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Re: Official Rugby League & Rugby Union Thread

Originally Posted by eyebrowmorroco View Post
You're a fuckin' child.

They’re two money hungry dogs without a shred of loyalty. I think we know enough.

Curly, thanks for joining us. It’s quite impossible to know what your feeble little mind is arguing against. You have made it clear that you a) know nothing b) will disagree with everything that I put forward. Oh, except for that time where you came in to support my Harrison argument. I really don’t need your help, particularly after I supplied the stats that swayed your mind. I see you’ve also dropped off comparing Hunt to Grant. At least, you’ve gained something from your interactions with me. I, on the other hand, fail to see the reason for your participation in this thread. You contribute nothing.

First off junior, I could take a dump and that would have more knowledge about NRL than you. Second I disagree with everything you say because it's stupid, illogical or just plain wrong. Third you didn't sway my mind with your stats, I stand by Hunt being better than Grant, coz he is. DEM STATS don't change that. And finally I've been in this thread for years unlike you, so why don't you do everyone including yourself a favour and piss off out of here because to see you continually bag RUSH, sXe and myself out when you're making a total clown of yourself is getting a little sad. You are without doubt the most illogical poster I've ever seen and I'm struggling to comprehend how your feeble, tiny little mind can't see that you're making yourself look like a donkey.


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