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Re: Mafia Host List + General Discussion *OVER 9000 games in the Queue*

Eh. I had an idea for running 'Hydra Mafia'

Say 26 people. Randomly(?) assigned hydra buddies - 2 person given the same role PM and basically can talk outside the thread about their role and stuff. Qt's would be provided but you could use MSN/AIM or whatever you wanted to communicate. Could let people pick their hydra buddies, either. Which might make for a better cohesive hydra, but would be less funny?

Bit annoying with 26 accounts instead of 13 posting.

I don't suppose there'd be any way to create accounts for the mafia section? It'd mean stuff like alted games (So people would sign up anonymously) and remove meta for certain games. You'd just give people the password for the accounts and change them between rounds. I mean I'd do it myself but I know alternative accounts aren't allowed on here. Don't suppose there's any chance of an exception being made for this? I think it'd be fun. Understand if it's not possible (but at the same time it'd just be like 13/14 accounts that are used occasionally for the mafia section, otherwise are inactive).

Not sure if there'd be any interest in the idea/if people would want to run an occasional game behind alts but I certainly would (although it'd help if there was more than me interested probs)

I suppose something like that would have to be cleared by an admin though . LC should ask, she could convince Headliner

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