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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

A Very Merry War Feedback

Really well worked opening video here, nice little Christmas theme.

Right call in kicking things off with this one, gives the fans some excitement and that feeling of uncertainty as to who is walking out with the belts also. Pretty hard hitting stuff from the off and glad to see it’s the SFC who start off strong. In a match like this, they should thrive. Would’ve liked to see the steel chair used maybe a little later on and instead the ladder as the only weapon this early, I’m being petty though here. First WOW moment came with SFC to no surprise, the Samoan Splash through the ladder would’ve been brutal to witness, nice stuff. I like the way you’ve made American Made be the real team here, everything they’ve done has been together so far and their communication seems to be on point compared to the others. Sweeeet superplex from Haas to Hagar, really nicely done there, this little scene beforehand being pretty chaotic atop of the ladder. Beautiful move by Wilson here, Sunset flip power bomb, I would’ve expected this to be right out of Benjamin’s playbook but big move for Wilson to take on. Again, really nice teamwork from AM here with the double suplex on Manu, really enjoying them in this thing. Holy shit, Wilson looking crazy in this thing, absolutely loved that summersault senton. Haas and Benjamin retain!! I had a feeling they’d come out still champions and I’m pleased to see they did. A little anti climatic ending to be honest with the chair shots but the emphasis on the crowd’s displeasure adds fuel to the fire of a potential heel turn for WGTT. Some great action though throughout from all involved, particularly Wilson with Smith also looking like a warrior in there. Very hot opener.

Again, much like the opening this was a very nice video package and good to see the man on the moon heading back soon.

No surprise these two bulls went to a stalemate about twenty times, both sheer physical forces. Was good to see both guys look for some mat based moves as yes they’re all power and whatnot but these two dudes can wrestle so was pleased you showed that off early on. Thing started to pick up speed after a little while and we saw some more big moves coming out which was expected. Some nice suplexes from both men here before that Torture Rack from Lashley, that must hurt like hell. Great improvisation from Joe with the knee strikes and that Running STO was a nice route out almost for him. Jesus christ, the elbow suicida through the barricade?! That’s the hard hitting I was expecting from the get go. The Guillotine Choke from Joe was nice and I liked the reference to when Danielson used it previously on Lashley, good continuation there. WOW, Joe kicked out of the Dominator!! I thought that was over, seriously. What an ending, seriously, making Lashley pass out, as if Joe wasn’t badass enough, this just takes him up another notch as well as Lashley not looking too bad in defeat with the not tapping out. Really strong contest here.

Good display of Punk’s determination here and it’s no surprise after what’s gone down with Hassan.

Please, I beg of you to write me video packages out, deal? This Hassan/Punk rat/dragon thing was epic.

Hassan coming down on a throne is golden. Punk going at it right from the get go wasn’t a shocker and definitely the right call. Strong start from the rat, really made him seem focused and determined but of course Hassan was gonna slow this down. Nice bit of back and forth once the frenetic start was over, Hassan finding his feet was pleasing to see as I didn’t want Punk just smashing the shit out of him for the first five minutes. Really brutal move with the Pumphandle Pendulum Backbreaker, can imagine Punk’s back crumbling after that. The Roundhouse from Punk was from out of nowhere and I liked it for exactly that reason, shows Punk to always be thinking, always know where he is as well as his will to hang on in this thing. Holy crap that’s a way and a half to return from a Commercial break, power bomb on the barricade, yikes. The brutality really picking up here with that and then the knee to the post from Punk, good way of showing the hatred in this whole feud. Nice to see Hassan continue his work on the back of Punk, glad to see him keep picking that area apart, especially with Punk collapsing trying the GTS. Really intriguing passage here with the Camel Clutch and the whole Miserie Cantare clapping, riveting read there. It then going into the Anaconda straight to the Reverse STO, just hot paced, highly intense stuff right here, loved it.

Haha this was excellent with the Mercs, really clever stuff from Punk and a great way to use Burchill and Albright, to show off that they really are all about the money whoever it is involved. Reaaaaaaally brutal stuff from Hassan though here, showed a whole different side to him with this ruthless approach and to be honest if I had a little complaint it’d be that Punk would be out of it right here, that Superkick I don’t think he’d have had it in him but that’s my opinion. Pepsi Plunge to finish things off!! What a beautiful way to round off one HELL of a match. Thoroughly enjoyable and you incorporated everything about this feud in here, great closure, I hope, to this whole thing and the right move in Punk taking the gold. Match of the night thus far and will be hard to top.

Tyler Black, niceeeeee. Tyler Black as a heel? Hmmmm, certainly be intriguing. Sweet package again, shock horror.

Really strong description of Michaels here, set the scene very well and shows just how huge this is for him.

As expected here with Van Dam. I liked the aggression shown towards the crowd at one point in it, really emphasised that this is a far cry from the REAL Van Dam. Finlay coming out was to be expected and I’m glad we finally heard his reasoning for the attack on RVD. Pretty simple and to the point from the man who loves to fight. Little ambush was good to see and hopefully that kicks some life into Van Dam. Not quite as huge as I was expecting here but did its job and served a purpose.

Much like Tyler Black, Kofi’s gonna be a really solid addition. Him coming in as face, Black as heel, do we have another Sons of Dungeon/American Made deal going on here with the two feuding immediately? I for one would love to see it.

Yet again, beautifuuly done package here before this one, the whole religious feel was a tad eerie almost, loved it. Onto the match itself…

Fast pace from the off, the exchange of chops were really well worked. Jericho looked strong coming off of this as he really took it to the Showstopper which surprised me. I thought with so much on the line it’d be HBK who made a really fast start, laying it all on the table, throwing all he’s got at Jericho. Again, Michaels did turn the tables but Jericho soon got on top again and it was surprising to see Michaels not really get a run of offense on the champion for an extended period. Did enjoy the Walls of Jericho attempt followed right off the bat by the Figure Four, enthralling stuff and Michaels began to look strong at this point. Wow Walls of Jericho on the announce table, classic Jericho with the taunting haha. Beautiful sequence of near falls following this, always enjoy seeing these in real matches and these two could pull it off compellingly. KEN DOANE!! What the hell?! I really didn’t expect that, I know he’s been trying to fit in and whatnot with Jericho but I still didn’t expect you to thrust him in here, what a shocking way that would’ve been to end it but so glad you didn’t!

Danielson then coming down and evening the odds! Makes a whole lot of sense considering the history between these two men and chaos began to ensue in a big way here as expected. HOLY SHIT, the code breaker to Michaels in mid-air was sensational, brilliant stuff from Jericho here. Absolutely fan-fucking-tastic ending to this thing, I was shocked but I wasn’t if that makes sense? I’ve known a full fledged Heyman heel turn was in the works, that Christian was gonna be proved true and there is no bigger way of making Heyman to be the biggest piece of crap going than this while at the same time there is no better way and no better time than now and than this to bring Christian back to ‘save’ the company from the clutches of Heyman. Beautiful ending.

On the whole, fantastic as ever 619, you keep churning out the goods show after show and this was top notch again. Punk/Hassan for me was match of the night but Jericho/Michaels had the most drama and the way this whole storyline has gone and is still unfolding is almost perfection to a tee. Cannot wait to see where you go from here with Heyman having screwed Shawn, Christian surely set to return while the question remains, what happens to the Showstopper? Awesome stuff.
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