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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

JAM's Review

Well here we are at A Very Merry War. I do believe its my first time to leave a review so yeah, hopefully it helps. A really good video package here. It shows that you really put effort into this as the details are exquisite. It highlights some awesome events that you had in AOW history and you're only looking to make more on this very special two-hour edition. Let's get to it! Happy one year to your thread btw.

Starting off the night with a ladder match was pretty much the right choice. Dude, your specialty seems to be in ladder matches because you've written about two or three of them and they've been spectacular. Your work with the tag team division is brilliant, giving each time a chance to shine. You capitalized on the viciousness of the SFC here early on and it was great to see. Interesting spot where Smith was taken to the back. As soon as that happened, I immediately thought that Wilson would've won it for his team himself but a feel good moment here with Smith coming back. My favorite spot had to be that senton by TJ Wilson, what a sight that would be. I think having WGTT keep the titles is the right choice here for now. But I'm fully expecting either AM or SOD to take those titles away the next time, good opening match here.

Or maybe video packages is your specialty? Dude, you're really good at those as well. This was an interesting illustration since we know that reference with Christian and the moon. So Christian is going to be back huh? That's what I think despite you not revealing it in your package. But all in all, it looks to be a great Supershow once again.

@ JBL's line “Samoans are angry sons of bitches.” Well anyway, what a match up by Joe and Lashley. I like how you have both beasts show their power in the beginning of the match with both men not budging for the other. But when things got going, the match quickly went fast-paced since these two are completely capable of going that speed with their athleticism. That spot with them breaking through the barricade reminded me of Sheamus and Mark Henry, but damn this was after a Suicide Dive. Definitely the right decision here having Joe win. With this win by Joe, I fully expect Jericho to pull off the victory in the main event cause if not, then the Worthy Legion becomes vulnerable for the first time. Joe is definitely a good character so I'll be hoping he heads for the World Title soon.

Wow, what a video package here man. Definitely one of the best I've ever seen. Incorporating the zodiac symbols with the symbolism of your entire thread logo, the yin-yang, what a clever thing to do. That was brilliant having Hassan come down on a throne, could really picture that happening, definitely adds more heat to the heat Hassan already had. But oh man, what a match that was. Everything about it was perfect. When Hassan singled out the body part of Punk, it was smart of him to pick it up apart. This led me to believe that Hassan would get the win but as the match went on longer, Punk was definitely going to win this. After rendering him unable to do his moves, Punk brings back the Pepsi Plunge and what a way to bring it back man. That payoff that Punk did to the Mercenaries was a mark-out moment for me. And when you wrote “Punk had a smartass smile” or something along the lines of that, it was just brilliant. Definitely the match of the night for me, it'll be hard to top this one. Now we'll see how you book Hassan chasing the title. Maybe he gets some new muscle? Either a tag team or a Ryback-character? Can't wait to see what happens next for these guys!

Your vignettes just keep getting better man. Definitely excited to see Tyler Black as a character in your thread. Seems like you've given him a dark gimmick, kind of reminds me of a blend between Kane and Jeff Hardy's Anti-Christ gimmick. Can't wait for him to debut. He's not exactly the greatest on the mic but his in-ring skills are second to none. Really can't wait for this one.

For me, the RVD segment was pretty hit and miss for me. I don't know, I think I was expecting a lot more out of this segment but all we got was more questions to be asked. I think RVD will be resurrected but you'll definitely build it up to that. That line where you said RVD let his hair fall was a sign for things to come, maybe you let RVD wrestle under his real name, making people see how the man behind RVD really is. Judging from this beatdown, it'll definitely be a major feud for both men. I don't see Finlay going for the gold so RVD probably gets back on track and all will be fine.

Looks like AOW will be loaded with talent in the very near future. I think this is my favorite vignette yet. I'm a big fan of Kofi so I'm expecting him to be a real player in this thread. He's a very likable face and will get mad pops in the Hammerstein especially with his pyro being all awesome. And looks like he'll be comin' in as a face, yeah? Can't wait for this one. A lot of young guns are lookin' to make an impact on AOW. Question though, could they be eligible for the Crusierweight Division? I would think so. Please push Sydal!

.....WOW dude, just WOW. That main event was just spectacular. Not only did you deliver on the match, but you delivered in continuing a storyline here. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. There were some awesome spots here with that Codebreaker from mid air and also that moment when the Sharpshooter was locked in, talk about ironic. I never thought I could mark in a BTB but in here I did. Or well not really mark but really be speechless because of how great the show was. That's all I'll say so that there won't be any spoilers on the main event in my feedback.

Overall, what a great show man. Everything was perfect, trust me. From the Ladder Match to the World Title Match, everything was just great. All the matches delivered and among other things, new storylines were developed here. Joey Styles said it best when he said that this episode raised more questions than gave answers tonight. What a line to cap off a great supershow. Definitely one of the best shows I've ever read man. You're a bad dude 619, producing shows like this. Puttin' WWE to shame. Good show man! Can't wait for the fallout.
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