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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 8/8/05- New Haven, Connecticut

We kick off the show with a video package, highlighting two weeks ago when Shawn Michaels shockingly delivered some Sweet Chin Music to Batista. We then fast forward to last week and the hyped showdown between the Animal and the Special Guest Referee for his title defence against Kane, Shawn Michaels. We get a few lines from the promo and HBK’s reasoning for his SCM on the champion before Batista makes his way down and these two get set to go at it before BOOM, Kane makes his way down and the Big Red Machine goes to blows with Batista, HBK an onlooker as Kane looks set to do some damage but BANG! Michaels delivers Sweet Chin Music to Kane. The package ends with HBK telling Batista he was ‘this close’ and ‘I coulda Dave, I coulda’ with HBK and Tista staring down one another.

We then go to the opening video but no pyro this week as instead we get silence as we head into the arena before…

‘I’m Back’

It’s rousing heat as Raw’s General Manager makes his way out, Eric Bischoff not looking to be in a very pleasant mood here this evening.

Jim Ross: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Monday Night Raw, Jim Ross joined as ever by Jonathan Coachman and we are kicking things off with the boss!!

The Coach: And he don’t look in too good a mood J.R but I don’t blame him. What Shawn Michaels did last week to Kane, what he didn’t do to Batista, he let down our General Manager last week J.R, he went against our General Manager and I damn sure hope Eric Bischoff makes him pay.

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels stood up for himself last week and if that’s something to be punished for then that just isn’t right Coach, you and I both know it. Shawn Michaels shouldn’t have to be put in the positions he’s been put in and at Summerslam he needs to call it down the middle, NOT do Eric Bischoff’s dirty work.

The Coach: Woah, woah, woah cowboy, slow down there. Shawn Michaels is Eric Bischoff’s ‘Personal Employee’. He works specifically for that man there and if he goes against him, if he goes against his wishes then he loses his job, he loses everything. Eric Bischoff can click his fingers and Shawn Michaels had better come calling.

Bischoff now has a mic, scowling as the crowd continue to boo the mischievous GM here

Eric Bischoff: Alright let me cut to the chase here tonight because quite frankly I’m not in the mood. Last week Shawn Mich-

‘You Suck’, ‘You Suck’

Eric Bischoff: Last week Shawn Michaels came down to this ring with my permis-

‘You Suck’ chants continue and stop the GM in his tracks with Bischoff now looking seriously pissed off.

Eric Bischoff: You people…you people need to SHUT YOUR MOUTHS!! I can have each and every single one of you REMOVED FROM THIS ARENA!! Oh I can make it happen and there ain’t a DAMN THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!!

Huge heat for Bischoff here who calms himself down now.

Eric Bischoff: So where was I? Last week Shawn Michaels came down to this ring with my permission to confront Dave Batista. Now two weeks ago Shawn Michaels made his first real step towards the Eric Bischoff way, he made that step when he delivered some Sweet Chin Music to Batista.

Boos for that.

Eric Bischoff: When that happened I thought Shawn had taken that first step forward but last week when he came down to this ring to face up to Batista, he took two steps back. I held out hope, really I did. When Shawn had finished his little speech, Batista walked down that ramp and it looked like it was gonna happen, it looked like Shawn was gonna kick Batista’s teeth down his throat again.

Bischoff looks bitterly disappointed here.

Eric Bischoff: But then? Then Kane came down and I thought wow, this is about to get real interesting. Shawn Michaels, a man I despise, a man who has put me through sheer HELL the last few months was gonna join forces with this…this monster Kane. They were gonna dismantle another guy who has tried to take it to me, who has tried to bully his own boss, they were gonna dismantle Batista. Two on one, Batista was about to get his ass kicked all over Detroit, he wasn’t even gonna make it to Summerslam but uh, that, that didn’t happen did it?

Bischoff shakes his head in disappointment.

Eric Bischoff: No instead Kane and Batista go at it while Shawn just…he just stands there. Shawn just stands there, watching, not doing anything at all. I was sitting backstage watching and I was waiting, willing, urging Shawn on to do the right thing and then, then he finally makes his move, the move I’d been waiting for, the move we’d all been waiting for, he stands back, takes one step, Sweet Chin Music to…to…to Kane? To Kane?

Pop for that.

Eric Bischoff: That was NOT part of the plan. Shawn knew, he knew all too well that he was under NO circumstances to do anything to Kane, his only objective last week was to tell Dave Batista how it is and when all was said and done, kick his teeth down his throat... one more time. So congratulations Shawn, really, you went against my wishes, you went against my demands and you know as your boss, with you being my ‘Personal Employee’ and all, you're really startin' to push me now.

Bischoff now sblacks a little.

Eric Bischoff: So Shawn, how about you come on down to this ring and just like last week, we do the ‘right thing’?

Bischoff plays his hand very sarcastically before waiting for the arrival of the Showstopper.


‘I Walk Alone’

It’s a surprised reaction that comes across the face of Eric Bischoff and it’s a surprising reaction from the crowd also which soon turns into a nice pop as the Animal, the World Champion, Batista heads down to the ring, suited and booted, title draped over his shoulder, an angry look on his face as he eyes up the GM.

Jim Ross: Well that is NOT Shawn Michaels, that is the World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Coach I don’t think either he or Eric Bischoff are gonna happy seeing each other here tonight.

The Coach: You’re damn right they’re not, I know Eric Bischoff was wanting Shawn Michaels but J.R, I think Batista wants the same thing too! HBK’s bitten off more than he can chew, he’s got the boss, he’s got the Animal and he’s got the Big Red Machine all on his tail, if I were Shawn Michaels I’d be a worried man right about now.

Batista takes a mic with Bischoff still scowling, looking unhappy with the arrival of the Animal on the scene.

Eric Bischoff: What the hell are you doing out here huh? I don’t need you down here, I don’t want you down here. I asked for Shawn Mi…

Batista: Hold on just a second there Eric. I know, I know, I’m not Shawn Michaels, I’m not who you wanted to see but for the very first time I actually want the same thing that you do and that’s why I’m down here.

Bischoff looks a little confused.

Batista: I want Shawn Michaels and I want him tonight.

Nice pop for that.

Eric Bischoff: You want Shawn Michaels, I want Shawn Michaels, hell I’m sure Kane probably wants Shawn Michaels too but I can’t just give everybody what they want. My priority around here is to make sure this show runs smoothly, to make sure this show runs the way I want it to run and while you have that World Title, that just ain’t gonna happen.

Batista laughs to himself as the crowd boos.

Eric Bischoff: I need that World Title on somebody who understands the Eric Bischoff way, somebody who doesn’t go against me, somebody who’s their own man and that is most definitely not you. At Summerslam I need you to lose that World title and I need Kane to win that World title.

More boos for the GM’s clear bias here.

Eric Bischoff: And as much as I can’t stand Shawn Michaels, as much crap as he’s put me through including last week, I know, I know that he can play a huge role in that dream becoming reality.

Batista: Look I get it, you don’t want me holding this championship. You don’t want me anywhere near this championship but Eric, you don’t quite get it do you? No matter what you throw in my way, no matter how much you try and keep me down, no matter how many times you try and take me out, fact of the matter is, I’m not goin’ anywhere.

Nice pop for the Animal here.

Batista: I’m not goin’ anywhere for a long, long time and I plan on makin’ sure the World Heavyweight Championship does the same. You can throw Kane at me, you can throw Shawn Michaels into things but it just doesn’t matter because when all’s said and done, I will walk into Summerslam the World Heavyweight Champion and I will walk out of Summerslam STILL the World…Heavyweight…Champion.

Batista gets in Bischoff’s face now.

Eric Bischoff: Tough talk Dave, really tough talk but like I said, at Summerslam Shawn Michaels could very well play a big, big role in you losing that title which is why I just…I just can’t allow, I can’t afford for you to get your hands on him here tonight, I can’t allow Kane to do so either. Shawn Michaels, hey he WILL be reprimanded here tonight but Dave, he’s still valuable to me, he’s still got a lot to offer me which is why you will be going nowhere near the Heartbreak Kid. Not tonight, not at all until we head to Washington D.C.

Batista grits his teeth here, looking pissed at the decision.

Batista: That’s the way you wanna play it huh? Well I guess there’s nothing I can do right?

Bischoff seems to mouth ‘Right’ as he smirks and Batista looks around the crowd.

Batista: Wrong. If I can’t get to Shawn Michaels here tonight, if I can’t get my hands on your own ‘Personal Employee’, then I’m gonna get my hands…on the employer.

Ohhhhh. Bischoff suddenly gulps as the crowd realises what he means by that.

Eric Bischoff: Dave, Dave look you don’t wanna do that. Really I mean, please, please, DAVE, NO!!

Bischoff begins shouting as Batista inches ever closer towards him…


‘Slow Chemical’

But he immediately takes his eyes off of Bischoff as we hear the music of the Big Red Machine, the Number One Contender Kane as he steps out the curtain and down the ramp, Batista looks on inside the ring, waiting, stalking, poised for Kane to step into the ring. Batista mouths ‘Come on’, urging Kane in and the Devil’s Favourite Demon appears to be set to oblige.

The camera angle then shifts however and we see Eric Bischoff drop to his knees and LOW BLOWS BATISTA!!! BISCHOFF WITH A LOW BLOW!!

Jim Ross: WHAT THE HELL?!? What the hell is that for?! Eric Bischoff just low blowed the World Champion!! And now…and now Kane has easy pickings!!

The Coach: Ha ha!! J.R. this man is just a genius, plain and simple. Batista’s been warned!! Time and again, do NOT cross the boss.

Kane now steps in the ring as Bischoff can’t quite wipe the smile off his face, Kane neither as Kane scoops the Animal up to his feet. Kane nails him with a right hand, followed by another, Irish Whip by the monster as Batista rebounds, HAND AROUND THE THROAT, CHOKESLAM!! CHOKESLAM WITH AUTHORITY!! Batista is completely floored as the number one contender sends an emphatic statement to the World Champion.

Jim Ross: Kane just showing sheer dominance here tonight. An emphatic choke slam, straight to hell for the World Champion and the Big Red Machine along with that…that weasel Eric Bischoff have made their points here tonight.

The Coach: Hey who are you callin’ a weasel? Eric Bischoff is no weasel J.R, Eric Bischoff is a genius and Kane? Well Kane is just a freakin’ monster and come Summerslam he’s gonna be the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. Batista’s days are numbered!

We see Kane backing up the ramp with that twisted smile across his face, delighted with his work there as we see Batista begin to open his eyes, looking a little shocked at first before that shock turns to anger as looks ready to blow a gasket, sitting up and immediately laying eyes on the Big Red Machine before diverting his attentions to Eric Bischoff who wanders around the ring and up the ramp, waving sarcastically to the fallen champion.


We return from the break and immediately hear…

‘Arab America’

It’s heat instantly as the familiar theme of the Arabian Entity hits and out steps their leader, the Intercontiental Champion Muhammad Hassan followed by the remaining three members, Sonjay Dutt, Daivari and the giant that is The Great Khali.

Jim Ross: Well two weeks ago Muhammad Hassan due to the consequences suffered one of the worst nights to date in his WWE career as he was once again defeated by Charlie Haas. Those consequences? He must now put that Intercontinental title on the line at Summerslam against Shelton Benjamin!

The Coach: I’m still not worried J.R. Hassan’s beaten Shelton on more than one occasion and when it matters most, Hassan will do it again. Sure Charlie Haas has beaten him, so what? Haas beat him in a non title match J.R. Let me reiterate Charlie Haas has beaten him, NOT Shelton Benjamin.

Jim Ross: We shall certainly find out as Summerslam rolls ever closer but tonight a big eight man tag team match up as the entire Entity come together in a bid to take down their rivals.

‘Yeah We’re Comin’ Down’

It’s a pretty rousing response as out step the World Tag Team Champions, the Dudley Boyz, looking ready and raring to go here.

Jim Ross: Speaking of which! The Dudley Boyz have it all to do come Summerslam as they must team with the Basham Brothers to take on two of their opponents here tonight, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari as well as Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth in an eight man tag team contest, a contest they MUST win in order to determine their next challengers. The Dudleyz don’t win, they don’t score the winning pinfall and that fate goes to the winning team. Big time stakes come Summerslam.

The Coach: Big time stakes for sure J.R and it’s gonna be the night where the fall of the Dudleyz begins. Be it the Entity, be it the Platform to Perfection, hell even the Basham Brothers, one of em’s gonna win it at Summerslam and one of ‘em is gonna go on to become the next Tag Team Champions.


It’s a very nice pop that greets the music of the World’s Greatest Tag Team as down come Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, both looking in pretty buoyant mood.

Jim Ross: Two men here Coach who are the very best of friends, however they’ve got different agendas right now.

The Coach: Absolutely and it’s gonna tear ‘em apart. Charlie Haas wants tag team glory, Shelton Benjamin only has eyes for the Intercontinental Championship, a championship that without Charlie Haas’ help, he wouldn’t even have a shot at winning. Benjamin’s selfish J.R and if I were Charlie Haas I’d be seriously regretting winning that match two weeks ago.

Jim Ross: Oh come on Coach, you can’t blame Shelton Benjamin for wanting the Intercontinental title, he’s been screwed time and again out of it. Tonight though IS a chance for Charlie Haas to maybe prove a point, prove to Shelton Benjamin that they are still the World’s Greatest Tag Team, that they are perhaps better off chasing tag team gold. I don’t personally believe that but we may find out first hand tonight.

The Coach: Charlie Haas is better off alone, that’s my opinion cowboy. This man should be the one facing Muhammad Hassan at Summerslam, not Shelton Benjamin.

Match One: Eight Man Tag Team Match

The Arabian Entity vs. The Dudley Boyz and The World’s Greatest Tag Team

Charlie Haas kicks this thing off whilst Daivari opts to start things out for the Entity and the two men immediately lock up but Haas takes the initiative and applies a side headlock, Daivari though shoves Haas away, the WGTT member rebounding and knocking Daivari down with a shoulder block. Haas continues to keep the pressure up, working over Daivari with a series of holds followed by several stern kicks to the fallen Arab before finally bringing Daivari to his feet, whipping him over to his team’s corner and bringing D-Von Dudley into the match. D-Von is quickly in and hammers away with right hands, Daivari stuck in the corner as D-Von pounds away with some stiff elbows now before dragging Daivari away and he scoops the Cruiserweight up high, suplex incoming but Daivari rolls out the back and drops D-Von with a reverse DDT!! Beautiful stuff by Daivari but he struggles to go for the cover and instead crawls towards his corner looking for a tag. Daivari reaches out and here comes Sonjay Dutt!

D-Von is to his knees as Dutt hops over the top rope and runs the ropes before taking D-Von back down with a low angle dropkick!! D-Von is floored as Dutt crawls into a cover, 1...2...kick out at two from one half of the tag champs. Dutt then works over D-Von, crashing down on him with several jumping elbows before bringing D-Von up and smashing him with several devastating kicks before finally taking D-Von down with a spinning heel kick! Dutt again goes for a cover, 1...2...kick out once again at two from D-Von as he struggles to get back into this contest.

Dutt continues taking it to D-Von, knocking the veteran down again following an Irish whip, the point of his elbow taking his opponent down before Dutt decides to head up high here, potentially looking to finish this thing. Dutt steadies himself on the apron as the anticipation rises in the arena and Dutt soars off the top, MOONSAULT!! NOBODY HOME!! D-Von rolls out of harm’s way and towards his corner, a turning point perhaps here as D-Von heads over, looking on are his partner Bubba as well as the outstretched arms of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Dutt meanwhile is in some discomfort on the mat but begins to try and crawl to his knees as D-Von makes the tag and here comes Bubba Ray!!

Bubba immediately grabs Dutt and tosses him like a rag doll into the corner where the infamous Bubba jabs begin, the 300 plus pounder’s power looking all too much for Dutt here as Bubba now whips him from one corner to another and Bubba comes charging and SPLASHES right into Dutt!! All the air is knocked from his sails as Bubba immediately scoops Dutt up once more before dropping him again with a nice side slam. Dutt is down, Bubba into the cover, 1...2...kick out at two. Bubba looks a tad disappointed as he runs the ropes before slowly trudging towards Dutt and methodically dropping an elbow!! DUTT MOVES!! Dutt gets out of dodge and Bubba crashes to the mat, catching his elbow quite awkwardly as Dutt senses a chance now. Dutt uses the ropes to drag himself up as Bubba does so with one arm and he’s caught with a kick to the mid section and again, Dutt now runs the ropes as Bubba swings but Dutt ducks underneath, Bubba turns around and Dutt throws another kick, Bubba catches it but DUTT WITH AN ENZIGURI!! Bubba is down as Dutt crawls towards his corner, desperate to get out of this one and he tags in Khali!!

The seven foot three inch monster bounds over the top rope as Bubba gets to his feet and realises the giant awaits him, a nervous look across his face as Bubba decides fuck it and heads right for Khali but he’s immediately sent tumbling with a devastating chop!! Khali strolls around the ring like he owns the place as he picks Bubba to his feet with ease before whipping Bubba across the ring, Bubba rebounding into a thunderous big boot!! The crowd all wince as Bubba’s head is almost taken off here and Khali drops down to a cover, 1...2...D-VON BREAKS THE COUNT!! D-Von breaks the count, kicking Khali but Daivari storms into the ring and begins taking it to D-Von!! Chaos ensuing as Daivari and D-Von begin a fist fight and we see Muhammad Hassan send Sonjay Dutt in there!! Dutt joins the assault on D-Von as the two double team the champion, double Irish whip before a clothesline up and over but the pair turn around RIGHT INTO A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE FROM CHARLIE HAAS!! Haas takes both men up and out of the ring, joining D-Von on the outside!! Haas turns around, BAM!! Khali floors Haas with a devastating chop to the skull!!

Khali then turns his attentions back inside the ring as Bubba begins to stir but we see Muhammad Hassan desperate for a tag, calling his partner to bring him into this thing and Khali begrudgingly heads over. Khali tags his leader in and Hassan charges in, stalking his prey as he lines up Bubba, the champion to his feet, REVERSE STO!! NO!! BUBBA FIGHTS BACK!! Bubba with sharp elbows as Hassan can’t quite connect and Bubba turns around right into a back body drop but Hassan lands on his feet!! Bubba spins round right into an Irish whip as BENJAMIN MAKES A BLIND TAG!! Bubba rebounds and Hassan drops Bubba with a fall away slam!! Cover by Hassan but the referee doesn’t count!! The referee doesn’t count as he tells Hassan Bubba isn’t the legal man as Hassan turns around right into the waiting Benjamin!!

Benjamin hammers away at Hassan with stiff right hands, getting him some on the man he meets at Summerslam!! Benjamin now with an Irish whip as Hassan rebounds, kick to the gut, T-Bone Suplex!! NO!! Hassan fights out of it and nails Benjamin with an uppercut, Hassan now with an Irish whip, the pace building here as Benjamin rebounds, Hassan with a clothesline attempt but Benjamin ducks underneath it and CHARGES AT KHALI!! BENJAMIN KNOCKS KHALI OFF THE APRON!! WOW!! The seven footer is floored as Benjamin lets out a roar but he’s rolled up from behind!!! HASSAN WITH THE ROLL UP!! 1...2...HE GOT HIM!! HASSAN STEALS IT!!

Winners: The Arabian Entity(9:04)

Hassan beats his bitter rival as he exit’s the ring to jubilant scenes!! Hassan immediately brings Dutt and Daivari to their feet, dragging them towards the ramp where the trio pick Khali to his feet and head back up the ramp, beaten and bruised but victorious here tonight as we see Bubba and D-Von both down and in some discomfort before a shocked Shelton Benjamin realises what occurred and Charlie Haas looks on from the outside at his defeated partner.

The Coach: Get a real good look at that picture J.R cos Summerslam this is exactly what we’re gonna see, the Arabian Entity standing tall!

Jim Ross: Don’t jump the gun Coach. Muhammad Hassan has it all to do come August 21st, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari have it all to do and I’m betting that Shelton Benjamin and the Dudley Boyz will have a thing or two to say about it.

The Coach: One thing, two things, ten things it doesn’t matter. Muhammad Hassan will walk outta Washington D.C still the Intercontinental Champion and Charlie Haas is gonna be proved right. While we’re gonna have new number one contenders for the World Tag Team titles and Sonjay Dutt and Daivari right now are my pick.

We see the Entity at the top of the stage as they all lock hands and raise their arms in victory, Hassan delivering a sinister glare back in the direction of Shelton Benjamin who is inside the ring, snarling right back at the champion, clearly desperately disappointed at defeat here tonight.

We then cut away backstage where we see Todd Grisham standing by ready for his first duty of the evening

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman please welcome my guest at this time, the man who at Summerslam will face Edge for the Money in the Bank contract, Chris Jericho.

Jericho appears into shot, greeted with a nice pop from the crowd. Jericho is sporting his usual attire worn down ringside and cuts a wry smile as Grisham introduces him.

Todd Grisham: Chris things between you and Edge have become more and more heated in recent weeks with last week’s tag team match ending in both of you brawling backstage, having to be separated by officials. Can you describe to us exactly what you’re feeling towards Edge right now?

Chris Jericho: How do I feel towards Edge? Hmmm, good question Rod.

Todd Grisham: Todd.

Chris Jericho: Whatever.

A few laughs as Jericho strokes his chin contemplating his response.

Chris Jericho: Y’know what, the more and more I think about it the more I seem to feel…I seem to feel sorry for Edge. Now I know that might sound strange to a whole lotta people but I do because Edge is desperate. He’s desperate to prove a point, both to me and to everybody in the back.

Jericho nods as he continues.

Chris Jericho: He wants to prove that he’s as good as he seems to believe. Infact, I’ll go one better and say that he needs to prove that he’s good as he believes. He needs to prove it to himself, and hey I know I speak for a ton of people when I say he DEFINITELY needs to prove to everybody else he’s as good as he really believes.

Nice pop for that.

Chris Jericho: See Edge seems to think he’s got a God given right to stroll around here as though he’s this big star. He seems to think that his Money in the Bank contract makes him out to be, well, to be almost untouchable but that? Junior, that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Jericho smiles to himself before carrying on.

Chris Jericho: Edge’s desperation? It’s gonna be his downfall. That Money in the Bank contract doesn’t make him a star, it doesn’t make him untouchable, it makes him vulnerable, it makes him a target. Edge knows that he’s got that target on his back and he’s scared, believe me. Edge is scared at the thought of that contract being taken away from him. He’s said it over and over and over again, that’s his ticket to the top, well where does he go without that huh? I’ll tell you exactly where he goes without it…nowhere.

Pop for that.

Chris Jericho: Without that contract, without that little briefcase, Edge will always be stuck in the shadows, stuck in the background and come Summerslam I plan on making sure that comes true when I beat him and I take home the Money in the Bank contract. So yeah, I feel sorry for Edge, he’s trying to put on a brave face, he’s trying to act like he’s the man around here, like he’s the tough guy but I can promise you, deep down all Edge really is, all Edge remains is the Chris Jericho wannabe that we all know he is and come Summerslam, Edge’s fear of failure, Edge’s fear of not reaching the very top of the mountain, those fears? Those fears WILL become reality.

Nice pop again for Y2J who heads off, a fierce look across his face as we head back ringside and join J.R and Coach.


It’s a nice pop that greets the music of the Daredevil Diva herself, Lita who bursts out onto the stage full of energy set for action

Jim Ross: Well it has been a heck of a ride for Lita since she returned to Monday Night Raw, staking her claim for the Women’s Championship and tonight is another chance for her to take a step in that direction. Folks stay tuned when we return, it’ll be Lita going one on one with Christy Hemme!


We return to Raw and Lita’s opponent for tonight Christy Hemme is just setting foot in the ring and we’re all set for this Divas action.

Match Two: Singles Match

Lita vs. Christy Hemme

Lita looks very aggressive from the get go, no messing around from the Daredevil Diva here tonight as she takes it straight to Christy with the fiery red head having no answer to the former Women’s onslaught. Lita works over Christy with several stern right hands before an array of stomps in the corner as Christy tries to fight back but her efforts are in vain as Lita clubs her with a big time clothesline into the corner.

Lita continues to dominate, taking Christy down with several variations of slams before a leg drop crushes Christy across the throat. Christy finally begins to show some hope as Lita whips her across the ropes, rebounds and Lita swings but Christy runs through and Lita spins around right into a flying shoulder block as Christy scrambles into a cover but it’s a kick out at one and a half.

Christy can’t build on that momentum though as she brings Lita to her feet and is immediately met with a strong right. Lita then keeps up the pressure, riling up the crowd in the process as she stakes her clami to the Women’s Championship in a BIG way here, finally nailing Christy with a Twist of Fate!! Cover by Lita, 1...2...3...mightily impressive win from Lita

Winner: Lita(3:26)

Jim Ross: Surely by now Coach, SURELY Lita has done enough to earn a Women’s Championship opportunity. Impressive showing once again from the Daredevil Diva.

The Coach: She’ll never be able to do enough to take on Victoria. Our champion is too strong, she’s too good for anybody in the Women’s division, Lita included so no is the answer to your question and no’s the way it’s gonna stay.

Lita now has a mic, breathing a little heavy as she gets set to make an address here.

Lita: Victoria, I think I’ve proved my point by now don’t you? I mean I’ve come out here week after week and I have WON week after week. If that’s not proving myself then I don’t know what is.

Little pop there.

Lita: So why don’t you come down to this ring and give me exactly what I want? Give me the words I wanna hear, give me a shot…at the Women’s Championship.

Lita await’s a response as the crowd are a little anxious awaiting Victoria’s arrival.

‘I ain’t a lady to mess with’

Lita nods her head as Victoria’s music hits and she receives exactly what she wanted as out comes the Women’s Champion, smirking quite sinisterly as we wonder what her answer will be.

Victoria: Lita you uh…you just don’t understand do you? I asked you to earn a shot at this title, I asked you to prove yourself worthy of facing me, to go out and impress me. Well allow me to let you in on a little something, it takes a LOT to impress me.

Lita rolls her eyes.

Victoria: And you haven’t…you haven’t quite done enough for me. You’ve won a couple of matches sure, but I don’t just win matches Lita, I dominate matches. You? You don’t do that, you don’t hurt your opponents like I do, you don’t brutalise your opponents like I do, you don’t…

Lita: You don’t stop talking do you?

Nice pop for Lita’s jokey comment.

Lita: Maybe I’m not as strong as you, maybe I’m not as brutal as you are but I am as good as you are, I am as talented as you are and Victoria? I’d go one better and say I AM better than you and I AM more talented than you will ever be.

BIG time pop for the plucky challenger.

Lita: Maybe you’re just afraid huh? Maybe you’re just scared that I’d take that title from you, that I’d make you out to be exactly what you are and that’s a bully who can’t quite live up to her word. Maybe you’re ju…

Victoria: ENOUGH!! I’m not afraid of you Lita, I’m not scared of you, I fear NOBODY!! Ask Trish Stratus how scared I was of her, ask her what the consequences are when you step inside that ring with me. You wanna feel what she felt? You wanna experience what she experienced? You got yourself a deal! You and me Lita, Summerslam and I promise you…I promise you won’t know what’s hit you.

Victoria delivers a deathly glare down at Lita in the ring as Lita smiles.

Lita: Me and Trish have had our battles over the years, I’ve won some, she’s won some but there’s one thing we have in common and that is that we give it everything we’ve got and at Summerslam, I promise YOU that you WILL know exactly... what’s hit you.

Another nice pop as Lita drops the mic, Victoria looking furious as Lita’s music plays and the staredown between these two divas says it all.

We then head off backstage where we see the camera shot of simply a floor, the camera then works its way up as we see the legs of somebody before the mid section and we rise all the way to the face of none other than…Shawn Michaels! Michaels cuts a frustrated look as we then see that standing beside him is of course, Raw GM and Michaels personal employer, Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff: Shawn I…I need answers okay? What exactly was going on in your head last week? What was running around in the mind of Shawn Michaels? What…WHAT THE HELL…were you thinking?!?

Bischoff is clearly pissed off as Michaels turns and looks Bischoff up and down, not answering.

Eric Bischoff: Well?

Shawn Michaels: I wanted to send a message.

Bischoff laughs.

Eric Bischoff: A message!! Ha ha. A message? What kinda FREAKIN’ MESSAGE WAS THAT?! Kicking Kane‘s head off his shoulders, yeah that’s a real message Shawn. Your job at Summerslam is to make sure he walks out with the World Heavyweight Title, not make sure he leaves with no teeth!

Michaels looks up, bobbing on the spot a little, clearly losing his temper.

Shawn Michaels: My message was just as much for you as it was for both of those guys Eric. I know I’m under contract to you but I just can’t sit back and do your dirty work night after night, week after week, I just can’t take it anymore, ya understand?

Bischoff begins to laugh.

Eric Bischoff: Oh I understand alright, I understand clear as day but do you understand Shawn? Really I mean it…do you understand? You said it yourself, you are under contract to.. me. You are my ‘Personal Employee’, you don’t work for Vince McMahon anymore, you work for ME AND I’LL BE DAMNED…I’ll be damned if you go against my orders.

Big time heat again for Bischoff as Michaels hangs his head.

Eric Bischoff: Are we clear Shawn? Are we? You do the wrong thing at Summerslam and your job…your job is in serious jeopardy. What would your wife make of that huh Shawn? What would your kids make of that? All you have to do is make the right call, do the right thing and me and you? We won’t have any problems.

Shawn Michaels: Oh Eric we will always, always have problems.

Small pop for Michaels standing up to his boss a little bit.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know it’s lucky you’re important to me Shawn, it’s lucky you’re an important piece in the Eric Bischoff jigsaw and that’s why I’ve gotta protect you, that’s why I’ve gotta look out for you. I can’t let Kane get his hands on you after last week, I can’t let Batista get his hands on you after what happened two weeks back. I can’t take that risk but Shawn I wish, I really, REALLY wish that I could.

Shawn Michaels: You wish you could? If only you knew what I wished I could do…to you.

Michaels delivers a sinister glare at the GM before heading off, still clearly frustrated at the position he continues to remain in as Bischoff slams his paperwork down on the table in his office.


Narrator: The biggest party of the summer.

The Summerslam logo appears across the screen as the Summerslam theme plays in the background.

Narrator: High pressure, high stakes.

We see a shot of Batista raising the World title high before a shot of a dejected Shawn Michaels.

Narrator: Who can overcome these obstacles?

We see Kurt Angle locking in the Ankle Lock on Randy Orton.

We then see Kane chokeslamming Chris Jericho

Narrator: Who can stand tall?

We see John Cena FU’ing JBL.

Narrator: Who can rise to the occasion?

We see Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas celebrating.

Narrator: Who can handle… the heat?

We see a smirking Christian before an angered Ric Flair.

Batista: At Summerslam.

Flashing shot of the Animal landing a Batistabomb.

Edge: At Summerslam.

A brief shot of Edge delivering a Spear.

Randy Orton: At Summerslam.

The Legend Killer delivering an RKO is shown.


Flair locking in the Figure Four is then shown briefly.

Kurt Angle: At Summerslam.

We then see Angle locking in the Ankle lock, wrenching the hold in.

John Cena: At Summerslam.

It’s Cena’s turn then as we see the WWE champion deliver a thunderous FU.

Christian: The heat…is on.

A shot of a desert like scene is then shown as the Summerslam logo then appears again before…

Narrator: Summerslam: Can you handle the heat?

We return ringside to see Maven inside the ring before we hear…


‘Turn up the Trouble’

There’s a flutter of boos but nothing major as the still somewhat unfamiliar sound of Mr.Kennedy’s music hits and out struts the newcomer with the boos growing a touch heavier.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and last week we witnessed the debut of this man, Mr.Kennedy-

The Coach: Kennedyyyyy.

Jim Ross: Yeah we get it Coach. Kennedy picked up an emphatic victory over Eugene and certainly looked impressive as he looks to pick up here tonight from where he left off.

The Coach: Oh he will pick up exactly where he left off. Kennedy has got it all J.R. In the ring, on the microphone, he calls himself a game changer and that’s a freakin’ understatement.

Kennedy now looks up to the heavens as the spotlight shines down on him, the lights out as he gets ready for his pre match introduction.

Mr.Kennedy: Last week you people witnessed the single greatest debut in the HISTORY of this business.

Boos already.

Mr.Kennedy: I took to this ring, grabbed this very microphone and I welcomed you into my world and what you heard was a statement of intent and well, whadda ya know? I lived up to every single word of that statement.

Kennedy chews his gum vociferously before continuing.

Mr.Kennedy: I took on Eugene…I say ‘took on’ Eugene but in actual fact, I walked all over him. I walked all over poor little Eugene and I demonstrated to each and every one of you people why I am the rising star of Monday Night Raw, the game changer this show, this entire company so desperately, desperately needs and tonight? Tonight the trend continues and you lucky folks get to be a part of it all so without further a due.

Kennedy positions himself now, ready to get ‘proceedings’ underway.

Mr.Kennedy: Ladies and gentleman this next match is scheduledddddddddddd for one fallllllllllll. This evening I weigh in at two hundred forty four pounds, yeah I know, dropped a pound…

Kennedy winks before continuing.

Mr.Kennedy: I hail from Greeeeeeeeeeeeeen Bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Wisconsinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…

A few fans are already on the Kennedy bandwagon whilst others are booing the brash youngster.

Mr.Kennedy: Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennedyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…

It’s coming but Kennedy instead heads up to the top rope.


Kennedy then tosses the microphone back up high before spitting his chewing gum out and hopping back down as Coach proclaims it was beautiful listening to that.

Match Three: Singles Match

Mr.Kennedy vs. Maven

The bell rings and Kennedy looks on cockily, smirking as he chews his gum and Maven looks on with a look of determination, a chance for him to get a momentum building win here.

Kennedy gains the initiative immediately, picking Maven apart with some stiff knees to the ribs before whipping Maven into the corner and Kennedy smashes a boot to the face!! Maven tumbles down, slumped in the corner as Kennedy begins to stomp the hell out of his opponent. The referee warns Kennedy before starting a count to 5. The referee gets to 3 before dragging Kennedy away with the arrogant newcomer proclaiming ‘I’ve got til five moron’ as he lands one more stiff kick to the temple.

Kennedy then puts a boot right in the neck of Maven, putting all his weight down as the referee begins a count again, Kennedy choking Maven here who’s face turns bright red. Evenually Kennedy breaks his hold, laughing to himself as the crowd boos. Kennedy soaks it in however, arms out wide as he yells that ‘I’m the Game Changer folks, get used to it’, drawing him more heat.

Kennedy then whips Maven into the ropes, Maven responding well though with a shoulder tackle sending Kennedy down. Kennedy is quickly up and he’s caught with a boot by Maven, Irish whip now and Kennedy rebounds, back body drop!! Kennedy lands on his feet however as Maven turns around and he’s met with a boot to the gut before Kennedy tosses Maven shoulder first through the ropes and into the ring post!! Maven used like a dart there as he falls out of the corner and Kennedy takes him down with a nice Russian Legsweep!

Another arrogant smirk comes across Kennedy’s face before he wipes his hands together as if to say ‘Job Done’ before bringing Maven to his feet again, the final nail in the coffin it would appear as Kennedy NAILS MAVEN WITH THE MIC CHECK!! Cover by Kennedy, 1...2...3.

Winner: Mr.Kennedy(4:09)

Jim Ross: Very impressive once again from Mr.Kennedy, polishing off Maven with relative ease I must say which certainly isn’t an easy task.

The Coach: Nothing’s easy in this business J.R but Mr.Kennedy is makin’ it look exactly that. A walk in the park, a piece of cake, throw all the clichés in the world at it and you’d be right. Kennedy has got it all and it’s only a matter of time before this kid is on top around here.

Kennedy now has the microphone lowered from the rafters again, no spotlight this time however.

Mr.Kennedy: The winner of this matchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to absolutely nobody’s surpriseeeeeeeeeeeeee, MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KEEEEEEEEEEEENNEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…

Boos as well as cheers can be heard.


The mic is then tossed back up as Kennedy raises his arms up high in celebration of his decisive victory.

The Coach: It don’t get no better than that J.R!! Mr.Kennedy, the rising star, the game changer, the FUTURE of the WWE.

Jim Ross: Well I’d say it’s still far too early for those kinda statements and I’d like to think Kennedy’s attitude is gonna change if he’s gonna get on top here on Monday Night Raw.

The Coach: Attitude? There’s no attitude about this man cowboy. If you knew you were the best, you’d call yourself the best but you know you can’t do that, that honour belongs to me. Mr.Kennedy though? He can do it J.R. He has every right to do it.

Kennedy poses on the top of the stage as we head off backstage and see Todd Grisham waiting in the wings.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman joining me at this time please welcome the Arabian Entity.

The Entity, lead by Muhammad Hassan appear into the shot to a chorus of boos.

Todd Grisham: Guys earlier on tonight you defeated The World’s Greatest Tag Team along with the
World Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boyz. How much momentum and how much belief have you gained from that result here tonight?

All four men look around at each other.

Muhammad Hassan: Momentum, belief, they’re two things we took nothing from here tonight. Momentum doesn’t play a role in this business as far as we’re concerned, we don’t need it, all that’s needed is the talent to win, the talent to succeed and the four of us? The four of us have all the talent in the world. Come Summerslam we’re gonna showcase it for the everybody to see. As far as belief goes Todd? I think that just about says how much belief we already have.

Hassan seems very focused and intense here as he tells Grisham exactly how it is.

Muhammad Hassan: That belief comes with the talent we possess but that belief also comes from what we already know about those…those losers that like to call themselves the ‘World’s Greatest Tag Team’.

Pop for the mention of the dynamic duo.

Muhammad Hassan: We know that they can’t get the better of us and that is a simple fact. I’ve beaten Shelton Benjamin what, two, three, four times? I’ve proved myself time and time again against him and that’s why I firmly believe that come Summerslam I’ll do it again. Charlie Haas on the other hand…hmmm.

Hassan holds his chin pondering something.

Muhammad Hassan: Y’know Charlie Haas is a different kinda case. As much as I don’t like to admit it, Charlie’s had my number, he’s beaten me twice, that doesn’t happen every day but Todd, I am NOT defending my title against Charlie Haas. They like to call themselves the World’s Greatest Tag Team and we as an Entity laugh at that claim.

We see Daivari and Dutt doing exactly that.

Muhammad Hassan: They are not the greatest tag team in the world, they are not the greatest tag team in the WWE, they are not the greatest tag team on this show!! Todd they are…they are not even a team. When was the last time Shelton Benjamin even showed ANY interest in teaming with Charlie Haas?

Grisham doesn’t respond.

Muhammad Hassan: Exactly and come Summerslam it’s gonna be what tears them apart. Charlie Haas wants tag team glory, he wants his partner back, he wants his buddy back but Shelton Benjamin? Pffft, Shelton Benjamin wants nothing to do with him and at Summerslam I’m gonna once again put a dent in his title dreams. August 21st and every single day moving on from that will showcase Shelton Benjamin’s true colours, will showcase that he’s a liar, that he is selfish, that he doesn’t give a DAMN about Charlie Haas and that more importantly than alllllllll of that, it’ll showcase that Shelton Benjamin, like he proved once again here tonight, is nothing more… than a failure.

Hassan delivers a stern stare before he and the Entity depart, their message evident here tonight.

We then head back ringside to hear…

‘Whips and Chains’

It’s a nothing like reaction as the Basham Brothers make their way down, a few cheers in there however for the recently turned fan favourites as they get set for action.

Jim Ross: Well folks when we return it’ll be these two men, the very capable, very talented Basham Brothers taking on the young, brash duo of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth, don’t go anywhere!!



We return and immediately hear the theme of the Platform to Perfection with Doane and Nemeth heading down to the ring, looking as arrogant and cocky as ever, Nemeth pandering to the crowd while Doane struts his body off to a few fans before mouthing words at the waiting Bashams who watch on in the ring.

Jim Ross: Huge opportunity for both of these teams here tonight to make a statement heading into the big 8 man tag team showdown come Summerslam. The Platform to Perfection have looked very impressive since debuting on Monday nights while the Bashams have done likewise since being drafted over to the Red brand. Should be a heck of a match here Coach.

The Coach: Yeah I got no doubt about it J.R. but it’s gonna be a match that Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth win. These two are STARS in the making and I’d put them right up there as favourites come Summerslam.

Jim Ross: What happened to the Entity being your pick?

Coach is silent…

Jim Ross: Well…

The Coach: I don’t have to answer to you barbeque boy. Lets just enjoy the beating Doane and Nemeth are gonna dish out here to these two morons.

Match Four: Tag Team Match

The Basham Brothers vs. The Platform to Perfection

It’s Doane and Danny Basham who start this thing off with Danny coming out looking big time fired up as Ken Doane has no answer for the aggressive Basham’s quick start. Danny works over Doane with some strong right hands followed by a couple of nice forearms as Doane looks for a way into this contest but instead Danny whips the young perfectionist into the corner and charges right at him, smashing him with an elbow to the head before tagging in Doug Basham.

Doug’s quickly in and picks up where Danny left off delivering some clubbing shots to Doane before a kick to the mid section and a nice snap suplex from Doug! Into the cover, kick out at two. Doug is quickly after Doane again, bringing him to his feet and smashing with another right hand, Irish whip from Doug and Doane comes off the ropes, Doug bends over, back body drop, NO! KICK TO THE FACE FROM DOANE!! Doane read Doug’s move and then drops him with a neck breaker before plodding over to his corner and tagging in Nemeth.

Nemeth struts into the ring, confident is ever and begins to pick apart Doug, stomping away at the Basham from head to toe as his partner Danny watches on in frustration, Nemeth delivering a wink in his direction, only furthering Doug’s frustration. Nemeth continues to keep the upper hand, dropping Doug with a nice scoop slam before a leg drop across the chest, cover from Nemeth, kick out at two once more. Nemeth then looks to try and really force this one to be over with as he SMASHES Doug to the canvas with a beautiful jumping DDT! The crowd ooooohing and aaaaahing as Doug hit’s the mat like a sack of potatoes. Another cover from Nemeth but Danny Basham breaks the count at two!

Ken Doane doesn’t take too kindly to this however and hops through the ropes, Doane charging at Danny but Danny dodges it and catches Doane with a nice dropkick! Doane’s quickly back up as Danny swings for a clothesline but Doane ducks underneath as Danny falls into the ropes, Doane running the opposite side before charging and clothesline to Danny, NO!! Danny pulls the ropes down and Doane goes tumbling!! The crowd eats it up as Doane hit’s the outside but DANNY’S TOSSEED OVER THE TOP BY NEMETH!! Payback from Nick Nemeth as the crowd boos the cocky blonde here.

Nemeth though is caught from behind, roll up by Doug!! 1...2...kick out at two and a half as Doug almost steals it. Both men are quick to their feet now as Nemeth charges but he’s caught with a clothesline from Doug and again, Doug on a roll here. Irish whip from the Basham as Nemeth falls hard into the corner, Doug charges but Nemeth gets an elbow up, Doug spirals out of the corner as Nemeth hops on up to the top rope, dangerous intentions in mind here, MISSILE DROPKICK!! WOW!! Nemeth crawls into the cover, 1...2...3...NO!! Doug somehow kicks out!!

Nemeth can’t believe it as the crowd give a nice pop for Doug’s resilience. Nemeth pounds the mat before dragging Doug to his feet, what’s he got in store here? Doug is to his feet as Nemeth goes for a bulldog but Doug shoves him off and into the ropes, Nemeth rebounds and throws a right hand but Doug ducks it, Nemeth spins round and Doug goes for a flapjack!! Nemeth blocks it though and tosses Doug into the ropes, Doug goes to rebound but DOANE CLUBS HIM FROM BEHIND!! RIGHT INTO THE PATH OF NEMETH!! ZIG ZAG!! Nemeth scores with a vicious Zig Zag as Doug is floored, DANNY BASHAM hops onto the apron, trying to break it up but Doane takes him down at the legs!! Cover by Nemeth, 1...2...3...Big win for PTP!!

Winners: Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth; The Platform to Perfection(7:54)

The Coach: I told ya J.R!! These two guys looking DAMN sure impressive!! Go back home Doug and Danny, you guys don’t stand a freakin’ chance.

Jim Ross: Have some respect Coach. The could’ve just as easily been victorious in this one here tonight and come Summerslam it’s anybody’s ball game. Doane and Nemeth are two bright, talented kids and on August 21st they’ve got a hell of a test in store for ‘em.

The Coach: A test they’ll pass with flying colours!! They provide the platform baby and at Summerslam they show us why.

Doane and Nemeth back up the ramp, celebrating their victory with real passion, clearly thrilled at beating one of their rivals come Summerslam as we head off backstage where we see RIC FLAIR!! Flair appears to be getting ready for his big main event later on tonight and the crowd goes wild before we see Flair’s eyes widen and a smile come across Naitch’s face!!

Ric Flair: WOOOOO!! Well if it isn’t the MAN himself, the ANIMAL, the World… Heavyweight… CHAMPION!! WOOOOO!! DAVE BATISTA!!

Batista appears into shot, not looking in the best of moods as he and Flair embrace one another, this is met with Woooos and cheers from the crowd once more.

Ric Flair: How’s it going big man? Good to see ya.

Batista huffs and puffs a little.

Ric Flair: Oh c’mon Dave, don’t be like that, Bischoff getting inside that head o’ yours huh?

Batista: Getting inside my head is an understatement. That son of a bitch is pushin’ me Ric, I’m just about ready to blow here. You see what he did out there tonight?

Flair chuckles to himself.

Ric Flair: Oh yeah i saw it but thing is, Bischoff will never change Dave, he will always be after you, always be targeting you, pulling off crap like that as long as you hold that World title BUT that’s the sacrifice you gotta make. You gotta WELCOME the challenge, WELCOME the pressure, WELCOME the fight he’s gonna take to you. Be it Kane, be it Shawn Michaels, HELL he might even throw THE NATURE BOY in your way!! WOOOO!!

Wooooos ring around the arena once more.

Ric Flair: You gotta welcome it Dave because YOU are the man and you know how it goes down buddy, to be the man you gotta BEAT the man and there’s a whole locker room who wanna be…that…guy. You can deal with Bischoff, I know you got it in you champ and I know come Summerslam you aren’t gonna let Kane, you aren’t gonna let Shawn Michaels keep ya down.

Batista nods his head.

Batista: There’s a reason you were my mentor Ric and that’s exactly it. I appreciate it. You uh, you all set for your match tonight?

Ric Flair: Sure am, sure am. Edge is gonna get a small dose out there tonight, just a small TASTER of what that punk Christian’s gonna feel come Summerslam. I know Christian’s gonna try and pull something off here tonight but I am ALWAYS ready, I am ALWAYS prepared and tonight? Tonight it ain’t gonna be any different.

Batista has an intrigued look on his face here, a light bulb going off inside his head perhaps.

Batista: Ric, Ric hold on just a second. You know how desperate I am to get my hands on somebody here tonight, you know I am DYING to beat the crap outta somebody and to be honest I don’t give a damn who it is. So I know you’re your own man and all but uh, if Christian tries any funny business tonight, if Edge tries any of his little games out there, I’ll be down to that ring quicker than a heartbeat and I will KICK THEIR ASS!!

BIG time pop for the World Champion as Flair nods his head.

Ric Flair: Ha ha, now THAT sounds like a plan, WOOOOO!!

Flair and Tista shake hands once again before Batista heads off in the opposite direction to the Dirtiest Player in the Game and the picture heads off.


We return to Raw and we see Eric Bischoff once again here this evening, Shawn Michaels stood next to the boss who is sitting down in a chair, filling out something while Michaels looks beyond bored here, appearing very agitated, very frustrated. Bischoff then looks up and looks a little uneasy as the camera then turns and we see Big Show appear into shot!

Eric Bischoff: Show uhhhhh what can I do for ya?

Bischoff tries to be putting on a tough guy act here as he stands up and gets in Show’s face(chest more like).

Big Show: Oh I think you know damn well what you can do for me Eric. Me, Mark Jindrak, Summerslam, make…it…happen.

Show is in no mood for messing around here.

Eric Bischoff: You really think you deserve another shot at Jindrak? Really? He’s beaten you …I don’t know how many times now and he’s beaten you with EASE each and every single one of ‘em so tell me what yo…

Big Show: With ease? You call Regal using the brass knucks last week with ease? He may’ve beaten me Eric, hell he may’ve beaten me on more than one occasion but with ease ain’t the words you’re lookin’ for and I want payback, SO YOU BETTER GIVE IT TO ME!!

Show is growling almost in Bischoff’s face as the boss cowers.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn a uh... a little help here pal.

Michaels steps in, albeit very begrudgingly as Bischoff wills him into it and stares down Show as the crowd give an ooooooooh and Bischoff backs up ruffling his jacket, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Eric Bischoff: What are ya gonna do now then Show? What are ya gonna do now?

Show looks ready to hurl himself at the GM here.

Big Show: Oh what am I gonna do? Well seein’ as you’re so sensitive about your little investment here for Summerslam(looks at Shawn), your special referee here, how about I make sure he ends up in a wheelchair? How’s that sound Eric?

Show then puts a fist up as Michaels looks a little taken aback before he stares at Show as if to say ‘Bring it on’.

Eric Bischoff: Alright, alright, I‘m not gonna let that happen, I give in. You want Jindrak at Summerslam, you got him and just so nothing is left up in the air, just so there are no more excuses from you Show, that match? That match will be a No Holds Barred match. How’s that sound for ya?

Show smiles and the crowd pops big time.

Big Show: Eric that sounds perfect. And as far as you go…

Ooooooh. Show gets in Michaels face.

Big Show: I’m getting pretty sick and tired of all this crap now Shawn. Last week was the first sign of spark I’ve seen in you since this whole thing happened. Do NOT let Batista down come Summerslam, do NOT let these fans down at Summerslam and Shawn do NOT…let yourself down August 21st. If ya do? (Show sblacks) If ya do Shawn, you’ll be no better than this piece of crap we have to call our General Manager.

Show then heads back out as Michaels now smirks, what does the Showstopper find amusing?.


Bischoff then goes and sits down again getting back to his paperwork while Michaels remains dead still, the smirk still on his face.

Eric Bischoff: What are you just gonna stand there all night?

Silence as Bisch then puts his head down and continues his work.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn…


Eric Bischoff: Shawn, hey, answer me would ya. I haven’t got all ni…

Bischoff then looks up to see that HBK has left!! Shawn Michaels has headed out of Eric Bischoff’s office but where the hell has he gotten to? Big Show’s pep talk may’ve set something off inside the Showstopper as Bischoff looks horrified and immediately jumps out of his seat and sets out to find the Heartbreak Kid.

We then return ringside…

The Coach: Where the HELL does Shawn Michaels think he’s going? Kane and Batista are after him!! Eric Bischoff can’t afford to lose Shawn Michaels J.R!

Jim Ross: Well I don’t think the Heartbreak Kid can afford to lose another minute stuck in Eric Bischoff’s office and I’m pretty damn sure Shawn Michaels is headed off somewhere to make an impact.

‘You think you Know Me’


The music of the Money in the Bank contract holder then hits to a chorus of boos as out struts the Rated R Superstar himself, Edge, a broad smile across his face as he taps his briefcase.

Jim Ross: Back to the action however and folks do we have a main event in store for you or what here tonight. Edge, the Money in the Bank contract holder taking on the sixteen time World Champion, Ric Flair and it’s a real opportunity for Edge to prove just why he believes he is on his way to the very top here on Monday Night Raw and here in the WWE.

The Coach: He’s already proved it to me and it’ll only be a matter of time before he proves to you and all the other morons who boo him that he IS the future of this show, of this company and Chris Jericho’s gonna find out exactly that at Summerslam while old man Flair’s gonna find that out first hand here tonight.


It’s an almighty pop next as the Nature Boy heads on down to the ring, looking as good as ever, yelling ‘Woooo’ at every opportunity as he soaks in potentially one of his final nights on Raw.

Jim Ross: Listen to this ovation!! The Nature Boy, the Dirtiest Player in the Game, SIXTEEN time World Champion Ric Flair back in action Live on Monday Night Raw. It doesn’t get much bigger than this Coach.

The Coach: It gets a lot bigger believe me, having the Coach in the main event would be bigger than this. I hope to god that this is the last time we see Ric Flair in a Raw ring and y’know I’m pretty confident it will be too cos come Summerslam Christian’s gonna send him PACKING back to Charlotte and to where he belongs, a freakin’ retirement home.

Jim Ross: For cryin’ out loud.

Match Five: Singles Match

Edge vs. Ric Flair

It’s a pretty hot atmosphere in the arena as these two major players on Raw get set to square off, both men looking more than ready to go toe to toe here as they lock up in the centre of the ring and Edge shoves Flair away into the ropes but Flair rebounds and knocks Edge down with a shoulder block! First ‘Wooooos’ of the match from the crowd as Flair smiles and immediately draws Edge to his feet before the trademark knife edge chops!! ‘WOOO’, ‘WOOO’ after each and every one of them as Edge is backed into the corner, his chest bright red now before Flair nails a big right hand and Edge is floored, Naitch making his mark here in the opening.

Flair then does his trademark stlyin’ and profiling’ around the ring, the infamous Flair strut as more ‘Woooos’ greet the veteran’s every move before he heads back to Edge but he’s met with an elbow to the gut! Edge gets to his feet and now begins to get the upper hand, knocking Flair down following some strong right hands as a clothesline does just the job and Edge now begins to feel it, stomping the hell out of Flair before letting out a ‘Woooo’ of his own which wasn’t greeted too kindly by the Connecticut faithful.

The Rated R Superstar then brings Flair to his feet, nailing a boot to the gut before dropping a beautiful suplex right on Naitch, Edge rolls into the cover, kick out at two from Flair. A slight bit of disappointment from Edge before he drags Flair up once again, this time whipping Flair across the ring as Flair bounces into the corner and Edge comes charging smashing an elbow right across the face!! Flair stumbles out of the corner as Edge then drops Flair with a nice snap mare takedown before applying a modified dragon sleeper!! Edge looking to finish this thing as Flair struggles for breath, the referee asking the 16 time World Champion if he wants to give in here but Flair is fighting, fighting with all he’s got. Edge keeps the hold locked in but Flair fights it, elbows to the gut of Edge, hammering away as he breaks the hold!! Edge holds his mid section as Flair with another boot before a stinging knife edge chop once again!! ‘WOOOS’ all around the arena as Flair grabs Edge by the knee and hoists Edge up high delivering a devastating knee drop!!

Edge grabs his knee in some discomfort here as Flair struts his stuff around the ring, all fired up as Flair goes for the leg of Edge, FIGURE FOUR TIME!! Flair twists around, he’s got it locked in!! NO!! Edge kicks Flair away as Flair almost trips over and Edge gets to his knees, Flair goes back over to Mr.MITB but he’s caught with a knee to the boot, EDGECUTION!! EDGECUTION FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! Edge slowly crawls over to the fallen Flair, cover, 1...2...3...NO!! Flair just about survives!!

Edge can’t believe it as Flair kicks out and the Rated R Superstar goes into a frenzy, demanding the referee count to three as he covers again, 1...2...shoulder up once more!! Edge pounds the mat, realising it simply wasn’t enough as he runs his hands through his hair and heads over to the corner, poising himself, waiting for Flair to return to his feet, Edge has a Spear in mind here!! Flair stumbles to his feet, using the ropes to bring himself up as he turns himself round RIGHT INTO THE ONCOMING EDGE!! SPEAR!!! NO!! FLAIR DODGES IT AND TOSSES EDGE THROUGH THE ROPES!! Edge hit’s the outside as Flair survives and takes a small breather, Edge down and out before Flair heads to the outside to join him.

Flair hops down and works over the MITB holder, stomping away at the right leg of Edge before working over the left leg also as Flair then scoops Edge up before dropping him again with another rough knife edge chop!! Edge’s chest is still bright red, all the impact of these chops as Flair with the count at 7 drags Edge back up and tosses him inside the ring. Flair follows right behind but he heads for the top rope!! What’s Flair got in store here? Edge grasps out for something, anything to bring him to his feet, he gets to his knees as Flair lets out a ‘Woooo’ on the top rope, steadying himself as Edge turns around into a DOUBLE AXE HANDLE OFF THE TOP!! Edge is floored as Flair rolls into a cover, 1...2...3...NO!! EDGE WITH THE SHOULDER UP!!

Flair is now the one with a look of disappointment as he asks the referee ‘Was it three?’ Flair brings himself to his feet as the referee fills him in, Edge is to his knees as Flair goes to drag him up, he does so and nails a right hand on Edge knocking him aback, another right hand and now a left hand, right hand, left hand combinations from Flair, Irish whip now from the Nature Boy as Edge rebounds and Flair throws a clothesline but Edge ducks underneath it and stops his tracks, he goes to turn around BUT FLAIR WITH A CHOP BLOCK!! Flair floors Edge and lets out another loud ‘WOOO’ before the FIGURE FOUR!! FLAIR LOCKS IN THE FIGURE FOUR!! The crowd is going absolutely crazy as Flair has it locked in and Edge has nowhere to go!!

Edge is writhing in agony here, his hand close to falling as Flair looks like he’s putting every ounce of effort into this, desperate to put away Edge, desperate to send a message to Christian as Edge’s hand falls slowly down, further and further it goes and Edge at…

‘Just Close Your Eyes’

WHAT ON EARTH?! The music of Christian hits!! Flair breaks the hold!! Flair was moments away from getting the victory but he gets to his feet and awaits the arrival of Christian and HERE HE COMES!! Flair wants Captain Charisma but Christian is simply strolling down to ringside, looking out for his peeps as he smirks at Flair, Tomko is beside CC but the two men are going at a leisurely pace as Flair looks ready to blow a gasket. BUT FLAIR IS ROLLED UP FROM BEHIND!! 1...2...3...NO!! FLAIR KICKS OUT AS EDGE ALMOST STEALS IT!!

Both men are quick to their feet and Edge swings but misses and Flair takes Edge down at the legs, FIGURE FOUR TIME ONCE AGAIN!! NO!! INSIDE CRADLE FROM EDGE!! 1...2...3...NO!! FLAIR KICKS OUT AGAIN!! Both men are quick to their feet once more as Christian and Tomko continue to stroll around the ring, J.R. proclaiming for the ref to throw them out as Flair charges at Edge, back body drop by the Rated R Superstar!! Flair lands on his feet and Edge turns around RIGHT INTO A SHINBREAKER!! We see Christian headed over towards Lilian Garcia now as Tomko heads the opposite direction and Flair goes ONCE AGAIN for the Figure four, will it be all this time?! YES!! LOCKED IN!! FIGURE FOUR LOCKED IN AND EDGE IS ALL BUT READY TO TAP!! BUT TOMKO!! TOMKO IS ON THE APRON!!

The referee sees Tomko and tries to get the big man down, pleading with him and arguing but Tomko’s having none of it as EDGE TAPS!! EDGE IS TAPPING OUT BUT THERE’S NO REFEREE!! Flair breaks the hold thinking he’s won but sees the ref’s back is turned, Flair then gets to his feet before he turns around, BAM!! CHRISTIAN WITH A STEEL CHAIR!! STEEL CHAIR ACROSS THE SKULL!! Flair is floored as Tomko now finally drops down, the referee turns back around as Edge crawls and claws his way over, clutching his leg in agony as he drapes an arm over the Nature Boy, 1...2...3...HE GOT HIM!! EDGE WINS IT!!

Winner: Edge(13:04)

The assault then begins as Tomko and Christian like a pack of wolves come and take it to Naitch!! The veteran is floored and vulnerable as these two show no remorse, hammering away with vicious kicks to Flair as Tomko brings Edge to his feet and despite the fatigue, Edge joins in the assault!!

Jim Ross: DAMN IT TO HELL!! Edge just stole the victory thanks to Christian!! A-a-and now look at this!! It’s two on one, hell, it’s three on one with Tomko in there!!

The Coach: Put the old man outta his misery fellas!! Don’t wait til Summerslam, do…it…NOW!!

Jim Ross: Somebody’s gotta stop this, somebody’s gotta sto- YES!! JERICHO!! CHRIS JERICHO COMING TO GET HIM SOME ON EDGE!! COMING TO THE AID OF THE NATURE BOY!!

The Coach: Jericho’s even stupider than I thought!! It’s still three on two!!

Jericho is of course sprinting down to the ring and hops inside, immediately taking it to Edge!! Christian and Tomko are pummelling Flair while it’s Jericho and Edge trading blows, scenes similar to last week here and these two AND JERICHO TOSSES EDGE TO THE OUTSIDE!! This thing’s spilling all over the place AGAIN!! Christian meanwhile tells Tomko to hoist Flair up, the Problem Solver doing just that as Christian boots Flair in the gut, Unprettier time!!



The Coach: Get ‘im Tomko!!

Tomko does indeed charge at the World Champion but he’s cut in half with a DEVASTATING SPEAR!!

Jim Ross: Thanks for coming Tomko!!

And now the Animal has his sights set on Christian!! Christian has left Flair fallen and looks like he’s about to shit his pants as Tista huffs and puffs, the crowd abuzz as Batista makes the move BUT CHRISTIAN SHOWS SOME FIGHT!! Christian and Batista going to war here!! A fist fight between the two men but the power of the Animal sees him come out on top, forcing him back as Tista now with an Irish whip before a SPINEBUSTER!! Christian is in a world of trouble now as the ropes begin to shake, Batistabomb time!! We get a quick glimpse of Jericho and Edge once again fighting off up the ramp, going hell for leather with one another, nobody quite getting on top before we cut back to the ring and Batista delivers the thumbs up before…thumbs down… Christian’s in a world of trouble here!! Boot to the gut, up goes Christian!! BATISTABOMB CONNECTS!!

Jim Ross: Captain Charisma meets his match here tonight!! A fired up, pissed off animal!! The World Heavyweight Champion came tonight looking for a fight and if he wasn’t gonna get Shawn Michaels, if he wasn’t gonna get Kane then he was gonna get anybody he could!!

The Coach: Disgusting J.R Batista had no right to do that to Christian!! Christian’s none of his business, Ric Flair isn’t any of his business and I don’…

Jim Ross: Christian wasn’t a part of Ric Flair’s business here tonight!! Christian cost Flair the match for cryin’ out loud!!

The Coach: But Christian IS a part of Ric Flair’s business, he’s the man who in thirteen nights time ENDS the Nature Boy’s career and Batista will NOT be there to save him.

Tista lifts Flair to his feet, the Dirtiest Player in the game embraces his former protégé as the crowd goes insane. The show then closes with Tista and Flair raising one another’s arm as the Animal’s music plays…

But we then go backstage where we see….nothing?? There’s nothing but the camera gradually moves further and further forward and we see what appears to be a body on the floor, the camera then gets right up towards this laid out body and we see SHAWN MICHAELS!! The Heartbreak Kid is completely out cold with a small amount of BLOOD laying right beside him, Michaels completely busted open here as there’s nobody in sight of him.


Batista and Flair don’t know what’s going on as they celebrate still with the crowd before our attention is turned back to the titantron where we see Michaels again flat out but the camera then shifts to the left of Michaels where we see KANE!! The Big Red Machine begins to smirk and let out that devilish laugh of his before he walks away, his work obviously done and Eric Bischoff’s word of warning was clearly not heeded by the Showstopper. Has Shawn Michaels put the General Manager’s plans in jeopardy? Has Kane taken out the Heartbreak Kid? The final image is once again of Michaels laying in his own blood as we fade to black.

Date: 21st August 2005
Location: Washington DC

World Heavyweight Championship:
Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels
Batista(c) vs Kane

WWE Championship:
John Cena(c) vs Kurt Angle

If Ric Flair loses, he must retire:
Christian w/Tomko vs Ric Flair

Randy Orton vs The Undertaker

WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Muhammad Hassan(c) vs Shelton Benjamin

Money in the Bank Contract:
Edge vs Chris Jericho

8 Man Tag Team Match:
The Dudley Boyz and The Basham Brothers vs Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth; The Platform to Perfection and Sonjay Dutt and Daivari; The Arabian Entity

No Holds Barred Match:
Mark Jindrak w/William Regal vs Big Show

WWE Women's Championship:
Victoria(c) vs Lita

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