie McMahon will be fired. If Triple H wins they keep their jobs.

Submissions Count Anywhere Match
Wade Barrett vs. Chris Jericho

Steel Cage Match
Daniel Bryan w/AJ vs. Randy Orton

Women's Championship Match
??? vs. ???

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks (c) vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

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