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Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way

Monday Night Raw - August 13th 2001

Vince McMahon came out and said he needed to restore order in the WWF, and then ordered a cluster of WWF stars to come out one after another. Stone Cold Steve Austin came out, followed by The Undertaker, Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle. McMahon aid that it was only 6 days till the WWF went into battle against WCW again and he needed the WWF guys to get along and direct their hate at WCW.

Austin said there would be no problem if Taker never stole what was his. Taker says that its not his problem WCW got involved and its not his problem they are still around and if idiots like Austin and Angle never lost their matches at Fully Loaded then they probably wouldnt have to share their troubles with WCW and could get down to it. This gets Angle involved and Benoit doesnt say much but eventually everyone is bickering and Vince is pulling his hair our.

WCW then come out as Eric Bischoff leads out WCW World Heavyweight champion Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, Lance Storm and Chris Jericho. Bischoff says that he just wanted to wsh the WWF good luck in their matches on Sunday because he knows they are going to need it, Vince says this is just a blip but his guys will kick the hell out of WCW at Summerslam.

Vince said he would prove it tonight and said this is still his show and he was booking a ten man tag team main event of WCW guys Storm, Page, Jericho, Booker T and Ric Flair taking on WWF elite of Austin, Undertaker, Angle, Benoit and the in ring return of The Rock. WCW looked a little worried as The Rocks name came up

In an odd twist the names of Chuck Palumbo, Sean O'Haire, Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko were put in one hat and the names of their opponents at Summerslam, Matt & Jeff Hardy, Edge, Christian, Bradshaw and Faarooq put into another and three matches would be made for the night by random drawing. All others would be barred from ringside

Edge defeated Perry Saturn in the first of those 3 matches after hitting The Spear.

Backstage and Kane went on a wrecking spree, he was shown taking both Raven and Stevie Richards out chucking them into walls and Chokeslamming Richards through a table. He then went and found Hugh Morrus launching him through a glass window. Before he could continue Vince McMahon stopped him saying he cant just go around destroying WWF property. Kane replied 'Jindrak, Stasiak, tonight!!!' Vince said he would see what he could do

Matt Hardy took on Chavo Guerrero next in a cruiserweight style match and Hardy picked up the win with the Twist Of Fate.

In the last of the singles matches of the evening Bradshaw defeated Chuck Palumbo after ducking a Jungle Kick and hitting the Clothesline From Hell.

Vince went into the dressing room of Kurt Angle and asked Kurt to try and get along, Angle said he isnt the one going around attcking other WWF guys, no that was Stone Cold, and Vince needs to have a word with him

Kanes match was up next and he got both Stasiak and Jindrak in a double Chokeslam, Test came running down to the ring and nailed Kane with a trashcan big boot. Kane sat up thought and Test got worried and run away. Stasiak ate a Tombstone for his troubles.

Vince went into the dressing room of Stone Cold Steve Austin but before he could say anything Austin told him he knows what hes going to say, that now The Rock is back that he dont need Stone Cold to save the WWF. Vince grovelled saying that isnt the case and Austin is still his number one guy he just thought he could use some help. Austin kicked off saying if Vince thinks he needs help then he needs to get out of Austins locker room before he gets a can of whoop ass opened on him.

Team WWF versus team WCW was a drawn out typical multiman match and all 10 men got into the ring brawling. And it would be the WWF standing tall at the end as The Rock marked his return to the ring with the pinfall on Lance Storm after hitting The Rock Bottom.

Thursday Night Smackdown - August 16th 2001

Smackdown opened with an impromptu match for once as Tajiri defended the WWF Light Heavyweight championship against Taka Michinoku, Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki, who would be his partners on the Summerslam pre-show againt a select number of WCW Cruiserweights. Tajiri would retain after hitting the Buzzsaw Kick

The Dudleys returned after being away for a few weeks and went directly to Vince McMahons office, they said they have been watching, watching slently but its about time they spoke out. They believe The Rock is getting way too friendly with Ric Flair and think there is every chance The Rock is defecting to WCW, especially after what happened between Vince and The Rock at Wrestlemania. Vince gets worried and Bubba Ray tells him they should make sure The Rock knows not to step out of line, D-Von says they will happily take on The Rock in a handicap tables match. Scared of The Rock walking out on the WWF, Vince agrees to the match.

X-Pac defeated Rey Mysterio after hitting him with a low-blow as Justin Credible distracted the referee, X-Pac and Credible laughed up the ramp as Billy Kidman helped Mysterio to his feet.

Test was backstage walking around fearful of running into Kane and his mishap was being laughed at by WWF Hardcore Champion Spike Dudley and his girlfriend Molly Holly. Test warned Spike that he is lucky the 24/7 rule has been banished as he would happily kick hi head off and take that title off him, or maybe he should kick the head off his girlfriend instead. Spike gets in the middle and says he will see Test in the ring later on

Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit teamed up to defeat their Summerslam opponents Diamond Dallas Page and Lance Storm, Angle made Storm tap out to The Ankle Lock, Angle originally refused to release the hold, but Storm hobbled up the ramp as Angle and Benoit celebrated

Edge and Christian picked up the win over The APA and The Hardy Boys in a triple threat when Christian overturned a roll up on Edge by Jeff Hardy.

Test defeated Spike Dudley to become the WWF Hardcore Champion, Test was about to take out Molly Holly with a Big Boot but Spike jumped in the way and Test covered for the pinfall. As Test celebrated Kane came out on the ramp and raised his arms up, showering Test with trashcans

WCW Tag Team Champions Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko and Los Guerreros when Christian came down and pushed Eddie off the top rope and Palumbo and O'Haire hit the Doomsday Blockbuster Neckbreaker on Saturn.

Rhyno took on William Regal and after ducking a charging knee in the corner hit The Gore for the three count. Kanyon tried a sneak attack immediately afterwards but Rhyno blocked it and Kanyon ducked out of the ring before Rhyno could hit him with The Gore.

Ric Flair is interviewed and asked what he thinks about The Rock being in a handicap tables match 3 days before they square off. Flair says to be honest he hopes The Rock comes through scratch free, because he doesnt want an asterix next to his impending victory on Sunday.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker took on Booker T and Chris Jericho in tag team action and were in control until Undertaker pushed Austin saying he had it but Austin as always responded by stunning him. Austin walked out as Jericho hit the Codebreaker for the victory. Austin was seen mouthing that he fights alone and didnt need anybody

In the main event The Rock was being prepared for the 3D through a table but Ric Flair came out and pulled Bubba Ray out and The Rock hit The Rock Bottom on D-Von through the table to pick up the win. The Rocks hand was raised as Flair walked off with The Rock wondering why Flair had helped him as the show came to an end


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