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Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way

Monday Night RAW - 30th July 2001

Raw opened with Chris Benoit making his way down to the ring. The Rabid Wolverine said that he laid an offer on the table for Diamond Dallas Page to show his face tonight. Benoit said it was time Page answered him and explained why he has been a thorn in his side since Fully Loaded.

Page didnt make him wait long and smugly made his way down to the ring. He said Benoit wanted to know why he cost him the chance to be WWF Champion last week, well its simple. Page said all he has heard from Benoits mouth is how WCW treated him bad and that he would never go back there because the backstage politics never let him realise his potential.

Page said that was a load of bull. He said to look at him, never trained to the degree that Benoit was, originally brought in to wrestling as a sideshow manager, but he worked hard and got the titles he deserved. Page carried on saying that WCW is 'WHERE THE BIG BOYS PLAY!!' and that Benoit just couldnt handle the competition

Benoit took offense to that and said he would kick Pages ass right there right now but DDP said he hadn't come here to fight, he came here to offer a challenge to Benoit, at Summerslam. Benoit duly accepted.

Lance Storm took on Mike Awesome in the second semi-final of the United States championship tournament, Storm had the upper hand when Kurt Angles music hit and Storm got distracted long enough for Aweome to hit the Awesome Bomb for the pinfall.

Awesome would advance to the final against Test but Storm was upset and grabbed a microphone telling that coward Angle to show himself, the crowd went nuts as Angle came through the crowd and attacked Storm and went for the Ankle Lock but Storm blocked it and escaped up the ramp. Angle said this wasnt over

Chris Jericho was backstage and talked about how he joined a winning team and that whilst he was a part of that team it would never stop winning, and promised to cap it all off by winning the WWF Championship at Summerslam.

The Undertaker interrupted the segment and said Jericho forgets who he is facing at Summerslam, Taker said that the ring was his yard, this is his company he is messing with, and by far the most important, this is his title and it aint going anywhere. Jericho said that we will soon see about that, Taker said how about we see right now and Jericho said he could wait but wouldnt mind giving Taker a taste of whats to come this Thursday on Smackdown in a tag team match. Undertaker accepted.

The Rock made his return to Raw and cut a long promo about how he had Vince McMahon pleading for his help after Fully Loaded, bu that he came back not for Vince McMahon but for The People.

Before The Rock can continue he is interrupted by Ric Flair, who got a big pop. Flair said last week he let his guard down and The Rock laid him out in the middle of the ring, but if there is one thing he has for The Rock, then it is respect, he sure as hell respectd 'the most electrifying man in sports entertainment' but he said The Rock forgot one thing, that he is messing with 'the dirtiest player in the game'.

Without warning or hesitation Flair kciked The Rock below the belt leaving him grounded before leaving the ring to a mixed reaction.

The APA defeated The Holly Cousins in a straightforward tag team match as WWF Tag Team champions Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko watched on. Faarooq hit the Dominator on Crash for the win.

Backstage and in the locker room Edge and Christian are talkng with The Hardy Boys about failing to get the number one contendership to the WWF Tag Team belts. But Edge said gold is gold and that he and Christian would challenge Palumbo and O'Haire to a match for the WCW tag team titles, claiming to avenge their Fully Loaded defeat.

Matt and Jeff said they had their chance and it was someone elses turn to have a go, thus they made a tag team match with the winner challenging Palumbo and O'Haire for their titles.

The match would be up next and it would be Christian accidentally hitting Edge with a dropkick that Matt added a Twist Of Fate to for the win and Christian and Edges miscommunications continued and it would be The Hardy Boys challenging Palumbo and O'Haire for their tag belts.

Booker T came out next and complained that Steve Austin was out of order, and jealous of Booker Ts talent and the fact that Booker T was the better man at Fully Loaded. Booker says he doesnt care if 'players gunna hate' but when they get involved in his business then it becomes a problem. Austin came out and said he couldnt give a damn about hurting Booker Ts feelings but he would happily kick Bookers ass all around the arena if it helped.

Booker T said he couldnt do it at Fully Loaded so what makes him think he can do it now, Booker T says he will happily repeat Fully Loaded at Summerslam, if Austin has the guts to get in the ring with him again, Austin stuns Booker T and we are to believe that that was acceptance of the match.

In a non-title affair main event The Undertaker took on European Champion Albert and got the win after a Last Ride to Albert. As soon as the match ended though Chris Jericho attacked Taker and locked him in The Walls Of Jericho as the show went off the air

Thursday Night Smackdown - 2nd August 2001

Smackdown opened with the same guy who ended Raw, Chris Jericho. Jericho came out boasting how he made The Undertaker 'his bitch' on Raw and said there will be plenty more where that came from at Summerslam. He said as for the tag team match tonight, his partner is someone who has a lot in common with Taker, mainly because they watch the same woman get undressed.

This brings out Diamond Dallas Page and the crowd give him huge heat. Page mentions that he may have a match with Chris Benoit at Summerslam but Taker is still in his sights, or more likely Takers wife is. Taker races down to the ring but is outnumbered and DDP and Jericho begin to beat down on the WWF Champ until Benoit makes the save

The US title final was the first match of the evening and Mike Awesome picked up the title by countout after Kane returned and Test bailed from the ring. Awesome was confuse but delighted that he won the belt, but then ate a chokeslam from Kane.

Edge took on Lance Storm, and as expected miscommunication with Christian cost Edge the match,Edge shoved down Christian afterwards and Storm got on the microphone saying Kurt Angle was just upset that he passed out in their match. Storm said he would happily do it all over again if Angle got in his way

Backstage and Edge was in a foul mood when Eddie Guerrero came up to him, Eddie mocked Edge for carrying Christian and said that the bond between Edge and Christian wasnt as strong as the bond of the Guerreros.

Eddie said at Fully Loaded the Guerreros proved they were better than the pathetic Hardys and if Edge had the 'cajones; then he would accept the challenge of the Guerreros to show they are better than 'whatever family Edge and Christian come from' . Edge accepted

Tajiri took on X-Pac for X-Pacs WWF Lightheavyweight Championship and after Kidman foiled interference from Justin Credible, X-Pac took his eye off the ball allowing Tajiri to hit the Buzzsaw Kick and become the new champ.

Kurt Angle was backstage and said that if Lance Storm wants to run his mout, then it will be the only thing he be running because he wants him at Summerslam and he will break his damn ankle when he does get hi hands on him.

Kidman challenged Gregory Helms for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship and would pick up the win, but only by disqualification when X-Pac and Credible hit the ring attacking Kidman, Rey Mysterio ran down to make the save and hit the 619 on Credible

Stone Cold Steve Austin was backstage and went up to Vince McMahon asking for a shot at the WWF Championship. Vince said he would love to but with the Jericho/Taker match set he cant right now grant that shot. But Vince said he would 'guarandamntee' Austin his shot if he beat Booker T at Summerslam. Austin said he better not break his word

In the main event Chris Benoit and The Undertaker took on Chris Jericho and Diamond Dallas Page and it would be Jericho who got the win for his team, reversing a Last Ride into a rollup and grabbing the tights for the pin. Jericho and DDP celebrated on the ramp as Taker fumed.

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