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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

ECW Cyberslam Preview & Predictions
Hammerstein Ballroom | New York, NY

Loser Leaves ECW | No Outside Interference
'The New F'N Show' Jerry Lynn vs. 'The Whole F'N Show' Rob Van Dam
These two men have taken each other to hell and back on multiple different occasions, both men have taken each other to the absolute limit over their ECW careers and tonight, this will be their very last encounter ever. This isn't about championship belts, about who has the most wins over who, this is personal and nothing more. Both men have fought valiantly throughout their ECW careers to give the fans a good show and after tonight, one of these men will never step foot in an ECW ring again. Who will be the one to end it all tonight? Rob Van Dam's love for ECW cannot be denied and with so much still to accomplish, is it likely his career will end? Or Jerry Lynn, who is so focused on proving he is better than Rob Van Dam, he's never been this determined and it could just be that determination that puts 'The Whole F'N Show' away forever.

Stairway To Hell
'The Innovator of Violence' Tommy Dreamer vs. 'The Enforcer' C.W Anderson
These two gladiators have a score to settle, who is going to be the one to end the series of matches with the most victories? At first, fans thought these two respected each other after their brutal I Quit match at Guilty As Charged last month as the two shook hands in the middle of the ECW ring however, things didn't last as by the next edition of Hardcore TV, C.W Anderson refused to shake Dreamer's hand one more time and instead almost destroyed his trachea when he blasted him in the throat with a baseball bat. Dreamer was unseen for 2 weeks on Hardcore TV and it allowed 'The Enforcer' to eat it up and even try to force Dreamer to cancel the match, thus making C.W Anderson the winner by forfeit but, it was not to be as Tommy Dreamer returned on last weeks edition of Hardcore TV and even though his throat was still injured, he managed to fight through and speak to the ECW fans and most importantly, to inform C.W Anderson of his future. Tommy Dreamer let it known that at Cyberslam, the two will meet in a Stairway To Hell match with the deadly baseball bat hanging above the ring. This is going to be a brutal, barbaric and historic match and it would come as no surprise if neither man was able to walk away from it un-inured.

ECW World Heavyweight Championship
'The Man Beast' Rhino © vs. The Sandman
'The Man Beast' has been the most dominant wrestler in the entire ECW locker room over the last few months and it's only to be expected that he would capture the ECW World Championship... but not in the way he did. Rhino was able to capture his first ECW World Championship by defeating Sandman in sixty seconds at Guilty As Charged, impressive? Yes, maybe so but, fans and personnel have to remember that Sandman had just gone through a gruelling Tables, Ladders, Chairs & Canes match against 'The King of Old School' Steve Corino & Justin Credible. Sandman was victorious in that match and captured his fifth ECW World Championship but, as mentioned above, Rhino took that title away in sixty seconds and Sandman is simply put, out to get his championship back. Sandman has took Cyrus out of contention with an eye injury and Jerry Lynn will not be in sight for this one so Sandman has to focus on just Rhino and regaining the ECW World Heavyweight Championship but, it will be no easy task as Rhino has had his fair share of one up's over Sandman in the last few weeks.

ECW World Tag Team Championships | 3 Way Dance
'Amish' Roadkill & 'Dastardly' Danny Doring © vs. The Impact Players (Justin Credible & Steve Corino) vs. The Unholy Alliance (Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck)
The ECW Tag Team Champions haven't had all that much luck recently on Hardcore TV. The week following Guilty As Charged, they were laid out by the New Impact Players of Justin Credible & Steve Corino, the following week, they were laid out again. It was thought that Roadkill & Doring were originally going to face the Impact Players at Cyberslam but, The Unholy Alliance added themselves into the match to make it a three way, boasting that they did defeat two teams at Guilty As Charged to earn a shot at the titles anyway. Going into this match, the ECW Tag Team Champions have a slight edge after Danny Doring won a Three-Way Dance match ont he last edition of Hardcore TV but the experience factor falls into the hands of The Unholy Alliance havewho already won a three way dance just over a month ago. Roadkill & Danny Doring have a lot to do in order to make sure they walk out of Philly as still the ECW Tag Team Champions.

Fans Choice | Pick Two Wrestlers You Want To See Wrestle
Kid Kash, Tony Mamaluke, Simon Diamond, Low Ki, Homicide & a Mystery name
We're leaving this match entirely up to the fans, you choose who you want to see wrestle and fight it out. The two wrestlers with the most votes from the fans will be given a slot on the Cyberslam Supercard! VOTE NOW!

Falls Count Anywhere
'Nasty' Nova vs. Chris Chetti
A bitter feud that just wont die for either men. Chirs Chetti lost a Loser Leaves Town match back at November 2 Remember but he subsequently came back to ECW at Guilty As Charged sighting that there was never a contract signed for the match, after searching behind the scenes, the paperwork could not be found and as a result, Chirs Chetti's tenure in ECW is set to continue. Nova has embarked on quite a run since Chetti 'left' ECW back in November and now that the thorn is back in his side, the run has been brought somewhat to a halt. Both these men will give it their all tonight at Cyberslam but, be rest assured it will not be pretty, this one could end up on the streets of New York City!

1. Predict The Match Order
2. Predict The Match Winners
3. Predict Which Two Wrestlers Will Be Chosen To Face Each Other
4. Will There Be Any Returns/Debuts Aside From The Potential Mystery Name? If So, Who?
5. With No Interference In The Loser Leaves ECW Match, Will There End Up Being Interference At Any Point During The Match?
6. Which Team Will Take The First Pin Fall/Submission And Be Eliminated From The Three Way Dance Tag Team Championship Match?
7. Will there be blood at any point during the night?

Voting: Readers who would like to vote on which two wrestlers fight in the fans choice match can do so by sending me a PM with the two names you want to see wrestle. The two with the most votes by 26th July will be the ones chosen to wrestle. Cheers.

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