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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

JAM's Review

That was a really well-executed opening segment you had there. If this was re-worded a little, it also could've made for a great closing segment. With that said, you write Bischoff beautifully in your thread, you catch his asshole-ness quite well man. If there's one gripe I had with this, I'd say that Batista was targeting the wrong person in HBK. Even if HBK did deliver some SCM on 'Tista, he did save him the week before. But I loved the part when you had Batista going for Bischoff but ofcourse no one can touch the boss so I was expectin' Kane to make an appearance. This was definitely a defiant act by both Bischoff and Kane, gives Kane a lot of momentum heading into Summerslam.

With the loss here, I fully expect Haas to turn heel at Summerslam. Maybe he'll go as far as costing Benjamin the IC Title, which is no surprise to me. I think it'll be interesting to see Haas get a respectable run as a singles competitor since everyone always books Shelton Benjamin to be the more successful one of the two. The Jericho promo was kind of repetitive for me here. I don't think Edge is losing that briefcase since I think he does need it to shoot him to the top while Jericho has been at the top already. Their feud has been interesting to say the least. I don't think it'll be the last time the briefcase will be on the line though. But maybe after Summerslam, Edge can go on the hunt, maybe teasing his cash-ins.

Not much to say about the Divas, but they were definitely better around this time period. Victoria vs. Lita should be good. HBK finally makes an appearance tonight but I think it could've been done in a bigger way. After all that has happened, I kind of expected HBK to snap already. But he did keep his composure but his intentions remain to be seen. Very interesting angle you got going on here man.

Definitely likin' Mr. Kennedy. I think WWE dropped the ball on him so I hope you don't. He is definitely going to be a major player and with him debuting on RAW, looks like he'll be having a bigger impact than usual. I believe he debuted on SD irl right? But anyway, Kennedy has all the tools to be in the main which is where I see him going soon. And this promo by Hassan is another indication that Haas may turn heel. But I don't think you'd make it this obvious, it makes me re-think that Haas may help Benjamin instead, hmm. Got me guessing, that's good.

The tag team division on RAW is definitely a good one. This team of Doane and Nemeth is a good one. Reminds me of the team Ziggler and Swagger could've become. Really likin' all the activity and emphasis that the tag division is getting so kudos to you on that. Nice little segment here with Flair and Batista, some motivation for The Animal! That being said, I think that Edge will definitely try some funny business in the main event and all hell will break lose, can't wait to see what happens next. Oh and hopefully this is the last we see of Jindrak vs. Show.

What an ending to the show. Christian was definitely going to interfere here and he did. When the match was over, all hell broke loose just like I thought. But I think there should've been a little more emphasis on the action going on between Jericho and Edge. I think this feud is the 3rd biggest feud you have behind the World Title feud and the Christian/Flair feud. Kind of took a while for Batista to get down and help but he did help in a big way. When him and Christian were exchanging punches, I thought that this would be a really great feud. I kind of think that Christian will go over Flair with Batista takin' revenge on Christian, we'll see. Looks like Kane got to Kane here, now the question is whether or not you have HBK at Summerslam. I really think HBK finds a way out of this contract since you can't have him workin' for Bischoff forever.

All in all, a really good episode man. This was definitely better than last week's episode. You put a lot of emphasis on your tag team division which is great since tag team wrestling is fun to watch while the main feuds were furthered even more here. The situation with the World Title is definitely a good one as we now have many questions as to whether or not HBK will even be at Summerslam and how did Kane get to HBK in the first place? But my favorite has got to be Christian/Flair, really likin' this feud man. Christian/'Tista for the World Title, I'm calling it now.

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